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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Hold [R] + [L] + [Start] + [Select] immediately after the lights go out when done writing in the diary. Note: Hold down the buttons the entire time.
Bonus watch
Buy a Super Log House before the first summer ends.

Easy 1000 gold
On the first day of Harvest Moon there is 1000 gold in the dresser by your character's bed.

Protect your fences
Leave your dog out everyday and your fences will never be broken unless it rains or snows.

Better fence
By replacing your wooden fences with rocks, they will never be destroyed by rain, like the wood. To get through the fence, lift the rock, move past, and place it back.

Golden Axe
The rocks at the mountain will break after the second earthquake. Throw your axe in the pond which is now accessible. Tell the truth to get the Golden Axe.

When the big rock is going near the lumber jack's place, get your axe and throw it into the spring. The Goddess will appear and ask if you threw the Golden Axe down. Answer "No" and she will give it to you.

Golden Hammer
One day, a man will ask you if he can use your hammer. Say "Yes" and the next day it will be golden.

Golden Hoe
One day the little sprite will be near the shipping place near your house. Talk to him. He will ask you for food. Go to the lumber jack's place and get a mushroom. Give it to the sprite and he will turn your hoe golden.

Golden Sickle
One day a starving sprite will come to your house. Feed him to get the Golden Sickle.

Once the well breaks down and has a big hole, go down it. You will find sprites. Talk to one and he will ask you about the sickle. Say "Yes" that you like it and he will improve it.

Keep your cows happy
Brush, feed, talk and walk your cow (unless it rains or snows). Eventually your cow will give a large amount milk which results in a lot of money.

Large milks
Breed the cows with the Miracle Potion and Medicine Trick or breed them naturally. When the new calf becomes a full adult, it will automatically produce large milks.

Watch the weather forecast and talk to your wife everyday. One day they will warn you about a hurricane. Keep your animals inside on that day. Your horse and dog, however, will be safe.

Keep your wife happy
Give your wife presents everyday and come home by 5:00. You should also have the Super Deluxe Log House by now. If she likes you, you will have a child. Talk to her when she is pregnant, say no, and do not go to work to keep her happy. If she really likes you, you will have a second child. Finally, do not cheat on your wife.

When you are married do not give other girls gifts and be home by 6:00 every night.

Herbs are crops that last every season. Make sure some herbs are shipped in Winter.

Ship a mushroom In fall, on any day except for Sunday. If it is Sunday, sell a poisonous mushroom to the peddler in town to get more money.

Spring vegetables
When planting spring vegetables, remember that they will not rot until autumn, as opposed to summer.

Saving wood
You can save wood for your fences by using the small rocks, so do not break them or throw them in the ponds. They also can not be broken by the rain or dogs.

More wood
Go to the lumber jack's house. Cut up the wood or stumps. Enter the lumber jacks' house, then go back out. The stumps will be back.

Berry of Power Tree
At the harvest festival, put a fish in the stew to get a berry of the Power Tree.

At the very beginning of the game, right after Ellen leaves, quickly make your way to the shed. Take the hammer, run, and avoid all obstacles to the chicken statue in the cross section. Smash the statue. If you reached it fast enough, a Berry of the Power Tree will appear. Note: This only works on the first day during 6:00 am.

Throw a fish that you caught back in the pond every season. A Water Imp will appear and give you the Berry of Power.

The Hawker
The Hawker appears only three times in the game. When he does, say "Yes" because you will not get the opportunity again. The following are the three times that he appears.
First time you sell a chicken after the first Fall: You get a Power Berry and he gets your chicken. To get this, put your chicken in the livestock bin and tell the Livestock Dealer that you want to sell your chicken.

First time you sell an adult cow: You get a Magical Bean and he gets your cow. This is good because you get a Golden Egg. To get this, tell the livestock dealer that you want to sell the cow. To use the Magical Bean, go up on the top of the mountain in Spring or Summer facing the little raised oval thing.

