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Unlock Trophies
Battle Master (secret) (Bronze) - Fought over 500 battles.
Billionaire (secret) (Bronze) - Obtained 1 billion credits.
Candidates of Lastation Goddess (secret) (Bronze) - Encountered with Uni.
Candidates of Luwian Goddess (secret) (Bronze) - Encountered with Rom and Ram.
Chain original combo (secret) (Bronze) - Chained your original combo.
Chain the combo (secret) (Bronze) - Chained 80+ original combo.
Chapter 1 Cleared (secret) (Bronze) - Chapter 1 Cleared.
Chapter 2 Cleared (secret) (Bronze) - Chapter 2 Cleared.
Chapter 3 Cleared (secret) (Bronze) - Chapter 3 Cleared.
Chapter 4 Cleared (secret) (Bronze) - Chapter 4 Cleared.
Chapter 5 Cleared (secret) (Bronze) - Chapter 5 Cleared.
Chapter 6 Cleared (secret) (Bronze) - Chapter 6 Cleared.
Chapter 7 Cleared (secret) (Bronze) - Chapter 7 Cleared.
Chika Hakozaki (secret) (Bronze) - Chika Hakozakin joined your party.
Counter Stop (secret) (Silver) - All characters reached level 99.
Delphinus (secret) (Gold) - Beat Delphinus.
Dungeon Master (secret) (Silver) - Nariyuki?Dungeon clearance.
Game Creator (secret) (Bronze) - Disk-make.
Game Planner (secret) (Silver) - Game-Planner.
Game Remake (secret) (Bronze) - Remake-sytem.
Hard-bitten (secret) (Bronze) - Fought over 100 battles.
Histoire (secret) (Bronze) - Histoiren joined your party.
Holy Sword Ending (secret) (Gold) - Watched the "Holy Sword" Ending.
Hyperdimension Neptune Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION (Platinum) - Acquired all trophies.
Kei Jinguuji (secret) (Bronze) - Kei Jinguujin joined your party.
Lastation Ending (secret) (Silver) - Watched the "Lastation" Ending.
Leanbox Ending (secret) (Silver) - Watched the "Leanbox" Ending.
Lowee Ending (secret) (Silver) - Watched the "Lowee" Ending.
Makers Ending (secret) (Silver) - Watched the "Makers" Ending.
Maximum Power (secret) (Bronze) - Dealt maximum 100,000+ damage.
Mina Nishizawa (secret) (Bronze) - Mina Nishizawan joined your party.
Nariyuki?Dungeon for the first time (secret) (Bronze) - Fought your first adventure.
Nepgear Start (secret) (Bronze) - Started the game.
Nepgear Version Up (secret) (Bronze) - Nepgear upgraded.
Normal Ending (secret) (Silver) - Watched the Normal Ending.
Planeptune Ending (secret) (Silver) - Watched the "Planeptune" Ending.
Rehabilitation (secret) (Bronze) - Fought your first battle.
Rom and Ram Version Up (secret) (Bronze) - Rom and Ram upgraded.
Ruling Ending (secret) (Gold) - Watched the "Ruling" Ending.
True Ending (secret) (Gold) - Watched the True Ending.
Uni Version Up (secret) (Bronze) - Uni upgraded.

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