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Primary Collection of Cheats
Faster dialogue
Press [A] or [B] to scroll the dialogue faster.
Stop game lagging
The game may slow down, lag, or shut down sometimes while you are in the cow/chicken/sheep pen. This is because your pen is completely closed. Pull up at least one piece of wood to stop this.

Use the following steps to get various recipes.
Bread Pudding: Give either eggs or milk to Elli in the Bakery.
Char Stuffed With Mushrooms: Give the carpenter's apprentice (the one who is not on the mountain, but often hangs around the carpenter's house) a mushroom.
Cinnamon Milk Tea: Give Elli's father (the man behind the counter in the Bakery) milk from your cows. If this does not get him to hand over the recipe, also give him a few eggs.
Corn Fritter: Give corn to Ann's father.
Corn Pasta: Give corn to Popuri's father.
Cream Of Turnip Stew: Give a turnip to Maria's mother (the Mayor's wife).
Easy Tomato Soup: Go to the Inn, which is open from 6 p.m.-12 a.m., and find the man who picks up your shipments of crops and animal items out of your box or bin. Give him a tomato. Note: He is not always there, so this may require a few attempts. He sits in the bottom most corner.
Eggplant With Miso Paste: Give an eggplant to the midwife.
Fried Char: Give a fish to the fisherman.
Fried Mushroom Pie: Become good friends with the town priest, then give him a mushroom.
Fried Potatoes And Bacon: Give the mayor a potato.
Garlic Potato Beef : Give a potato to the mailman.
Grilled Trout With Cheese: Give a fish to the carpenter who hangs around on the cliff with three stumps, located above the fisherman's tent. He can usually be found there in the evening, after 4:00 pm.
Handmade Butter Give milk from your cows to Rick, the tool man.
Herb Rice Cake: Give edible grass to Ellli's grandma, who lives in the restaurant at the top of the mountain.
Herbal Tea: Give an egg and milk to Cliff, the man in the brown hood who travels around in the first section of the woods, and has a bird friend named Cain. Become friends with him to get the recipe.
Hot Spicy Wine: Find the red berries (like a grapefruit) in the forest in the fall and give it to the owner of the bar (the man who works behind the counter at the Inn).
Mashed potato: Give a potato to Ann.
Milk Recipe: Give milk from your cows to Rick, the tool man.
Miso Soup With Sprouts: Find edible grass (herb) in the forest, Give one to the potion shop owner in the Drugstore.
Mushroom Rice: Give the master carpenter (the man who leads the other carpenters, dressed mostly in white) a mushroom.
Mushroom Salsa: Give mushrooms to the Harvest Elves frequently. Eventually they will reward you with the recipe.
Pickled Turnip and Cabbage: At the top of the mountain, locate the old folks living in the old house. Give a turnip to the old man living there.
Potato Pancakes: Give a potato to May, the midwife's young daughter. She can be found most often walking outside the midwife's hut.
Rolled Cabbage: Give a cabbage to Maria.
Sesame Dandelion Greens: Give a medicinal herb to Saibara, the Craft/Ceramic shop owner.
Simple Tomato Soup: Give the town priest several tomatoes.
Spa-Poached Eggs: Give eggs to Kent, the older grandson (with the blond hair) of the Potion Shop owner. He can be often found outside the bakery, or in church on weekdays.
Spice Tea: Give Cliff milk until he gives you the recipe.
Steamed Clams with Wine: Become good friends with Karen's father. In the fall, collect as many red berries as possible and try to give him a berry each day. After a while, he will reveal the recipe.
Strawberry Champagne: Give a strawberry to Karen.
Strawberry Dog: Give a strawberry to Stu, the younger grandson (with the black hair) of the Potion Shop owner. He can often be found
outside the bakery, or in church on weekdays.
Strawberry Wine: Grow a strawberry in your greenhouse. Once it has matured, pick it, and deliver it to Karen.
Strawberry Jam: Give Popuri a strawberry.
Stuffed Omelet: Give an egg to Gray (Ann's surly brother).
Tomato Rice: Give a tomato to Karen's mother.
Tomato Soup: Give the town priest several tomatoes.
Twice Cooked Tomatoes And Greens: Give a tomato to Popuri's mother.
Very Berry Wine: Give Kai, the worker at the vineyard, a fruit or berry.
Walnut Cake: Give Elli's grandma (the old lady that sits in a rocking chair either inside or right outside the Bakery) a walnut (only be found in summer).
Elli's Grandma's recipe
Do not talk to Elli's Grandma on a festival day in the Spring. She will die and then you will not be able to get the recipe from her.

Full Moon Berry
In the Fall between the 10th and 12th, go to the mountain restaurant. Look between the two trees, towards the right and bottom. You will pick up a yellow berry called The Full Moon.

The Full Moon Berry sells for $300.

Power Nut locations
Power Nuts permanently increase your stamina. They can be obtained at the following locations.
One of the Power Nuts is located beneath the earth on your farm. Plow many different spots with your hoe to find it.

Travel to the pond next to the fisherman's tent in the winter. Hit the large rock nearby with a level 3 golden hammer to reveal a Power Nut. The rock must be broken in a single swing.

First, obtain a marble by planting about six flower crops. At least three should be pink cat mink flowers. Be friendly to Kent the black-haired boy. One day Kent will appear and trade a flower for marbles. Say "Yes". Treat the harvest sprites nicely; visit them frequently and bring them gifts. Go see the sprites. Trade the marbles for the Power Nut.

A Power Nut can be found in the mine with the precious rocks and minerals during winter. Travel three levels down. You have to find the holes in the floor and go into it to drop to the next level. The holes are hard to find. Finding this Power Nut takes luck and patience.

You can purchase a Power Nut from the peddler at the Flower Festival during the first year for 1000G. If you do not have enough money to buy it at this time, the peddler may stop at your house during the year.

Win a Power Nut at the Egg Festival by matching the most colored eggs.

Catch a large fish during the spring. Throw the fish in exact center of the pond that at the base of Moon Mountain by the fisherman's tent. The first fish you throw in you get a blue Power Nut from a Harvest Goddess. This will prevent you from becoming too tired or sick in the rain. The next time, throw a large fish and she will say, "I like big fishes, thank you", and you will get a regular Power Nut.

Before doing any physical activity, throw any vegetable grown on your farm into the pond located next to the Carpenters' house, between the hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Make sure you do not press [B] button while en route. A beautiful goddess will appear and give you a wish to use for one of three choices: "Weather", "Strength", or "Love". Choose "Strength", and she will give you a Power Nut.

