Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure Cheats - PS Vita

 All cheats for this game by platform: PS Vita
Check out these Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure cheats and stay cool!
Unlock Trophies
Bad luck! (secret) (Bronze) - Turn the wheel and die.
Chapter 1 complete (Bronze) - Finish Chapter 1.
Chapter 2 complete (Bronze) - Finish Chapter 2.
Chapter 3 complete (Bronze) - Finish Chapter 3.
Chapter 4 complete (Bronze) - Finish Chapter 4.
Chapter 5 complete (Bronze) - Finish Chapter 5.
Chapter 6 complete (Gold) - Finish the game.
Cookie eater (Silver) - Get half of the game cookies.
Cookie expert (Gold) - Get all the game cookies.
Cynical master (Platinum) - Unlock all trophies in Demetrios.
Doctor Frankenstein (secret) (Bronze) - Create a clone of Bjorn and Caroline.
Flood the museum ground (secret) (Bronze) - Spill all the water in the container at the museum.
Funfair complete (Gold) - Get all funfair items.
Game Over expert (Gold) - Experience all of the Game Overs.
Game Over fan (Silver) - Experience half of the Game Overs.
I hate little girls (secret) (Bronze) - Get rid of Caroline at the hideout.
I love to die (Silver) - Die ten times.
I love to eat rotten things (Bronze) - Eat 3 rotten things on the floor.
I thought that would work! (secret) (Bronze) - Put the entire plant in the sorcerer's glass.
I wanna live! (secret) (Bronze) - Decide not to commit suicide after being poisoned.
Insulting the hotel (secret) (Bronze) - Sandra write insults about the hotel.
Insulting the parents (secret) (Bronze) - Sandra insults her parents in her postcard.
Insulting the statue (secret) (Bronze) - Insult the statue in the last room.
Just die, I don't care (secret) (Bronze) - Refuse to help Henri.
Leaving without closing the faucet (secret) (Bronze) - Forget to close the faucet before leaving Paris.
Let's get them all (Silver) - Win all the plushes at the funfair claw machines.
Lick that! (secret) (Bronze) - Order Sandra to lick the statue.
Mommy, I wanna stay at the funfair! (Gold) - Win 1,000 coins at the funfair.
Mommy, let's go to the funfair! (Silver) - Win 100 coins at the funfair.
No respect for the police (secret) (Bronze) - Do dirty things at the police station.
Oops, I fell (secret) (Bronze) - Fall from the roof accidentally.
Play on tombs (Silver) - Win 10,000 points on the pinball tombstone.
Please help! (Bronze) - Use at least 10 cookies.
Trophy Horse Race (Bronze) - Win the Horse Race trophy.
Trophy Pet Shoot (Bronze) - Win the Pet Shoot trophy.
Trophy Plate Shoot (Bronze) - Win the Plate Shoot trophy.
Trophy Worm Race (Bronze) - Win the Worm Race trophy.
Will you wake up?! (secret) (Bronze) - Try disturbing things on Henri.

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