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Cheat Mode
Pause the game, select the "Extras" option, and choose the "Input Code" selection. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

26F2CF - Caluan Ematt.
2DZXDM - Chief Petty Officer Unamo.
BQPKPA - Crokind Shand.
BJZA6F - Dasha Promenti.
LRYUBB - Flametrooper.
4T3UNK - FN-2112.
3RRVAV - FN-2187 (no helmet).
QZTZX9 - Goss Toowers.
2YU4NX - GTAW-74 "Geetaw".
C73CNV - Guavian Security Soldier.
E889GQ - Hobin Carsamba.
V3H6RU - Hoogenz.
SBUSCW - Jessika Pava.
9FJKF4 - Kaydel Ko Connix.
NGSEKH - Korr Sella.
XQZ7C6 - Lt. Bastian.
Q8KRC6 - Major Brance.
GBE8ZC - Mi'no Teest.
A5JR9V - Monn Tatth.
P8KXSA - Nien Nunb.
GVNBWB - Officer Shimitsu.
K6JXJT - Oskus Stooratt.
A4EHFJ - Quinar.
HTN3RD - Snap Wexley.
59J67X - Special Forces Tie Pilot.
CP6ETU - Teedo.
638FNX - Trentus Savay.
YABPYU - Unkar Thug.
J3GMHE - Wollivan.
Unlock The Phantom Limb Level Pack Trophies
...But At A Terrible Cost (Bronze) - Achieve "True Jedi" in "The Phantom Limb".
I Retrieved The Information... (Bronze) - Collect all Minikits within "The Phantom Limb".
Thought We'd Never Find You (Bronze) - Play in a Free Play party with Poe Dameron (Flight Suit) and BB-8.
We Are In Quite A Predicament (Bronze) - Complete "The Phantom Limb".
What He Was Programmed To (Bronze) - Defeat all the Taul Swarmers as PZ-99 in Story.

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