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Jan. 31, 2009
Primary Collection of Cheats
Unlock Mr. Sunshine multi-player skin
Select the "Edit Profile" option, then hold [L2] and press [Left], [Down], [Right], [Left], [Down], [Up], [Up], [Left].

Unlock Vernon multi-player skin
Select the "Edit Profile" option, then hold [L2] and press [Left], [Right], [Down], [Left], [Down], [Up], [Right], [Up].

Genome Ratchet (Japanese version)
Press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down]x2.

Pipo-Saru Ratchet (Japanese version)
Press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Up], [Right], [Down], [Right], [Left], [Right].

Santa Ratchet (Japanese version)
Press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Down], [Left], [Up], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Up].

Saurus Ratchet (Japanese version)
Press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Right], [Up]x2.
Bonus skins
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding skin:

"The Muscle": Collect 25 Glamour Stars
Avenger: Win the Avenger Tournament
Crusader: Win the Crusader Tournament
Jak: Collect 50 Glamour Stars (in co-op multi-player only)
Kid Nova: Collect 45 Glamour Stars
King Claude: Collect 30 Glamour Stars
LandShark: Collect 35 Glamour Stars
Liberator: Win the Liberator Tournament
Squidzor: Collect 40 Glamour Stars
Starshield: Collect 60 Glamour Stars
Venus: Collect 75 Glamour Stars
Vernon: Collect 30 Glamour Stars
Vindicator: Win the Vindicator Tournament
W3RM: Collect 55 Glamour Stars

Ninja Ratchet
Collect all Exterminator cards.

Exterminator's cards
Complete the indicated task to get the corresponding card:

Shellshock: Get all weapons and Omega mods.
Eviscerator: Get over 100 Max Nanotech.
Ace Hardlight: Get 400,000 Dread points.
Reactor: Buy all the Mega weapon versions, including the Harbringer.
Gleeman Vox: Get all skill points.
Slugha (Vox's pet): Complete all missions under the highest difficulty setting.

Exterminator mode
Successfully complete the game.

Skill Point bonuses
Collect the indicated number of skill points to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Color Blind: 120 Skill Points
Exterminator Bot Heads: 20 Skill Points
Gangsta Guns: 10 Skill Points
HUD Color: 5 Skill Points
Kill Quark!: 105 Skill Points
Mirrored World: 15 Skill Points
Morph mod for your vehicle weapons: 140 Skill Points
Remove Helmet: 15 Skill Points
Super Bloom: 25 Skill Points
Super Morphing Freeze Wrench: 35 Skill Points
Weather: 60 Skill Points

Completion bonuses
Successfully complete the game and start Challenge mode to unlock the "Character Epilogues" and "Credits" options at the "Media" menu.

Plumber Epilogue
Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to complete.

Shoot To Kill mission
Use the following trick when get to Shaar and play the "Shoot To Kill" mission under the Exterminator difficulty setting. Try hitting the red balls, which in effect cause the other balls to explode. This will boost your score more.

Unlimited mods
If you buy 100 mods of any kind, they will become unlimited.

When you are by a gear, stand next to it and have one bot spin it and the other one make a shield. If you are close enough to the gear, the shield will also surround you, making you invincible. Note: You can still shoot at enemies while inside the shield but they cannot shoot you.

Easy bolts
Once you have the Dual Vipers upgraded to Dual Raptors, equip Jackpot mod (two if you have them) and Shock mod. Go to the Endzone Challenge in the Battledome. Use the Raptors repeatedly. This is a good place to train any weapon. If you are doing the challenge with Dual Raptors, you should get a large amount of bolts quickly (about 6 million per play).

Use the Magma or Vulcan Cannon and equip the Jackpot mods (as many as possible). Do the Endzone Challenge. Stand a good but close distance from the starting line and repeatedly fire. It is possible to get close to 3 million bolts.

Buy the Harbinger and the Shield Generator. Then, equip the Jackpot mod to Harbinger and the Shock mod to the Shield Generator. Then, go to the "headquarters" and start the Endzone challenge. When you begin, launch as many shields as you can to make a wall. Then, fire the Harbinger as much as desired, rebuilding the shields as they die away. You will get at least a million bolts by doing this.

This trick requires a good (mega) Magma/Vulcan Cannon. Go to your "suite" and do the Endzone Challenge. Run back and forth and shoot about every second. When you need ammunition, go up but still shoot. Also, in order for this trick to work you must equip the Shock Omega mod. If you want about five to seven million bolts every time, you should also equip three Jackpot mods, four Ammo mods, and three Speed mods. This will get you many bolts quickly.

