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Check out these RacePro cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Anderstorp Win (20) - Finish 1st on Anderstorp in Pro.
Apex Hunter (10) - Finish 1st in a race with a custom car setup.
All or Nothing (10) - Complete a tryout.
Brno Win (20) - Finish 1st on Brno in Pro.
Brands Hatch Win (20) - Finish 1st on Brands hatch in Pro.
Club Racer (10) - Finish an Xbox LIVE player match.
Contracted (10) - Complete a contract.
Curitiba Win (20) - Finish 1st on Curitiba in Pro.
Champ for Life (40) - Finish 1st in a championship in professional.
Championship Contender (20) - Complete a full championship.
Clean Conscience (25) - Win a race in professional without damaging your car.
Clean Sweep (30) - Completed all contracts in a Career.
Club Icon (50) - Finish 1st 50 times in an Xbox LIVE player match.
Event Creator (10) - Host an Xbox LIVE ranked match.
Front Runner (15) - Win a race in semi-pro.
Fast Learner (10) - Beat the ghost car in Time Attack.
Front Man (5) - Get pole position in novice.
Legendary (50) - Finish 1st 50 times in an Xbox LIVE ranked match.
Laguna Seca Win (20) - Finish 1st on Laguna Seca in Pro.
Like a Pro (20) - Win a race in professional.
Macau Win (20) - Finish 1st on Macau in Pro.
Monza Win (20) - Finish 1st on Monza in Pro.
Novice Winner (10) - Win a race in novice.
Ownage (10) - Win a competitive HotSeat game.
On Call (10) - Complete a stand-in.
Oschersleben Win (20) - Finish 1st on Oschersleben in Pro.
Pace Setter (10) - Get pole position in semi-pro.
Pau Win (20) - Finish 1st on Pau in Pro.
Player Match Winner (20) - Finish 1st in an Xbox LIVE player match.
Pole Sitter (15) - Get pole position in professional.
Porto Win (20) - Finish 1st on Porto in Pro.
Proven Winner (20) - Finish 1st in an Xbox LIVE ranked match.
Qualifier (10) - Complete a qualifying session.
Racing Promoter (30) - Host 50 Xbox LIVE ranked matches.
Road America Win (20) - Finish 1st on Road America in Pro.
Race Generator (30) - Host 50 Xbox LIVE player matches.
Race Initiator (10) - Host an Xbox LIVE player match.
Racing Icon (50) - Finish all championships.
Social Racer (10) - Complete a competitive HotSeat game.
Team Win (10) - Win a cooperative HotSeat game.
Team Racer (10) - Complete a cooperative HotSeat game.
The Champ (30) - Finish 1st in a championship.
Time Chaser (10) - Complete a full lap in Time Attack.
Trophy Owner (20) - Complete a contract with full points.
Trophy Collector (50) - Complete all contracts with full points.
Valencia Win (20) - Finish 1st on Valencia in Pro.
Veteran Club Racer (25) - Finish 50 Xbox LIVE player matches.
Xbox LIVE Veteran (25) - Complete 50 Xbox LIVE ranked matches.
Xbox LIVE Race Driver (10) - Complete an Xbox LIVE ranked match.
Zandvoort Win (20) - Finish 1st on Zandvoort in Pro.

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