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Achievements (Steam)
Antiquarian - Completed the Pyramids collection.
Archeologist - Completed the Stone Heads collection.
Boisterous - Completed all mini-game levels in the Extras Menu.
Clever - Complete 3 mini-games in a row without using Skip.
Collector - Completed the Clay Flasks collection.
Erudite - Completed the mini-game with spikes at the pier in under 3 minutes.
Expert - Completed the main chapter on Hard difficulty.
Historian - Completed the Story Scrolls collection.
Lightning - Complete a mini-game in less than a minute.
Master of Details - Find all the morphing objects.
Mechanic - Completed the mini-game with gears in the workshop.
Messiah of Light - Completed the main and bonus chapters withoutusing any Hints.
Mystic - Completed the Decorated Skulls collection.
Priest - Completed the Deity Statuettes collection.
Puzzle Fan - Collected all additional puzzles in the Extras Menu.
Puzzle Lover - Complete the main and bonus chapters without skipping any mini-games.
Skillful - Completed the mini-game with blocks in front of the waterfall in under 2 minutes.
Story Lover - Completed the main and bonus chapters without skipping any dialogue or videos.
Strong Will - Completed the main and bonus chapters without using any Hints in the HO scenes.
Supersonic - Completed an HO scene in under 2 minutes.
Virtuoso - Completed the mini-game with pyramids near the cave in under 12 moves.

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