Go to Planet Sarathos with a Bolt Multiplier in challenge mode. The more weapons and Jackpot mods you have, the better. Start the alien soil mission and defeat all enemies until you reach the gate which you must hack orbs in order to get inside. Order your bots to hack the orbs. Once he starts on the other orb, order your bots to regroup, which will stop him from hacking the second orb. This also works in co-op mode by just hacking one orb only. Swarmers should appear from the floor. Kill them and more should appear. As long as you do not hack the other orb, an unlimited amount of Swarmers will appear. Use holos or turrets to kill them quickly. Equip those two with Jackpot mods to gain money fast. Note: If too many Swarmers are on screen, the game will slow down or freeze.

Upgrade your turret to the maximum and put all jackpot mods on it. Play in the Endzone Challenge. Stand close, but do not get shot. Put two or three of the turrets on the field and use the Shock mod.

Recommended weapon
Give the Leviathan Flail nine Area mods and one Speed mod. This will be one of the best weapon configurations if you can handle it. Use the Charge Boots to get closer to an enemy, then smash it. Most of them they will be dead with one hit. If not, use the Freeze mod as an Omega mod for bigger enemies. This is the best option for all arena battles, because one smash in the mid almost destroys everything. This weapon configuration is also very effective for small rooms and other narrow or small places. Do not worry about the ammunition. If you smash one time, three ammo boxes will be broken to refill the flail's ammunition. Use the Hypersmash if you get too surrounded (jump then smash). If this is done, the front and rear will be smashed.

Omega Land Stalker
In co-op missions, start with full health and charge to full power. It is suggested that you have an item equipped to it. Do the same in Story mode.

Rainbow weapon shots
Get any weapon to level 99.

Easy weapon experience
In Endzone challenge, on challenge mode, equip Exp mods on any Mega weapon and it will grow at a very fast rate. You may need to repeat this a few times, but it is worth it.

Use the following trick to easily upgrade the Mega Vulcan Cannon. In challenge mode, when you get the Mega Vulcan Cannon go to planet Shaar and pick Wack-A-Swarmer. Then, walk forward to get the Mega Vulcan Cannon. You should get the weapon upgrades three or four times depending, how you are in your upgrade. Try using the Mega b11-Vaporizer.

You must be in challenge mode for this trick to work. Have the Quasar Turret Launcher and a couple of Exp Alpha mods and a Shock Omega mod on it. Go to the challenge called Endzone and put seven or eight turrets up around the middle of the floor. Then, put the weapon to be leveled up as our current weapon. They should level up quickly, and you will not waste ammunition. However, you my need to put up more turrets after the others wear out. Also, you will get about 3 to 6 million each time you do this.

Use the following trick to upgrade the Omni Shield Launcher faster than normal. Go to the Ghost Station and find a turret Launch the Omni Shield Launcher and start to shoot at it while you are in the turret. Repeat this after about twenty minutes.

It is very easy to level up weapons in the Endzone challenge. First, buy the Shock mod and add it to all your weapons. Having the Turret Launcher is recommended. When in the challenge, launch the maximum allowed turrets (five), then go to a corner where the enemies appear. Shoot toward the enemies. they Should all die and the next target will open. Note: If it is an explosive weapon, stay by the middle-front of the zone and launch toward the middle of the enemy crowd. Then, repeat this with all weapons. This trick also works for the shields. Launch them directly in front of where the enemies appear and they will run into them and get damaged and/or killed.

Buy 10 Exp mods and go to the Deadlocked Station. Choose the mission where there is a laser wall behind you. Use either your laser turrets (with all ten Exp mods) or your Leviathan Flail (with two Area mods and eight Exp mods. This also be done for easy money. Just add the Jackpot mods instead of the Exp mods.

Easy Bolts, Nanotech, and weapon upgrades
Go to the Endzone Challenge. This is much easier in co-op mode and you will get more Bolts. When it first starts, put four Holo/Omni Shields across the playing field. Then, have your friend go to the top of the playing field where the enemies come from. Run back and forth (not shooting at all). Then, take out the Dual Raptors/Vipers and strafe towards where the enemies come from (basically spray and pray). Your friend will pick up ammunition for you about every three seconds when you need it. This will get to level 99 very fast, as will the Omni Shield Launcher. In challenge mode if you are doing this only for the Bolts and Nanotech, a Bolt-multiplier at x20 should get about 10 to 20 million Bolts per round. You can use whatever weapon desired, as long as you have the Omni-Shields up (with no spaces in-between). When anything runs into the shields they will die or get frozen. Freeze mod is very helpful on the Omni Shield Launcher. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Selecting ammunition type from boxes
Whenever you destroy an ammo crate, it almost always contains ammunition for the weapon that you are currently using. This is useful when your best weapon is low on ammo. Take it out and shoot an ammo crate.