During the Spring, fish off the dock by the beach. Eventually you will earn a Power Nut instead of a fish.

Befriend Basil, Popuri's traveling father. After a while, he will reward your friendship with a Power Nut.

Get one of your vegetables that you have planted. When you wake up, have your vegetable already in your backpack. Go to the pond where the Goddess is located -- do not do anything else in the morning. At 10 a.m., throw your vegetable in the pond. Do not wish for love or weather. Instead, wish for strength and she will say that you already have it. She will give you a Power Nut.
Egg Festival prizes
Win 1: Power Nut
Win 2: Turtle Figurine
Win 3: One month of free wood.

You can also get fodder as a prize.
Bakery Lottery prizes
1: Mug
2: Mats
3: Tablecloth
4: Honey
Raffle Prizes
Buy either 10-packs of Moon-Drop flower seeds at the Flower Shop or 10 cakes at the Bakery for a raffle ticket at either store. You can get the tickets from Winter 25-27. The prizes are as follows:
Tablecloth: Puts a blue tablecloth on the table in the center of your house.
Mug: Puts a mug on your table in the kitchen.
Mat: Puts two mats on the table in the kitchen.
Honey: Fully restores your energy.

Flower Shop
Cushion: Puts an extra flower-scented cushion by your pillow on the bed.
Bath stuff: Taking a bath restores more energy.
Calendar icons: Lets you have access to all of the icons for your calendar.
Pink-Cat seeds: One bag of this special flower.
Easy horse race medals
Save the game the day before and bet all your money on one horse. Find out the winner of the race. Restart from your save and place your bet on the winner with your money.

Treat your horse very well. Talk to or ride your horse and brush it as soon as possible. Start the race slow, staying at about fourth to fifth place. Try to keep your stamina green, or barely yellow. If you know the race well, start going quickly (but not too fast) slightly before the clapping and cheering; otherwise start even faster when the clapping starts. This takes practice, but is extremely useful.

Go to the races and bet 99 (or any amount) on each horse (or dog in those races). When you are done placing your bets, press [B] instead of selecting "O.K". If done correctly, you should get free medals.

To win at the horse race, you must not enter your horse in the race when then owner of Green Ranch (Ann's father) comes to ask you to enter your horse. When the day of the horse race has approaches, go to the town square and talk to the Mayor's wife to bet on a horse. When you place a bet, put 99 for medals, then press [B]. However, do not go back and talk to the Mayor's wife during that time. When you bet, bet on the horse that has the least amount of bets on it. As soon as the race is over, if you have won, the box at the bottom of the screen will state that you have won medals. Keep doing this until the races are over.

Faster horse
Ride the horse around the farm once or twice a day.

Horse racing prizes
Stunning Carrot (500 medals): Lets your horse do better in the upcoming races. Tames horses and increases stamina.
Stuffed horse (1000 medals): A little toy horse on your room organizer.
New Stable (3000 medals): Turns the roof on your horse's stable red.
Dog racing prizes
Lumber 500 (500 medals): 500 pieces of lumber.
Cute Clock (1000 medals): The clock on the Rucksack screen will be cow colored. Another name for this clock is "The Moo-Moo Watch".
Awesome House (3000 medals)
Free horse and dog race bets
Go to the Town Square and talk to the Mayor's Wife. Place your bets, then press [B] instead of selecting "OK". Note: You will not be able to bet on any race that your animals are racing in.

Swimming Festival prize
The prize is an invincible Katori, a stuffed pig head.

If you do not have one, look on the weather in the Summer. The day before the Typhoon comes, throw a vegetable in the pond by the carpenters and wish "weather". The Typhoon should not appear the following day.

You can also get a month's worth of lumber and, at other times, fodder.

Grow strawberries
Build a greenhouse and go to the Flower Shop to find every season's crop. There will be strawberry seeds that you can get for 500Gs.

Getting on Moon Mountain without a bridge
Use the following steps to get on top of Moon Mountain without building the bridge. Go to the tree behind the construction builder's house (where you get home extensions). Press [A] on the side of the tree that is closest, or faces, the river. Your character should climb the tree and hop off on the mountain. To get down simply press [A] where you climbed up the tree and he will hop down.

Building fences
Go over to the side of your chicken coop to find your lumber storage. Press [A] when facing it to pick up a piece. Press [A] again to put it away or to stick it into the ground.

Unbreakable fences
When you are clearing your field pick up stones and move them to the sides. Do not break them -- they will form an unbreakable fence. To use stones for other reasons, clump them in the field corners. If you want to make any type of fence other than this, make alterations.

Feeding your dog
To feed your dog, simply put food in his bowl. Also, keep him inside during winter to make him happier.

Go to your dog's doghouse. There will be a small food dish. Stand in front of it with a berry or something and press [A]. The food dish will be filled. The next day, the food will be gone.

Lose your dog
Leave your dog in a girl's room when she is sick. The next day you will not be able to get into the girl's room and the dog will be stuck there until the girl is sick again or the dog races. However, if you get married, the only way to get your dog back is to put it in the dog races.

Lose your horse
This trick will only work if you are married. On the day of the fireworks, before you talk to your wife, get on your horse. Talk to her while on your horse. You will go through the fireworks routine as usual. When you wake up in the morning, after you eat, you will be on your horse. You can ride him only in the bedroom. When you hop off, your horse will disappear. You cannot get him back until the horse race.

Everlasting Heart
When you brush or talk to your animal, wait three seconds, then press [Start]. Keep repeating this. Note: This trick will alter the animal in little or no way.

Feeding your animals from a chicken coop
Take out lumber from the side of your chicken coop and stick it in the ground It will be nibbled on by horses, sheep and cows. When they get ruined, you can use the hammer to push it underground so it becomes clear and allow you to put a new piece of lumber in its spot.

Free chicken
Just put an egg in the nesting area.

Feeding chickens for free
When you are married, your wife will sometimes feed your chickens. When she does, the game does not take it out of the amount that you have. Therefore, when she feeds them you do not lose chicken feed.

Keep chickens healthy
Put your chickens on top of your roof when you get the stairway and they will be healthy forever (unless a tornado or hurricane appears).

Free eggs
You can get free eggs by leaving your chickens out side. They will find their own food, and also give you eggs. Just make sure that you put them inside during the winter, and also when it rains.

To get free eggs, build stairs and put your chicken on you roof.

