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Unlock Trophies
Commander (Gold) - Complete all missions, buy all upgrades.
Exploder (Bronze) - Destroy 200 hostile mortars.
Field doctor (Bronze) - Heal 50 allies, who have red health indicator.
Gracious (Silver) - Destroy the boss without stepping into napalm with squad leader.
Hulking (Bronze) - Destroy 50 hostile vehicles using a car.
Jackal (Bronze) - Destroy 100 hostile jeeps.
Liberator (Silver) - Set free 500 hostages.
Marathon Man (Silver) - Travel 2,000 meters in Endless mode, in one go.
Perspective Soldier (Silver) - Travel 1,500 meters in Endless mode without using ability.
Provident (Bronze) - Destroy 1,000 crates.
Scrooge! (Bronze) - Having collected all dropped coins in the field, destroy the submarine.
Wind in the Face (Bronze) - Complete half of the way, using vehicle.

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