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Unlock Trophies
4 the Win! (Gold) - Collect 4 Million Bolts.
Ace Gets Clubbed (Bronze) - Earn the 'Ace In The Hole' Skill in the Battledome.
Aiming is Overrated (Gold) - Purchase the Harbinger Weapon.
All 4 Me!? (Silver) - Collect 400,000 Bolts.
Buggin' Out (Bronze) - Earn the 'Eviscerator Raider' Skill in the Battledome.
Line 'em Up (Silver) - Earn "In a Row" on Valix.
Maaaaadd Skills! (Gold) - Earn All 165 Skill Points.
Meltdown (Bronze) - Earn the 'Reactionary' Skill in the Battledome.
Nano-tastic! (Silver) - Increase Nanotech to 50.
Perfect!? (Gold) - Upgrade All Weapons to Level 10.
Rookie (Bronze) - Earn "I Dare Ya!" on Catacrom Four.
Runway Robots (Bronze) - Earn 'Dead Again' in Battledome.
Selective Shooting (Bronze) - Earn the 'Fodder Follies' Skill on the Ghost Station.
Shock-King (Bronze) - Earn the 'Can't Hit Me' Skill on Kronos.
Show Me The Money (Silver) - Earn "Show Me The Money" on the Ghost Station.
Side Questing (Silver) - Earn all the Skill Points on Torval.
Cat Scratch Fever (Bronze) - Earn the 'Speed Bumps' Skill on Planet Maraxus.
Death From Above (Bronze) - Earn the 'Schooled' Skill on the Valix Belt.
Dodge This . . . (Bronze) - Upgrade Any Weapon to Level 10.
Dome-mination (Silver) - Earn All Skill Points in the Dreadzone Battledome.
Epic-Flail (Silver) - Earn Medieval Power in Valix.
Going Nowhere Fast (Bronze) - Earn 50,000 Dread Points.
Gut Wrencher (Bronze) - Earn the 'Low Blow' Skill on Planet Stygia.
Hero of the Shadow Sector (Platinum) - Obtain all Ratchet: Deadlocked™ trophies.
Landstalker Talkin' (Bronze) - Earn the 'Light Speed' Skill on Planet Orxon.
Skill Points are Blooming! (Bronze) - Earn 60 Skill Points.
Spotless (Bronze) - Earn the 'Not a Scratch' Skill on Planet Torval.
The Price of Freedom (Silver) - Earn 105 Skill Points.
The Showstopper (Gold) - Earn 200,000 Dread Points.
Tri Me . . . .I Dare Ya! (Silver) - Upgrade 3 Weapons to Level 10.
What Are These 4? (Bronze) - Collect 40,000 Bolts.

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