Eggs without putting them away
The following trick allows you to get eggs without putting them away. Get close to the egg that you want to get, but do not get all the way near it, as you would when picking up the eggs. Press [A] and the egg will be in your hands.

Forest spirit
Throw a vegetable in the pond in the forest by standing on the bridge and pressing [A]. A spirit should appear and ask what you wish for. This can only be done from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The mine
In the Winter, if you go to the mine and keep digging, you should find a hole. In the second level of the mine, there is another hole. There are four levels in the mine altogether. You can find the blue rock in all the levels, but if you keep going down you will find the rare metal, which you can give to Rick so that he can make a new invention.

Hungry man
Have food on the 17th of Spring (the horse race). On the 18th, a hungry man will be outside your house -- if you leave the farm to get food for him he will leave. Look up in the mountains and talk to him so that he will not leave.

Kent runs away
Become good friends with Kent early in the game. Also, this may not work if you are married. Kent will rush into your house as you are eating breakfast and want to know if he can stay. You have a choice of telling him to go home or asking him what is wrong. Ask him what is wrong, and will tell you that he got in a fight with the Potion Shop Owner about owning a farm and he ran away. He then asks if he should worry about this so early in life. Stu will appear and says that the Potion Shop Owner is sick. They all will go running into the Potion Shop. The game shows the owner in bed as the midwife takes care of him. Kent keeps saying he is sorry and that he does not want him to die, The midwife then says that he is okay. You will then go outside. Kent will block the door and talk to you. When you return, everything

Easy money
Look for wild fruit or herbs around the land then take them to the Shipping Bin.

To get $10,000, help the Carpenters build a Hot Spring and Bridge. You will get $1,000 a day and a total of $5,000 per project.

In your first year, the owner of Green Ranch will ask you to raise some Cows. Do so, and when he takes them he will give you some money whether they are sick or not.

At the horse races, wait for a match with high odds, then bet 99 on every horse. This is the easiest way to get the expensive items.

Elli will appear at your farm one day wanting to buy some eggs for 300G. You will have a choice to say "OK" or "You don't have to pay". If you choose "You don't have to pay" she will pay anyway.

At the start of the game you have 300G. Conserve your money throughout the game, especially if you want the Greenhouse.

Mayor's money
In the 7th year, go where the mayor lives. He will talk to his wife and will say he gave his secret savings to someone. Talk to everybody in the same location, then go to the crossing between your ranch, Green Ranch, Flower Bud Village, and Moon Mountain Vineyard. Maria will talk with the evil peddler -- it turns out that the evil salesman took the mayor's money.

The peddler that comes to your house always cheats. Do not buy from him except at the Flower Festival.

Father's visit
During the third year, on the first of Summer your father will visit. He will talk to almost everyone. At the end, if you have a wife, she will ask if you heard your grandfather's last words. Answer "Yes" and she will kiss you and tell you to tell your child about this someday.

Add-ons to the house
Add-ons make your house look better and easier to live in.
The Bathroom has a restroom and a tub. The tub is for restoring your energy instead of the spa up in the mountains, which is built after the earthquake.

The Kitchen has a table, a refrigerator, a recipe book, and a record of Power Nuts. The table can be adorned with a tablecloth and a mug if you win them in the lottery held at the Bakery. The fridge is used to store food and vegetables. You can get different recipes from people and find the Power Nuts.

The Log-Terrace, or the Deck, is built behind your house and has a little table on it. It is a nice place to eat with your wife.

The Baby-Bed is used for your baby.

The Greenhouse is used to grow crops in during the Winter and other seasons. Strawberries can only be grown in the Greenhouse. This is one of the best things you can buy.

The stairs lead to your roof... not sure why.

Also in your house, you can win and buy a few extras. The cabinets can be bought at Rick's Tool Shop for 2000Gs (?). A very nice rug can be bought there also for 3000Gs. If you win the Swim Race, then you will receive an Invincible Katori. If you win the Egg Festival, one of the prizes is also a mysterious turtle that sits on your TV.
Hoe: Plant crops on hoed 3x3 squares.
Hammer: Break rocks.
Ax: Chop wood.
Sickle: Cut weeds.
Watering Can: Water your crops.
Shears: Cut wool.
Milker: Get milk.
Fishing Pole: Catch fish.
Blue Pot
Give a Blue Rock to Saibarra and you will be able to buy the Pot that was a "mistake".

Bamboo wishes
On the 7th of Summer, your wife will be waiting for you outside your house after 6:00 p.m. to go to the river and float a bamboo stick downstream. She tells you to make a wish and says it should come true if the bamboo floats. You can wish for one of three things: animals, family, or weather. Select "Animals" if you want yours to be happy and healthy. Select "Family" if you want to have a baby soon. Select "Weather" if you want good weather, so you do not have to trek to the Goddess Pond every time a typhoon threatens.

On the 9th of Fall, a couple will be on your farm expressing their love for grass and themselves. Note: This may only work with a marriage to Ellie.

Go to the lake that is in your ranch. Above it will be a tree. Go behind it and press [A] to get a map.

Costs 3000G. On Fall 1st Rick will get a rug.

Moon Drop: Costs 300G. Yellow flower.

Pink Cat Mink: Costs 300G. Get at Spring Flower Festival or Flower Shop lottery.

Blue Mist: Costs 500G. Water every day without missing one day. It is planted in the mountain.

Blue Mist (alternate): Buy a Blue Mist Flower from the flower shop when they are in stock. When you leave the store Popurri will talk to you. She will take you to the mountains and plant it. You must water it everyday or it will die before blossoming.
Upgraded tools in a single night
Go to the Bar at night and start using a tool (Watering Can, Hammer, Axe, Sickle, Hoe) on nothing. When you get tired, just get about ten drinks of water from the bartender, then start doing it again. Note: This is a very slow process that requires patience.

Wait until you get a bathroom (or the hot springs is built). Go next to the tub (or hot springs) and use whatever tool you want to upgrade on nothing. When you start to get tired, jump in the water a few times, then repeat.

Bath Crystals
Won in the Flower Shop Lottery. Used in Bathtub.

Blue Feather
Costs 980G. Stand by the girl that you like, then press [B]. You will be married on the following Sunday.

If you have selected the girl you want to marry and she has a pink heart for you, you must get the blue feather from Rick. If it is not there, you have to buy a kitchen (5,000G).

Blue Vase
Go to the mine in Winter and dig for a Blue Rock. Give the Blue Rock to the Antique Shop owner to get the Blue Vase. It will make your house and family life better.