Controlling the way Exterminator Cards spin
Go to your containment suite when you have the cards. Press [Triangle] to view the cards. You can control which way your Exterminator Card spins by moving the Left Analog-stick [Up] and [Down].

Ultra Ratchet
Get the following items: Crusader Armor, Supernova level 80+, Leviathan Flail level 65+, and the Omega Land Stalker.

Getting the "Ace In The Hole" skill point
Have a Fusion or Anti-Matter Rifle and a B9 Oblitator or B11 Vaporizer. While he is shooting or launching the bombs, jump at the correct moment and shoot the Fusion or Anti-Matter Rifle when he sends his copies. To easily identify him, launch a B9 Oblitator or B11Vaporizer bomb when they just land, or quickly shoot the rifle. Also, you can look at the copies. The true one is the one that is cheering all the others to attack, lifting its arm. Try avoiding his Falcon Attack and to shoot while the shield is up.

Getting the "Reactionary" skill point
Get a Scorpion Flail V9 or Leviathan Flail with 3 Area Mod, 3 Ammo Mod, 1 XP or Nanotech Mod and 3 Speed Mod. Attack Reactor when he launches the fire pads or after a Rush attack (when he hits the ground or he tries to hit you by running). Do not attack while he is shooting.

Glitch: Bolt multiplier resets
In challenge mode, whenever you have any amount for the Bolt multiplier, take out the Holoshield Launcher or Omni-Shield Launcher. Shoot it, then jump through the Holoshield. Your Bolt multiplier value will be reset back to 1.

Glitch: Floating turrets
During the Battle Dome mission Close And Personal, do not break any crates (health, ammunition) and try to just stay alive a long time. Eventually a turret will fall on a crate. Destroy the box and the turret will stay where it was, in mid-air.

Glitch: Invincible bots
If at any time you use the Shield Link in single player mode and select it more than once, if you are lucky your both your battle bots will use the shields on each other. This gives you invincible bots. Note: This requires perfect timing.

Glitch: Hitchhiker
At any time when you see an enemy on a turret, you can either kill him and get on, or you can just go on. If you just go on, the enemy will be on your back until your bots kill him.

Glitch: Invisible when online
When you are in staging (online), press [Circle] then [Square]. Select the option "Invite Player" and type in your username . Enter it and the message "You can not invite yourself" will appear. Do not press [X]. Instead, just wait until they start the game. Notice that the counter which usually stops at 0 now can go into negative values. When it gets to -30, press [X] and exit the screen that says "You can not invite yourself". You are completely invisible. You can not harm other players, but they can harm you. When in games that are wrench only or where some weapons are turned off, you will see glowing things where weapons would usually be in the game. When people pick up charge boots, there is a chance if you search the level you will find glowing portals. When you find these glowing portals, you can pick up weapons from them. When you pick up the weapon, tell a friend of yours to stop moving and have him to shoot when you are in front of him. Try having them kill you with the wrench. When you are dead they can pick up your pack with the weapon in it and cause havoc.

Glitch :Magma Cannon V10 when online
Start a game with have power-ups on, unlimited ammo, and the magma cannon. Note: You cannot spawn with the Magma Cannon. Take out your slingshot and start walking forward. Press [Triangle] + [Square] and you should have a Magma Cannon. Pick up a mod and shoot once, then get a real Magma Cannon. If you switch weapons, pull out a slingshot, or go across a slingshot, you will lose your Magma Cannon v10.

Glitch: Unkickable while online
During the staging of an online game, press [Square] and go to the player to invite. Invite yourself, but do not press [X]. You cannot be kicked from the game. Note: You cannot talk, and if you are already greened up (ready) you will be invisible if the game starts.

Glitch: Maraxis Prison: Get under level
While online, get a hover bike and go to the left of the arena under the bridge. There should be a rock that resembles a ramp with about three to five other small rocks in front of it. Go back about 50 feet then go towards the rock. Press [X] when you are about to go of the tip of the rock. Try to get to the ledge on the left. You can now go under the level and get a great sniping point, or go inside the level. Note: You can go all the way around the level if you are careful. There are invisible shelves you can stand on which are easy to find with a Scorpion Flail.

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