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Achievements (Steam)
Acrobat - Escape from prison.
Apprentice - Solve a mini-game without skipping.
Archaeologist - Find 100 objects.
Art Aficionado - Find all collectibles in the game.
Artisan - Complete a stained glass window.
Battering Ram - Break a wall.
Best Friend - Feed a hungry dragon.
Bombardier - Use a bomb.
Burning Bridges - Put out a fire.
C.S.I. Debby - Lift fingerprints from an object.
Call the Blacksmith! - Fix a crown.
Dead Shot - Finish a HOP with no wrong selections.
Dragon Rider - Fly on a dragon.
Dragon's call - Summon a dragon.
Expert - Complete a puzzle.
Fast! - Find 3 hidden objects in 3 seconds.
Faster than Lightning - Finish a hidden-object puzzle in one minute.
Faster! - Find 5 hidden objects in 5 seconds.
Fastest! - Find 10 hidden objects in 10 seconds.
Firefighter - Save a little dryad.
Genius - Complete 10 mini-games without skipping.
Hercules - Break a tombstone.
It Was an Easy One - Finish a hidden-object puzzle without any hints.
Keen Eye - Finish 3 hidden-object puzzles without any hints.
Match-3 Rules! - Finish a hidden-object puzzle using only the alternate puzzle.
Missile Maker - Finish 3 hidden-object puzzles in a row in one minute each.
Nimble - Solve a mini-game in a minute.
Pathfinder - Reach the garden.
Reanimator - Wake up Peter.
Robin Hood - Finish all hidden-object puzzles without any hints.
Scientist - Solve 5 mini-games without skipping.
Sharp-Sighted - Finish 5 hidden-object puzzles without any hints.
Speeding Bullet - Finish 5 hidden-object puzzles in a row in one minute each.
Tamed - Escape from a lion.
The Collector - Find every character statuette.
Time Lord - Use the time device three times.
Time Traveller - Use the time projector.
Tricky Fox - Fool an emperor.
What Magic is This?! - Melt a lock with a lighter.

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