The Artisan will give you a book in year three. Give it to the woman that you like.

Cheap cows
To get a cow for half the price, simply buy the miracle potion instead of the real cow.

Costs 2000G. On Summer 1st Rick will get a Cupboard.

The Cupboard will also hold the things that you get from the mine in the winter.

Put in jar after winning Bakery Lottery.

Costs 200G. During the Spring Flower Festival, Rick will have a jar.

The mayor will invite you to the Sea Festival during the summer. If you win the Sea Festival the next day, you will win a Katori (stuffed pig's head). This prize prevents your greenhouse from blowing away during a typhoon.

Buy some flower seeds and plant a Moon Drop Flower and a Pink Cat Flower. When they have grown, a boy (Stu) comes to the farm and tells you to plant more. Plant four more Moon Drop and four more Pink Cat Flowers. When they have grown, the boy comes back and asks to trade with you. Answer "Yes" to get a marble. Note: You can find Pink Cats at the Flower Festival and buy at least five of them.

Won in the Bakery Lottery. You will get two mats for your kitchen.

To get milk, just use the bottle on your cow.

Gold milk
Win first place in the cow festival to get gold milk from the winning cow.

More milk
Name your cow Coco and it will not give you a S size milk as it is supposed to do after a month. A short time after that, it will give you a M size milk, and three or more days after that it will give you a L size.

Next size milk
If your cow gets sick when it has a S or M size milk, it will change to the next stage the following day.

Free milk
Once you buy a bottle and have an adult cow, you can get as much milk as desired. Use the bottle on the cow and the bottle will be filled with milk. Then, just drink it if desired. You can get as much milk as you want every day, even after you have already milked the cow.

Won in the Bakery Lottery. It is for the kitchen.

Music Box
During the Spring or Summer, go to the dog house. Line yourself with it, facing your field. When positioned right, you will be in between the dog house and the crate that you put your vegetables in. From there, walk towards the end of the field. You will have to go around the crate, Walk until (as it says in the map) the same tree you found the map in is to your left. Dig in the spot where the two (dog house and tree) are lined up. You will have to strike the ground with the hoe approximately ten times. You will discover a rusty music box. Take it to the Tool Shop and Rick the shop keeper will fix it. It should be given to the girl of your choice, because it plays a love song.

You can get more than one music box. Just get one fixed, dig up another box, get it fixed, and repeat. Note: You can only get one music box fixed at one time, so you can only get a total of two music boxes -- one fix and one broken.

Old Wine
This item will solve the crisis in the vineyard. Go to the bar at night and drink a lot. Once your cow produces gold milk, give it to Duke, the bar owner.

Free wine
While in the basement of the wine cellar, take out your bottle and press [B]. If you are at the correct angle, you will fill it with wine. Press [B] again to drink it This works towards your resistance to alcohol for New Years.

Buy the jar as soon as possible in the game. When you have it, go down to the wine cellar in Karen's vineyard. Take out the jar and stand in front of one of the big barrels. When you press [B], the jar is filled with wine. When you press [B], he drinks the wine and twirls around. If you drink a couple per day, on New Year's, he will be able to last longer.

You can get a pendant from the peddler.

Won in the Bakery Lottery. It is put on the small table.

Bring Rick four Rare Metals and the next year or sometime soon after he will visit your house. He will ask you if you would like to be transported between two odd looking objects he brought with him to your farm. No matter if you want to or not, he will test the transporter on a tomato. He puts it on one end and it either disappears or gets frozen on the other side. Maybe if you give him more rare metal he can fix it so it works...

Take the weathervane to Rick at his shop. Talk to him and he should tell you he lost it in the mine and that it was his grandmother's. He will ask for it back. If you give it to him, he should come to your house about two weeks later and say he wants to test his teleporter on you. It breaks no matter what you say.

Special items
Most of special items in the game, once collected, will appear on the far right of the pause menu (rucksack screen). These include:
Weather Vane: Obtained by digging in the mine.
Flower Card: For every 10 points you can pull a lottery ticket.
Cake Card: For every 10 points you may pull on lottery ticket.
Treasure Map: Leads you to Music Box, found in the tree on your farm.
Music Box
Medal Bag: During the dog and horse races, you can bet on the competition. Once you have some medals, you will have this item.
Gold milk
Old wine
Other items
Ocarina: Blue flute-type instrument used to play music.
Rug: Nice design and is used for decoration.
Cupboard: Stores flowers and milk.
Tool Box: Holds your tools.
Plant a Blue Mist flower. Once it is fully grown, you and Pourpri will have a picture taken.

Once you have all of the Home Extensions you will get a photo.

Once married, you will receive a Souvenir Photo of your wedding.

You get a photo at the beginning of the game. It is of you and you grandpa.

You will get a photo of your child once you have one.

You will get a photo after you successfully win the horse race and the swim meet.

You will get a photo after completing the hot springs.

You will earn a photo after observing the rabbit in winter with Ann.

You will receive a photo after you becoming the King at the Sowing Festival.

When your baby is at the age where you can carry it, bring it to the elves and talk to one while holding your baby. The up-close picture of what is supposed to be the elf on the dialogue bar will actually be a picture of the Souvenir Shop owner.

Have Mario with a pink heart. She may appear on the Summer 3 and ask you if you want to go with her or if you are busy. Go with her. She will take you to the pond past the carpenter's house to see fireflies. After that, you will go to bed. The next day you will have a picture of you and Maria with fireflies from the wandering cameraman in your mailbox.

First your cow has to win the Cow Festival. The day before the festival, put your "award winning" cow out in the pasture. The day after the festival, the three pretty ladies should appear and take a picture of you, them, and the cow.
Second album
After you get all the pictures in the first picture album, you get a second album.

Cheapest way to get a Greenhouse
Save as much money as possible. As soon as you have money for crops, spend it all. Do not buy a cow. You can buy chickens and have them produce eggs and, every time you get exactly six chickens, sell one of them for an easy 500G. Also, talk with one chosen girl, after you have visited the mountain to gather berries and fish (for extra money), each day. Time does not run inside houses or the shed for the cow/sheep/chicken. If you do not have a fully grown horse, plant the crops near the shed/outside shipping bin. Get the maximum amount of vegetables that you can carry and run into the stables, or quickly throw them into the bin. This saves time and allows you to access the Greenhouse option in the first year. By the time you are done with the year, you should have made 40,000G, have all the upgrades, and a wife, and maybe one or two cows.

