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Unlock Trophies
Adaptable and Opportunistic (Bronze) - More commands set for diversity in battle!
Aegis Shield (Silver) - You gained a very powerful shield.
Awakening (Bronze) - Your first access to the power of the Yorigami.
Beat the Dragon (secret) (Silver) - You defeated the Gigant, Pendragon.
Being One with God (secret) (Silver) - You're getting a bit too used to using Parasitism...
Cleaner in Action (Bronze) - You destroyed all the enemies in a sector.
Complete! (Platinum) - Thanks for playing through to the end! Until we meet again!
Dimensional Travel (secret) (Bronze) - Entered the other dimension for the first time.
Enter the Gigant Shrine (secret) (Gold) - Your first entry into the Gigant Shrine.
Enter the Megalosite (Bronze) - You entered the Megalosite for the first time.
Equipment Fortification (Bronze) - You gained a stronger version of the same equipment.
Fashion Leader (Bronze) - You gained a lot of accessories.
Fox Hunt (secret) (Bronze) - You defeated the Gigant, Nine-Tails.
Full Slash (secret) (Gold) - You mastered the art of timing through SBM.
Ghost Hunting (secret) (Silver) - You defeated the Gigant, Brahms.
Gluttony (secret) (Bronze) - You can't eat any more...
Going out for a Drink (Bronze) - Relaxed with Conner at the pub.
Holy Rock (secret) (Bronze) - Your first entry to Holy Rock.
Hot Springs Vacation (Bronze) - Went on a hot springs vacation with everyone.
I've Seen This Dragon Before... (secret) (Bronze) - You defeated the Gigant, Huanglong.
Not Really a Serpent (secret) (Silver) - You defeated the Gigant, Uroboros.
Not What I Expected... (secret) (Silver) - You defeated the Gigant, Lilith.
Nothing to It (Bronze) - That was quick... The enemies were no match to you.
One Accepted by Gods (Bronze) - Gained power recognized by the Yorigami.
One Who Walks with Gods (Silver) - Gained power fit to command the powers of the Yorigami.
Over Kill (Bronze) - Over kill your enemy with SBM.
Pinnacle of the Hawk (Silver) - Kyle Griffin learned all his commands.
Pinnacle of the Mermaid (Silver) - Nil Phineus learned all her commands.
Pinnacle of the Wolf (Silver) - Ichiya Amakaze learned all his commands.
Power Reborn (Bronze) - You let go the power you gained.
Rampaging God (Bronze) - Your first experience of Parasitism.
Ray Gigant (secret) (Gold) - You defeated Ray Gigant!
Southern Island (secret) (Bronze) - Arrival into an island that isn't much of an "island.".
Taking Down Asura (secret) (Bronze) - You defeated the Gigant, Asura.
Taming the Beast (secret) (Silver) - You defeated the Gigant, Loki.
The Gourmet (Bronze) - You gained various amounts of foods.
The Moon Goddess (secret) (Silver) - Arrival onto the aerial mothership, Artemis.
The Tescalia (secret) (Silver) - You defeated the Gigant, Tescalia.
Transfer Student (Bronze) - Ichiya Amakaze transferred to the Academy.
Ultimate Weapon (Silver) - You gained a very powerful weapon.
Unknown Enemy? (Bronze) - Came in contact with a mysterious new Gigant.
Weight Loss Master (secret) (Bronze) - You fought until your stomach growled.

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