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Check out these Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics cheats and stay cool!
Unlock Trophies
Advanced Hero (Bronze) - Clear a world on Hard.
Adventurer (Bronze) - Reach the End of the East.
Beast Hunter (Bronze) - Defeat 100 monsters on 1 adventure.
Bug Extermination (Silver) - Defeat the Bug Emperor.
Destroyer (Silver) - Defeat 200 monsters on 1 adventure.
Dream Nomad (Silver) - Reach the End of Dreams.
Expert Hero (Silver) - Clear a world on Very Hard.
Extra Medal (Gold) - Obtain an extra medal.
Fallen Angel Alma Vanquished! (Bronze) - Defeat Fallen Angel Alma on Normal or higher difficulty.
Fellow Journeyer (Bronze) - Take 3 Allies with you on your adventure.
First Battle (Bronze) - Battle another hero in an online match for the first time.
Freedom of Job Selection (Silver) - Unlock all classes.
Hero Killer (Gold) - Win 10 online matches in a row.
Huzzah! First Victory! (Silver) - Win an online match.
I love treasure! (Silver) - Open 100 treasure chests on 1 adventure.
Intermediate Hero (Bronze) - Clear a world on Normal.
Job Master (Gold) - Clear on Normal or higher difficulty with all classes.
Let's Renovate the Castle (Bronze) - Gain ability to customize the castle.
Lord of the Prospering Castle (Bronze) - Expand the castle.
Master of the Dream Vault (Silver) - Expand Dream Vault to maximum size.
New Job (Bronze) - Complete a quest that unlocks a class.
Novice Hero (Bronze) - Clear any world other than the tutorial on Easy.
One Who Knows the Nature of the World (Gold) - Reach the end of the world.
Peerless Lord of the Castle (Silver) - Recruit all residents.
Pluton, the King of Darkness Conquered! (secret) (Gold) - Defeat Pluton.
Storyteller (Gold) - Unlock all epilogues.
The Giant of Light, Zeukrees Destroyed! (secret) (Silver) - Defeat Zeukrees, the Giant of Light.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze) - Open 50 treasure chests on 1 adventure.
You got Battle Skills! (Bronze) - Battle in 10 online matches.
You have completed your Greatest Adventure! (Platinum) - Acquire all trophies.

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