The Greenhouse effect
Once you get a Greenhouse, you can buy any Spring, Summer or Fall crop at any time. Buy the strawberries in the winter.

If you have a greenhouse with plants or seeds inside, you do not need to water them to keep them alive. However, you do need to water them to grow the actual vegetable.

Invincible Greenhouse
If you put your dog in the Greenhouse, it will not get blown away by a hurricane.

Saving time
When something is bought, buy as much as you can afford so you do not have to buy the same item again when it runs out. Only ship crops during the day, and feed and water everything at night.

Removing hoe marks
When you mistakenly hoe in a place you did not mean to, get a piece of lumber and place it in that location.

You can also use a hammer or rock to remove hoe marks.

Items from fish king
On any rainy day, go to the pond by the tent and catch a fish. Then, throw it in the water and the fish king will appear and give you an item.

Watch the weather forecast and talk to your wife everyday. One day they will warn you about a hurricane. Keep your animals inside on that day. Your horse and dog, however, will be safe.

On the 7th of Winter, an earthquake will make some of your crops from your greenhouse disappear. There is no thief.

Character departures
Cliff will leave in the Winter if you are not nice to him. Karen and Kai will leave if your not nice to them.

Cliff will leave on the first day of Fall if Ann is at a pink heart. You will not be able to get the Herbal Tea and Spice Tea recipe; or get Cliff and Ann married.

Once you are married, do not talk to your wife for along time. After awhile an envelope will appear on your table and your wife will be gone. Open the letter to learn that she has gone to live with her parents again. You can her back by going to her house and talking to her. If you have a child, she will take it with her.

Getting your girl happy
Give your girl things she that loves. Ann loves wool and corn. Karen loves tomatoes and berries that you can find in the forest. Elli loves strawberries. Maria loves spring cabbage.

If you pick up your dog and talk to any character, that person will like you more. You can do this as many times as needed. You can also do this to make a girl like you quickly.

At some point in the game you will have a girl selected that you want to marry. One night after her heart has gone up about two colors, you will have a dream. The dream will consist of a conflict between two or more characters. One of the characters in your dream will be your girlfriend and each time she will get hurt and you must help her. Her love will grow for you if you do. The dreams are as follows.

The girls that you can marry start with white hearts. If you give them fifty items of anything except bugs and weeds, they should get to a blue heart, then green, yellow, and pink. When they are blue, the girl comes to your farm and gives you some food from 4 to 5 p.m. However, if you miss them you cannot get it again. When they have a green heart, it happens again. When they are at yellow hearts, they will have dreams.
You have a dream of a little girl climbing a tree. The next day you will wake up and when you walk to the crossing between your farm, Green Ranch, Flowerbud Village, Moon Mountain, and the Forest you will see Ann sitting there, getting ready to climb the tree. She will fall and you must carry her home.

You have a dream of a little girl being trapped. The next day, go to Karen's house and enter the wine storage room . She will say she wants to give you a tour. You will walk to the basement with her and the door will lock behind, locking you both in. She will start panicking. Go behind the barrel closest to the right wall or in between both barrels. You will find a hole and both of you will get out.

You will have a dream of a girl slipping. The next day, go to the Forest (this will be in Winter). Elli will be running down the mountain and will slip on the ice. You must, like Ann, carry her home.

One night you will have a dream about you and a little girl when you both were kids. Your character is getting ready to leave because summer is almost over. A little girl whose name is not mentioned will ask if you are coming back again. You answer yes and give her a book about fairy tales to remember you by until next summer. As you are leaving, the little girl starts to cry and waves to you. The next day, go to the library and Maria will be standing near a shelf. There will be a book on the desk. It is the fairy tale book you gave her when you were little. She will ask if it was you that gave it to her. Answer "Yes" and she will say :I knew it had to be you". When she approaches you, you she falls and twists her ankle.

You have a dream of a girl trying to pick a flower. She will fall of a cliff. The next day, go to the mountains by the cave. Climb the tree and press [A] in front of Popuri (she will be hanging from the cliff). Go to that spot every day for a week. You should see Popuri standing in front of the tree with a sprained ankle. Pick her up and carry her home.
Hint: Sore ankles:
When the girls are at pink hearts, they have "sore ankles".
Near the vineyard Grape Goddess' tree. If you do not pick her up, call for Kai and that will increase their relationship instead.

Like Karen, although she is lurking around the mountain near the carpenter's house. Gray will appear instead if you do not.

Found at the very start of the mountain. If you do not find her, Jeff will.

In the library. If you do not find her, Harris will.

At the fork between the village. If you cheat and run for help to get her to a pink heart earlier, Cliff will still come.
Marriage proposals
When the girls are at pink hearts, they will ask for marriage.
At the beach, she will ask if you like her. Say "Yes" and she will complain about how you should bring her a blue feather.

She is beside the tree that you can climb on. Say "Yes" and then "Popuri" that you like her. She will get happy.

Go in the bakery, then go out. She might ask you if you have time. Say "Yes". It will then turn to night, and she will tell you she likes you. She may ask you if you feel the same way; then she will say that she hopes you bring her a blue feather. Then, she enters the bakery.

Like Elli, except at the library.

Go inside the Green Ranch. Ann will ask you if you like her, and if you say "Yes" then she will demand that you show it. You will open your arms, but she slaps you and says, "Not that way -- with a blue feather!". Then she leaves.
Finding the girls
Sometimes the girls will not be where you usually find them. You can find them in these places.
Maria: Library, Church (playing the organ), Moon Mountain.
Karen: Bar, Moon Mountain, Vineyard.
Elli: Bakery, Flower Shop. Elli is also sometimes on Moon Mountain.
Ann: Green Ranch, Moon Mountain.
Popuri: In and around the Flower Shop, Moon Mountain.
After the first year, do not go on the beach unless you see Karen in another place. If you do, she will leave.

Seeing the girls' rooms
Sometimes a girl in the village (Maria, Elli, Karen, Ann or Pourpori) will get sick. When you go to their home, you can see their room. Since you have no way of knowing if they are sick, visit as often as possible.
Karen's room
Karen is pretty basic. She has a closet, Sea Shell collection, a table and a few other things.

Elli's room
Elli shares her room with her Grandmother. She has a closet, photo, and a few other things.

Maria's room
Maria's room has children's books, a lamp, a cabinet, and a bookshelf, and her favorite books.

