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Unlock Trophies
All-Season Form (Silver) - Raised Estra's proficiency in all forms to maximum!
Black Tower Conqueror (secret) (Bronze) - Cleared chapter 1.
Blue Tower Conqueror (secret) (Bronze) - Cleared chapter 3.
Central Temple Conqueror (secret) (Bronze) - Cleared chapter 5.
Connie the Strong (Bronze) - Connie reached level 99.
Estra the Strong (Bronze) - Estra reached level 99.
Expert Machina Mage (secret) (Bronze) - Destroyed 1,000 enemies!
Fire Crest Dungeon Conqueror (secret) (Gold) - Cleared the Fire Crest dungeon!
Fire Crest Obtained (secret) (Silver) - Cleared the game on Devil!
Flare the Strong (Bronze) - Flare reached level 99.
God Crest Obtained (secret) (Gold) - Cleared the game on Hell!
Grand Master (secret) (Silver) - Destroyed 10,000 enemies!
Guardian Master (Gold) - All Guardians reached level 99!
Guardian Part Completionist (Silver) - Completed the parts encyclopedia.
Guild Master (secret) (Bronze) - Destroyed 5,000 enemies!
Guild Quest Completionist (Silver) - Cleared all Guild missions!
Maki the Strong (Bronze) - Maki reached level 99.
Master Completionist (Platinum) - Obtained all trophies!
Metal Crest Dungeon Conqueror (secret) (Bronze) - Cleared the Metal Crest dungeon!
Monster Completionist (Silver) - Completed the monster encyclopedia.
Novice Machina Mage (Bronze) - Destroyed 500 enemies!
Planet Savior (secret) (Bronze) - Cleared the final chapter!
Pro Machina Mage (secret) (Bronze) - Destroyed 3,000 enemies!
Red Tower Conqueror (secret) (Bronze) - Cleared chapter 2.
Setia the Strong (Bronze) - Setia reached level 99.
Super Machina Mage (secret) (Silver) - Destroyed 20,000 enemies!
Thanks For Starting (Bronze) - Selected your first command.
Ultimate Connie (secret) (Silver) - Connie reached level 999.
Ultimate Estra (secret) (Silver) - Estra reached level 999.
Ultimate Flare (secret) (Silver) - Flare reached level 999.
Ultimate Machina Mage (secret) (Gold) - Destroyed 30,000 enemies!
Ultimate Maki (secret) (Silver) - Maki reached level 999.
Ultimate Setia (secret) (Silver) - Setia reached level 999.
White Tower Conqueror (secret) (Bronze) - Cleared chapter 4.
Wood Crest Dungeon Conqueror (secret) (Silver) - Cleared the Wood Crest dungeon!
Wood Crest Obtained (secret) (Bronze) - Cleared the game on Hard!
Zodiac Beast Slayer (secret) (Silver) - Destroyed all 12 Zodiac Beasts!

Free GP Restoration
Removing and re-equipping a Guardian's body will fully restore its GP (HP), so long as it isn't at 0 GP.

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