Rise & Shine Cheats - Xbox One

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Check out these Rise & Shine cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Blocking the Stairway to Heaven (secret) (25) - Kill an angel.
Bossing the boss (100) - Kill chapter 1 boss without receiving any damage.
Curious cat (50) - Open all chests.
Indestructible (100) - Finish the game on ironman mode.
Jungle Juggler (secret) (50) - Break a coconut in the air.
MVP (100) - Get a perfect score in the basket minigame.
Not a lever person (25) - Complete the labyrinth puzzle without using any levers.
Retro Fan (secret) (100) - Do the Konami Code.
Straight shooter (100) - Get a perfect score in the shooting minigame.
Thanks for playing (50) - Complete the entire game.
The bridge on the river of Melting Acid (secret) (50) - Save the bridge in chapter 2.
The Secret Whisperer (50) - Find all the secrets.
The survivor (100) - Survive one minute in the bullet hell minigame.
Too proud to like lasers (secret) (100) - Complete the golem puzzle without dying from the golem laser.

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