Popuri's room
Popuri's room has a bed with pink covers, a pink carpet, and a pink pillow at the end of her bed. She has a "starlight shell", which is a charm that makes your wishes come true. She has a basket of blue flowers near the table that the charm sites on, and she has a furnace. On her dressing table next to her bed is a little clock and a pink pot that holds pink flowers.
Girls' birthdays
Note: You need to at least have a yellow heart on a girl to get a birthday.
Ann: Summer 14
Maria: Winter 11
Karen: Winter 29
Popuri: Spring 22
Elli: Fall 1
Birthday gifts
The following gifts are what you will receive from your favorite girl. This only works if she is at a pink heart and if you have your birthday marked on your calendar with your cake sticker. Note: This will not work if you are married to her.
Elli: Embroidered handkerchief
Popuri: Potpourri (scented pink bag with a green ribbon)
Karen: Lucky bracelet
Ann: Wool-knitted socks
Maria: Picture found hanging over the left side of your bed (that your wife sleeps on)
Ann likes corn more than any other vegetable. She also likes the sheep wool. Her birthday is on the 14th of Summer, and she will give you the "Mashed Potatoes" recipe.

Show her any animal from the forest many times and her heart will gradually go from white to blue to green to yellow to pink.

Ellie likes Eggs and Milk.

Elli likes milk or eggs. She does not like the rain. On a rainy day, give her an extra present. If you are already married to her, give her a gift for the sake of it. Her birthday is Fall 1st.

Another way to make Elli love you more is to give her fish.

When Ellie has a pink heart, one night you will come home she will say "It's a full moon tonight let's go to the Goddess Pool." When you go to the pool, she will talk about Moondrop Essence.

Karen loves strawberries, very berry fruit and other berries. Karen must be married in your first year if you want to marry her. She will leave because of the home problem.

You can also find Karen on the beach, but only on sunny Sundays. If it is raining or snowing she will be sick. In order to visit her, she must have a "yellow heart".

If you are trying to make Karen be your wife, after the problems at her home begin, never meet her at the beach on sunny Sundays anymore. Otherwise, she will leave. Do not worry if you miss one day of giving her a gift -- it will not matter.

Karen also likes tomatoes a lot, as she will tell you at one of the festivals. If you give her too many, she will get sick of them.

If you want to marry, you do not have to give her berries or anything else. Just go up to her with your dog and show him to her. Do this about fifty times or until she has a pink heart (or the color heart you want her to have if you do not want to marry her, but do not want her to leave). Go to Rick's tool shop a few days later and get the Blue Feather, find Karen, and propose. You must befriend her before she leaves. The easiest place to find her is working in the bar at night. A couple of days later you will have the wedding.

When you want Karen to be your wife, go to the bar at night with your dog and keep showing it to her. Do this until her heart turns pink, not red. Note: If you controller with a auto-fire feature, set the [A] to auto-fire and just hold it when you are in front of Karen.

Get your dog, then find Karen. Talk to her for about ten minutes and her heart will turn pink. It takes about two minutes for each heart level to get higher. Since there are five heart levels, going from white to pink will take ten to twelve minutes.

Take your dog and find Karen. Show her your dog. Do this rapidly, and in about five minutes her heart will be pink.

If you want to get the Blue Feather without your girl having the pink heart, just use the dog trick on Karen (show her your dog until she has a pink heart). Then, get the Blue Feather from the tool shop even if you do not want to marry Karen. You will still have the feather reserved for the girl you want to marry when she is ready. Note: You still cannot marry your girl if she does not have the pink heart, but at least you will not have to get the Blue Feather when she is ready.

Get locked in the wine storehouse with Karen. and look in the corner. There is a hole in the wall from the memory.

After you restore the vineyard, go to Karen and Kai will appear outside and say "Well, I finally restored the vineyard". Karen will get up and talk to Kai and kiss him. Then, she will look at you and say "Why didnt you help? You're so mean!". Kai will say "Ha ha! Him do any work at all? Impossible!". Karen is helpless and cannot be gotten back. She will marry him him that Sunday. Note: This does not always happen.

Karen likes berries.

To get a picture of Karen, first become good friends with the bar owner. He will give you "Heaven's Gate", an old wine. Then, befriend the Harvest Sprites. They will tell you to go to the Goddess Pond at the base of the craftman's house. Throw a vegetable in the pond. She will ask you to save the vineyard. Select that and she will bring you to the vineyard. Wake up the tree in the back of the vineyard. It will bring back the Kifu Fairy. The next day, the vineyard is restored. Talk to Karen at the vineyard and you will get a picture.

Find Maria in Moon Mountain and pick up any insect. Talk to her repeatedly. This will increase her love for you quickly (this also works for Ann, only Ann likes small animals).

Popuri loves flowers.

Popouri also likes cookies and strawberries the best. Note: You can only get strawberries in the Winter. Get cookies from the Bakery. Popouri also likes the Catmint and the Yellowdrop Flowers.

When Popouri gives birth, she will say "Why is it? I get enough sleep..." or "...Nnnnnn...Yawwwnnn,I'm so sleepy lately."

If you befriend Rick, the tool man, and find the Weather Vane (in the third floor in the cave), he will eventually take it and say that it is his grandmothers and that it gives him good memories. Those memories will make him like you even more.

Getting married
Select a young lady of your choice. Dance with her at festivals, give her presents every day, and be very nice to her. When the heart at lower right corner of the screen turns red or pink, buy a blue feather from Rick's Tool Shop. If he does not have it, he will get it. Give the feather to her. If she accepts, you will be married on the following Sunday. You need the kitchen for Rick to get the feather.

Once you are married, your wife will feed the chickens, but you must still collect the eggs.

Stay very late, then go home. Your wife should be on the side of your bed. Go to bed and she should also go to bed. Note: This does not always happen.

Extra scenes
Get every girls' heart up to pink. Then, go to the mountains, vineyard, beach, and almost everywhere else. Two of the girls will be talking to each other. There are many different scenes.

Getting divorced
If you want to divorce your wife, do not talk to her and constantly go to your diary and sleep. Do not save your game and eventually everyone in the town will hate you. After about three or four months, there will be a letter on your desk that says "I have gone back to stay with my parents". You can go to the house and get your wife back or leave her there. You can get her back at anytime. All your wife says is "I was lonely and I had no one to talk to... I'm glad we had this talk". You cannot get married again because every other eligible girl in the village disappears.

Wife schedule
Your wife goes about a schedule each day. After about 8 a.m. she will be outside in a designated place, depending on who you marry, until around noon. She will then she go inside your house. At about 3 p.m., you can find her inside your kitchen until 8 p.m. From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. you can always find her waiting for you in front of the bed. After 10 p.m., she goes to sleep without you.

