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Unlock Trophies
Cleared Bloody Hell! (secret) (Bronze) - You've cleared the third area, Bloody Hell.
Cleared Cell Block 946! (secret) (Bronze) - You've cleared Cell Block 946.
Cleared Girl's Garden! (secret) (Bronze) - You've cleared the secret sector, Girl's Garden.
Cleared Hellfire! (secret) (Bronze) - You've cleared the second area, Hellfire.
Cleared Manager's Floor! (secret) (Bronze) - You've cleared the X Layer, Manager's Floor.
Cleared Maze Hell! (secret) (Bronze) - You've cleared the first area, Maze Hell.
Cleared Sunken World! (secret) (Bronze) - You've cleared the Fragments of Memory in Sunken World.
Cleared the Final Trial! (secret) (Bronze) - You've cleared the World of Eternal Sin.
Find Pleasure in Work (secret) (Silver) - Watched Lily's Ending.
First date at the theme park! (secret) (Silver) - Watched Sui's special ending.
Friend of My Friend (secret) (Silver) - Watched Shinoa's Ending.
God of Motivation (secret) (Bronze) - All Motivations have been maxed out!
Harem in Hell (secret) (Gold) - Watched the hidden ending.
He taught me so much! (secret) (Silver) - Watched Shinoa's special ending.
I Love Grandma! (secret) (Silver) - Watched Mizuki's ending.
I want to be with you (secret) (Silver) - Watched Kuroe's special ending.
I'll be happy as long as I'm with you (secret) (Silver) - Watched Tsukasa's special ending.
Kuroe Knighted (secret) (Bronze) - Kuroe became a Knight.
Kuroe's Feelings (secret) (Silver) - Accomplished Kuroe's Girl's Wish.
Lily Knighted (secret) (Bronze) - Lily became a Knight.
Lily's Feelings (secret) (Silver) - Accomplished Lily's Girl's Wish.
Meet the parents!? (secret) (Silver) - Watched Lily's special ending.
Mizuki Knighted (secret) (Bronze) - Mizuki became a Knight.
Mizuki's Feelings (secret) (Silver) - Accomplished Mizuki's Girl's Wish.
My very first love (secret) (Silver) - Watched Mizuki's special ending.
Reformed (Platinum) - You've achieved all of the trophies!
Scrubby ScruBest! (secret) (Bronze) - Leveled up everyone to max with Scrubby Scrub.
See the World (secret) (Silver) - Watched Kuroe's ending.
Shinoa Knighted (secret) (Bronze) - Shinoa became a Knight.
Shinoa's Feelings (secret) (Silver) - Accomplished Shinoa's Girl's Wish.
Shocking BonDuke! (secret) (Bronze) - Leveled up everyone to max with Shocking Bondage.
SlimeSniper! (secret) (Bronze) - Leveled up everyone to max with Slimeshot.
SpanKing! (secret) (Bronze) - Leveled up everyone to max with Spanking X.
Squishy Skill! (secret) (Bronze) - Leveled up everyone to max with Squishy Squish.
Sui Knighted (secret) (Bronze) - Sui became a Knight.
Sui's Feelings (secret) (Silver) - Accomplished Sui's Girl's Wish.
Teach the Future (secret) (Silver) - Watched Yurine's ending.
Thank You, Dad (secret) (Silver) - Watched Tsukasa's ending.
Treasure Master! (secret) (Bronze) - You've collected all treasure chests!
Treasure This Friendship (secret) (Silver) - Watched Sui's ending.
Tsukasa Knighted (secret) (Bronze) - Tsukasa became a Knight.
Tsukasa's Feelings (secret) (Silver) - Accomplished Tsukasa's Girl's Wish.
You'll always be my teacher (secret) (Silver) - Watched Yurine's special ending.
Yurine Knighted (secret) (Bronze) - Yurine became a Knight.
Yurine's Feelings (secret) (Silver) - Accomplished Yurine's Girl's Wish.

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