First time you have 30,000 G: You get a Bell Tree and he gets 20,000 G. If you ring the Bell Tree, your cows return faster than with the hand-held bell. To get this, say "Yes" when he asks you if you want it. To use the Bell Tree, go up to it (located next to the entrance to the cow shed) and press [A].
Sellable items
NameShipper pricePeddler priceSeason grown or obtained
Berry of Wild Grape150 G200 GSpring
Turnip60 G120 GSpring
Potato80 G160 GSpring
Tropical Fruit200 G300 GSummer
Tomatoes100 G200 GSummer
Corn 120 G240 GSummer
Mushroom150 G200 GFall
Poison Mushroom200 G300 GFall
Herb 200 G200 GAll year round
Fish 300 G300 GAll year except for Winter
Egg 50 G75 GAll year round
S Milk150 G200 GAll year round
M Milk250 G300 GAll year round
L Milk350 G400 GAll year round

Eat a mole
Take a poison mushroom to the Harvest Festival and your stew will be from a mole.

Have a baby
The easiest way to get a baby is to give her a food everyday.

Planting techniques
This pattern is what most beginners would use. It is not very easy to water, and if you do choose to use it you would have to wait for the middle crop to grow if you want to use the same location.



This is a good technique because it gets the most profit and is easy to water with a watering can.



This is good. When using the sprinkler, you only have to use it once per bag. However, it has less profit than the one above.


This has the least profit but is easiest to harvest, if you use the horse and have a lot that is scrunched together. It is easy to water with the sprinkler or the watering can. Also, it is fast to harvest if you do not have much time.
The best way to plant your crops is as follows.


0 X X 0 X X 0


Where, x is your crop placement, 0 is a spot to stand with a sprinkler, and ----- is path for a horse. By doing this, you only miss one square, which you would anyway with a 3x3 square of the repeatable crops, giving you 16 crops from three waterings. This has the best watering to return ratio of any arrangement, and also has maximum return for the repeatable crops.

Heart rates
The more hearts in the girl's diary that you like, the more they like you. They need to have five hearts for you to marry them. To get hearts, dance with the girl you like at every festival you can. Give the girl you like a gift every day and talk to her. Find out where she is going on Starry Night Festival and go there.

Hearts for Nina
Get her out of the Herb Cave and get her an herb. Water/feed everything and bring a hammer.

Hearts for Ellen
Find her pet-P-CHAN. Water/feed everything. It is located next to the fishing pond.

Hearts for Ann
Find her weather vane. Water/feed everything. It is located in your chicken coop.

Hearts for Eve
Save her grandpa. Water/feed everything and bring a hammer. He is stuck in the Herb Cave.

Hearts for Maria
Find her. Water/feed everything. She is at the Carpenter's house.

Getting the girls hearts up
The best thing to do when trying to get a girl to like you is talk to them. They are all either by or in a house. Wait until the seasons that they ask you questions (for example, "Do you like animals?" or "Do you like kids?") Answering correctly brings up their hearts faster than anything else. The season information is as follows:
Eve: She asks you questions only in Spring. Try to get her to like you then. Try to get her in the bar. If you are patient it should only take a day to win her.

Maria: She is Spring and Fall. You can talk to her in church or when she is outside. It usually takes one to three days.

Ellen: She is Spring and Fall. Run in the shop located next to where she always is found. This will take only one or two days.

Ann: She is Summer and Winter. Weekdays are the best time to get her. You can win her in one day if you are skilled.

Nina: She is Summer and Winter. Run in and out of the flower shop during the weekdays. You should get her in one or two days.
Use the following trick to get all the girls to love you before you marry. Put off your wedding for a year, even if you know who you want to marry. This way, you will get the maximum amount of points possible. Talk to the girls at least four times a week. Do not stop making money by selling herbs and plants; but do not bring as much in. If you can, fit in three herbs without talking to the girls. Bring two herbs and talk to the girls. If you want to bring a gift, cut it down to one herb for selling. There is a exception; if you are growing plants and get a crop, put them in the box first. Always take care of your animals before anything else. Walking them is not that important. You can stop that and still get the Big Milk. Raise the cow from an baby and you will get the Big Milk when it is older. This will save time and you will get more points. After getting all the girls to love you, you can then marry the girl of your choosing.

Girl locations at the Star Night Festival
Ellen: Town Square
Nina: Mountain Top
Ann: Hot Springs
Maria: Church
Eve: Bar
Crop<CENTER>Price per bag</CENTER><CENTER>Selling price for one crop</CENTER><CENTER>Days to grow</CENTER><CENTER>Re-growable</CENTER>
Grass <CENTER>500G</CENTER><CENTER>n/a (used to feed livestock)</CENTER><CENTER>9</CENTER><CENTER>Yes, 7 days</CENTER>

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