Wife waiting outside
If you are married, on the 7th day of Summer, your wife will be waiting outside at about 5:00 p.m. If it rains on that day, this will not happen for another year.

Birthday feast
Once you are married, on your birthday, your wife will cook a feast. Some meals may include the recipes that you get. Each wife will give you a different feast.

Having a baby
After getting married, be extremely nice to your wife. Do not stay out late or talk to another girl, while bringing her gifts. After thirty days, she will begin to act strangely. In another sixty days, you should have a child. Note: You need the baby bed for your wife to have a baby. If you have a girl, she will be wearing a bunny suit

If you are already married but you cannot get your wife to have a baby, it is because you need to have a Baby Bed (1,000G).

Baby clothes
When you are married, you will have a baby after about two seasons, even if you flirt with other girls. Your baby is always a boy in a blue mouse suit. Other people will get married and have babies with the following appearance:
Maria marries Harris and their baby wears a panda suit. They will sometimes name the baby after you.

Popuri and Gray's baby is named Mint and wears a pink bunny suit.

Elli marries Jeff and their baby wears a mouse suit.

Karen marries Kai. It is rumored their baby wears a Pikachu suit.

Ann marries Cliff. Their baby wears a frog suit.
Give items to sleeping baby
When your baby is in its second age (and resembles a mouse), get it in the crib at night. Take out the thing you want him to have. Put it in your backpack and talk to the baby on the right side of the crib in various places. Eventually you will hear him and he will look like a newborn again. Once in that position, do not move. Take out the item and give it to him.

Different animal suits for your baby
Depending on who you married, your son will be dressed in a different animal suit. Maria's baby is a panda, Ann's baby is a frog, Popuri's baby is a bunny, Elli's baby is a chicken, and Karen's baby is a mouse.

Grown child
When you first have a child it cannot do anything but lay down and cry. The day after your first year wedding anniversary, your child will be hiding behind your wife and soon come crawling out behind her. If you have a boy he will be wearing a blue and yellow mouse suit.

You will notice on your child's first birthday, after he comes out from behind your wife, that he or she can walk. You can no longer carry him, but you can talk to him.

Marriage effect
Every wife does a different thing. Most will do more than one thing, others only one every day, and still others may not always do anything at all. Ann will most commonly crate up the eggs, but may also feed the chickens. Elli will do the same as Ann, yet Elli does nothing more often . Karen will sometimes crate up the eggs and sometimes drop and break them. Maria usually picks weeds in the yard. Popuri either waters some of your plants outside or she will crate up the eggs.

Marry Elli, and during Fireworks on Summer 1st she will give you a Watermelon that night. You will also light fireworks.

After befriending Karen for a long time, she will invite you to the beach on Summer 1st (Fireworks night). When she invites you, you have to talk to her and you both will light off fireworks on the beach. This is good, if you want to marry Karen.

When your married, instead of going to the beach, mountain or other location for starry night or the fireworks, your girl will stay on the farm and ask to watch from there. Make sure you return from your daily work before midnight.

Get locked in Vineyard shack
Befriend Karen until a Blue Heart or so. In the first year, play normally, but there should be a day where you have a dream of a little girl crying. On that same day, visit the Vineyard and go to the shack where the wine is kept. Karen will be there and invite you to a tour. Answer "Yes". Talk to Karen again and when you try to leave, the door will be locked. Hang around for awhile, and Karen's dad will open the door later.

Have all of the town girls get married
Every girl in town can get married to somebody other than you. In order to make the prospective couples get married, you need to be nice and befriend the respective man in each couple. Be careful though, as your own love interest may be stolen from you.
Cliff and Ann
You are not the only person in the town that can get married and have children. Save a vegetable from a harvest in spring the first year for the 18th. A young man will be in front of your house. He will say that he is hungry. Give him the vegetable, and he will get up and introduce himself as Cliff. (You can find him in the forest even if you do not cure his hunger) Give him gifts everyday, talk to him, and do note date Ann. If he likes you enough, he will come to your house one day and invite you to his wedding. He and Ann will get married. After that they will live on Ann's father's ranch. You can find them both wandering around the pasture. Many times Cliff will have a black eye and say he and his wife got into a fight, but they made up in the morning. Even though it seems they do not get along, a little while later, if you continue to talk to them, Cliff will make a comment about how Ann is not supposed to move around much because she is pregnant.

If you are nice to Cliff he will eventually invite you to their wedding. To speed up the process, bring him eggs which are his favorite. These two seem to pair up the quickest.

When Cliff is getting married to Ann, Cain (Cliff's pet bird) will fly above the church being followed by the doves.

To get a Ann and Cliff Winter scene, you cannot be married to Ann or have Ann and Cliff married. You have to be friends with Cliff and have Ann with at least a yellow heart. On the first of Winter, go to the fork. Cliff will be standing in the middle of the fork. He will say that he is leaving. Then, Ann comes up, pushes him down, says he is a coward, and starts going into hysterics. Then she gets all teary eyed and runs away.

Harris and Maria
You can make Harris and Maria marry by giving Harris daily presents. He likes potatoes the most, and will also reward you with a recipe for giving him one. Keep giving Harris potatoes and other gifts, and you will eventually view mini-scenes with Maria giving a letter to Harris and Harris saving Maria from an evil salesman. Soon, Harris will stop by your house and invite you to their wedding.

Become friends with the Harris the mailman and he will start talking about Maria. The wedding will be close when he starts discussing how happy he is about being able to talk to her. The mailman's favorite gift is a potato each day.

Kai and Karen
If you are nice to Karen, she will not leave. Then, be nice to Kai by bringing him gifts. Go to the bar. He will start talking about her. Soon he will visit your house and invite you to his wedding. Note: If you are not nice to them, both will leave.

It is possible that you must first restore the vineyard for this match to happen. To do so, befriend the owner of the bar and give him a berry or something everyday for about a week. He will eventually give you a possession called "Heavens Gate" (old wine) or something simila. Become friends with the elves in the cave. After a while, an elf will mention something about the wine and tell you to go ask the goddess. Go to the pond that is to the left of the Craftsman's house in the mountain. Throw a vegetable into it somewhere after 9 and before 5. She will ask you if you want to restore the vineyard. Reply yes and she will take you there at night. Sometime during the next fall or so it will be restored. Then, be very nice to Kia. Give him Verry Berries or Grapes for a while, then he will marry Karen.

