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Cheat Codes
Press "Start", go to "Extras", and enter the following codes:

26F2CF - Caluan Ematt.
2DZXDM - Chief Petty Officer Unamo.
BQPKPA - Crokind Shand.
BJZA6F - Dasha Promenti.
LRYUBB - Flametrooper.
4T3UNK - FN-2112.
3RRVAV - FN-2187 (no helmet).
QZTZX9 - Goss Toowers.
2YU4NX - GTAW-74 Geetaw.
C73CNV - Guavian Security Soldier.
E889GQ - Hobin Carsamba.
V3H6RU - Hoogenz.
SBUSCW - Jessika Pava.
9FJKF4 - Kaydel Ko Connix.
NGSEKH - Korr Sella.
XQZ7C6 - Lt. Bastian.
Q8KRC6 - Major Brance.
GBE8ZC - Mi'no Teest.
A5JR9V - Monn Tatth.
P8KXSA - Nien Nunb.
GVNBWB - Officer Shimitsu.
K6JXJT - Oskus Stooratt.
A4EHFJ - Quinar.
HTN3RD - Snap Wexley.
59J67X - Special Forces Tie Pilot.
CP6ETU - Teedo.
638FNX - Trentus Savay.
YABPYU - Unkar Thug.
J3GMHE - Wollivan.
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

...What Was The Second Time? (20) - Complete TFA Chapter 4: The Eravana.
60 Portions! (30) - Complete all Scavenger Missions.
A Bag Full Of Explosives (20) - Complete TFA Chapter 9: Destroy Starkiller Base.
A Big Deal In The Resistance (20) - Complete all Resistance Missions.
A Long Time Ago.... (20) - Complete The Battle of Endor.
Anything Else? (10) - Destroy all computer terminals in Starkiller Shield Room as Kylo Ren.
Bow To The First Order! (20) - Complete all First Order missions.
Chewie, We're Home (10) - Play as Han Solo (Classic) and Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon.
Classified? Me Too (20) - Complete TFA Chapter 2: Escape From The Finalizer.
Cryptosurgeon (10) - Create a custom character.
Don't Get Cocky! (10) - Defeat 100 TIE Fighters.
Don't Let These Dogs Scare You (20) - Complete TFA Chapter 6: Battle of Takodana.
Eyes Of A Man Who Wants To Run (20) - Complete TFA Chapter 5: Maz's Castle.
Family Reunion (10) - Have Kylo Ren and Han Solo in the same party.
Force Is Strong With This One (70) - Achieve 100% Completion.
He's No Good To Me Dead (30) - Complete all Bounty Hunts.
Hello! Were You Looking For Me? (20) - Complete Trouble Over Taul.
Hey! That's Miiiiiiine! (10) - Play as Unkar Plutt on the Millennium Falcon.
I Can Fly Anything (40) - Collect all Minikits in the game.
I Like That Wookiee... (10) - Complete a Free Play level playing as Maz Kanata and Chewbacca.
I'll Come Back For You! (20) - Complete TFA Chapter 1: Assault On Jakku.
I'm Getting Pretty Good At This! (30) - Complete a Blaster Battle without dying.
Is There A Garbage Chute? (20) - Complete TFA Chapter 8: Starkiller Sabotage.
It Belongs To Me! (20) - Complete TFA Chapter 10: The Finale.
It's A Trap! (20) - Complete Ottegan Assault.
It's True. All of it... (40) - Complete New STAR WARS Adventure Levels.
Just A Scavenger (20) - Collect all Minikits in any level.
Less Than 12 Parsecs (30) - Complete All Races.
Little Short For A Stormtrooper? (10) - Use a hat dispenser to put a Stormtrooper helmet on a small Minifigure.
Never Tell Me The Odds (20) - Complete Poe To The Rescue.
Not The Droid You're Looking For (10) - Use the wrong type of droid on an access panel.
Quick on the Draw (10) - In a blaster battle, have Han Solo defeat a character who is preparing an attack.
Red Leader (30) - Purchase All Red Bricks.
Show Me, Grandfather (10) - Defeat Kylo Ren playing as Darth Vader.
Speechless (20) - Complete Luke's Island.
STOP.....Kylo Time (10) - As Kylo Ren, Force Freeze another character.
Stormtrooper Syndrome (10) - Miss your target 10 times in a blaster battle.
The Crimson Corsair (20) - Complete The Crimson Corsair.
The Force, It's Calling To You (20) - Obtain "True Jedi" in any level.
The Garbage Will Do (20) - Complete TFA Chapter 3: Niima Outpost.
The New Jedi Will Rise (30) - Collect "True Jedi" on all levels.
There Has Been An Awakening... (40) - Complete The Force Awakens.
They're Shooting At Both Of Us! (20) - Complete a Blaster Battle.
Traitor! (10) - Defeat Finn using FN-2199.
Travelled Too Far. Seen Too Much (20) - Complete Lor San Tekka's Return.
Unlearn What You Have Learned (20) - Re-build a Multi-build object.
Used To Have A Bigger Crew (20) - Complete Rathtar Hunting.
We Need More Troops! (10) - Defeat 50 Stormtroopers.
You Wouldn't Like It (20) - Complete TFA Chapter 7: The Resistance.

Additionally, there are five Poes Quest for Survival DLC Pack achievements:

A Use For Scrap... (10) - Collect all Minikits within Poe's Quest for Survival.
Greatest Pilot I've Ever Met (10) - Avoid all of the Strus Clan speeder traps.
Kinda Like To Get Back To Work (10) - Complete Poe's Quest for Survival.
Quite The Marksman! (10) - Dispatch the Strus Clan using the smelliest means necessary.
Who's Gonna Pick That Stuff Up? (10) - Achieve True Jedi in Poe's Quest for Survival.

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