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Pac-Man World RallyHints2008-07-08
Paper MarioSavegame2008-06-26
Penny Racers Party: Turbo Q SpeedwayGecko Codes2010-05-22
Petz Sports: Dog PlaygroundCheat Codes2011-03-30
Phantasy StarSavegame2011-03-22
Phantasy Star 2Savegame2008-11-24
Phantom Brave: We Meet AgainCheat Codes, Hints, Savegame2010-02-27
Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd DimensionCheat Codes2011-08-12
Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneySavegame2013-07-27
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for AllSavegame2013-07-27
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and TribulationsSavegame2013-07-27
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb CollectionCheat Codes2009-12-16
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams CollectionHints2009-07-27
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndSavegame, Hints2008-06-25
Pirates PlundArrrCheat Codes, Hints2010-08-10
Pitfall: The Big AdventureGecko Codes, Hints2010-04-13
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureCheat Codes2009-04-18
Planet PachinkoHints2009-01-16
Plattchen: Twist 'n' PaintCheat Codes, Hints2013-08-15
Pokemon Battle RevolutionCheat Codes, Hints2008-02-26
Pokemon RumbleCheat Codes, Hints2009-12-01
Pokemon SnapSavegame2009-05-27
PokePark 2: Wonders BeyondHints2012-05-04
PokePark Wii: Pikachu no DaiboukenCheat Codes2009-12-16
PokePark Wii: Pikachu's AdventureCheat Codes, Hints2010-11-20
Power Rangers SamuraiHints, Savegame2013-08-29
Press Your Luck: 2010 EditionCheat Codes, Savegame2009-12-20
Prince of Persia: Rival SwordsCheat Codes, Hints2007-07-27
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten SandsHints, Savegame2011-06-11
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008Hints2008-04-02
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