Gray and Popuri
Give eggs and other things to Gray to become friends. Then, go by the Green Ranch and you will see Popuri and Gray talk after the flowers are grown one night. That Sunday, they will get married.

Befriend Ann's brother Gray. He likes eggs and also likes seeing your dog. Once you see him, buy and plant flowers at his ranch. It will not be long till they get married.

Greg and Elli
Despite popular belief, Greg, the Bakery owner, is not Elli's father. If you become friends with him, you will soon find this out. Ellis father died sometime ago and he just seems to look after Elli. He loves milk and once he starts talking about Elli and about how he sees her in new ways, they will soon be wed.

Stu and May
On the 17th of Summer, year 2, if you are already married (child not required) and good friends with everyone in the town, go to the field with the cave and carpenter's hut in the afternoon (before 5:00). Near the area where you find the orange, you will see Stu and May. Talk to them and Stu will say that there is a butterfly caught in a spider web. He will ask if he should free it. May will ask what if the spider is starving. Then they will ask you. If you answer "Free it", they will both be happy. If you answer "Leave it", Stu will say, "That is cruel," and leave. May will then also feel bad and go home.
Sometime in the game, Taro (the dog by the potion shop), will have puppies. They will say that your dog got her pregnant. You will know it is true because the puppies will look like your dog.

Be nice to the elves in the cave and they will learn the human language.

One of the elves' caves is behind the carpenter's house.

If you throw a vegetable in the water near the builder's house, a Faerie will appear and ask if you want love (only select this if you do not have a wife), strength, or weather.

Mysterious mailman appearance
Wait for the introduction sequence to begin at the "Press Start" screen. It will start with you seeing three cows and a sheep in the grass. There is more than introduction sequence. If you get a different one, return to the "Press Start" screen and try again. When the correct one begins, the man will appear and milk one of the cows and get an M sized milk. He will then take it to the shipping box. Immediately before he throws it in, press [Start] and the mailman will appear, standing directly in front of the man.

You can get two jobs in the game, building the bridge and the hot springs. You will be paid 1,000 pieces of gold for every day that you work (the bridge in the Fall and the hot springs in the Winter), and you will get a picture for the springs.

Stay up all night
Use the following trick to stay up all night. However, you will still be sick the next day. When it becomes night, go into your house. You can spend time working on upgrading tools if desired, or just wait. Watch the time go by. Once it is passed when you usually are forced to sleep, you can go outside. The bar will remain open until you sleep.

Continue playing
After your Dad appears at the end of the game, go though the credits. At the end, the game will thank your player and ask if you want to continue playing.

Glitch: Keep moving
Walk down a street and remove your controller. You will continue to move.

Glitch: Refrigerator
After getting a wife, try to talk to her in the kitchen while by the refrigerator. If done correctly, the refrigerator will open, but the freezer screen will not appear.

Glitch: Snow in the Greenhouse
During the Winter, take a piece of wood (fence) and bring it into your Greenhouse. Set it down to see that it has snow on it.

Glitch: Day-colored weeds
Check your clock constantly -- when it gets close to being dark (5:00), go to your farm. Pick up a weed and wait. When it gets dark outside, unlike the other weeds, which will turn a dark color, the weed you are holding should be the color that it was in the daytime.

Note: This also works with the dog.

Glitch: Baby and butterfly researcher
When you get a baby in the crawling stage, plant a Bluemist flower. When it blooms the butterfly researcher should be at the flower. Carry your baby close to the flower. The butterfly researcher should be there. Drop your baby on the ground and the butterfly researcher yells "Ohhhhhhhhhh" and takes the place of your baby. The game will crash when you try to get the baby back.

Glitch: Picture of Kai
After Kai leaves win the swimming race a picture will be taken. Kai will be in it, even though he is no longer living in the village.

Glitch: Invisible baby
Take your grown baby to any store and set it down in front of an object. Try to grab it by facing it diagonally and the store keeper will explain about the item. Answer no when asked to buy it and walk around the store. Your arms will still be held out, but the baby will not be there. To get the baby back, simply exit the store.

Take your baby into the bathroom and drop him by the bathtub door. Make sure he is not blocking the door. Then, go in the bathtub. When you get out make sure the baby is in front of the door, then go in the bathtub again. You will be in the bath with your clothes on and the baby in your hands. When you come out, he will be invisible. Drop him on the floor and he will be visible with his or her mother.

Glitch: Invisible dog
If you have an extension, bring your dog into that room. With the dog in your hands, walk as close to the door as possible without leaving the room. While facing the door, drop your dog and he will not appear on the screen. Note: This may only work in the Kitchen.

Glitch: Invisible legs and shirt
You will need to have built the Hot Springs for this glitch. Go to the Hot Springs, wait until night, then carefully watch the clock (by pausing and checking). You will automatically return to your house at six in the morning. Enter the Hot Spring at about 5:45 to 5:50. You should return home while in the Hot Springs. When you have eaten the breakfast the next day, you should have no shirt or legs. If you turn in any other direction you will disappear, then reappear when you walk, or turn back to the leg-less shirt-less direction. This will last until the system is turned off.

Glitch: Dog on the outhouse
Take your dog into the bathroom. Place him by the bathroom door. Whistle for him to come, then open the door. He will walk in with you (most of the time). The door will close and you will go to the bathroom. When you walk out, the dog will be on top of the bathroom.

Glitch: Unreachable dog
Bring your dog into your house at any time, season, or year. Do not move at all. Slowly and carefully turn around. You should only take a very small step. Drop the dog. Pressing [A] will not get him back. If you run to him, you will exit your house. Note: The only way to get him back is to wait for him to move (rarely), or wait for the dog races. This can also be done at other places.

Glitch: Dog floats in air
Go to the mountains and to the bridge that crosses over the water. Put the dog down on the bridge, on the carpenter's hut side, and leave him there. Return and watch him. If he runs towards the water, he will levitate over it.

Glitch: Disappearing horse
On special days when people ask you out to places (such as Fireworks Day), get on your horse and stay on it until someone invites you out somewhere. The next morning, your horse will be gone.

Glitch: Closed shops
Get in love with someone by the horse races on the second year. If you are lucky, you will get a dream just before the horse races. The next day, you will be expected to answer the dream, but all the shops as well as the horse track will be closed. Note: This may require a few attempts, and will work with Elli.

Glitch: Carpenter's hut
On the twentieth of Spring, immediately go to the Carpenter's hu

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