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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Fight as Human Smoke
Highlight the Smoke. Hold [Away] + [HP] + [HK] + [Block] + [Run] until the match starts.

Random character select
Highlight Rain and press [Up] + [Start]. For player two, highlight Noon Saibot and press [Up] + [Start] on controller two.

Original tournament
Highlight the "Start" option at the title screen, then press [L] + [R] + [Start] for an 8 x 8 endurance tournament mode. Press [Up] + [Start] to select random fighters. Note: At times a "?" will appear in a fighter's box, which will result in a glitched Sheeva and may crash the game.

Cheat menus
Enter one of the following series of controller actions at the start/options screen to display the corresponding cheat menu.
Kool Stuff
Press [Right], [Up], [B]x2, [A], [Down], [Up], [B], [Down], [Up], [B].

Kooler Stuff
Press [Up], [B], [A], [Left], [Down], [Y].

Scott's Stuff
Press [B], [A], [Down]x2, [Left], [A], [X], [B], [A], [B], [Y].
Sound test
Press [Left], [Down], [Y]x2 at the start/options screen.

In-game restart
Quickly tap [Start] on controller two, then hold [Start] on controller one in a one player game. Select the "Mortal Kombat" option to start a new game.

Display mystery text
Hold [L] + [R] on controller two and power on the SNES.

Kombat Kodes
Select a two player game and enter the Vs. screen. Press [Y], [B], and [A] on controller one to select the first three characters of the Kode, and those same buttons on controller two for the last three characters. Enter a valid Kode before the Vs. screen fades. Pressing a button will cycle the specific character to which it is assigned:


Kombat KodeEffect
000-033 or 033-000Player 1/2 half energy
000-707 or 707-000Player 1/2 quarter energy
445-any or any-445Timer disabled
012-345One button brutalities (press HP)
955-955Extended fatality time
944-944One button fatalities
788-322Fast uppercut recovery
044-440No power - one hit kills!
300-300No music
012-012Health recovery.
100-100Throwing disabled
010-010Throwing encouraged
020-020Blocking disabled
205-205Winner fights Smoke
769-342Winner fights Noob
969-141Winner fights Shao Kahn
033-564Winner fights Motaro
444-444 or 460-460Randper Kombat
820-028Fight at Pit III
343-343Fight on The Roof
282-282No Fear message
987-666Flipper message
123-926"..No knowledge without power"
221-557Uppercut changes stage every time
191-191Hyper speed
120-120Credit screen before fight
989-8988-man tournament with random characters
999-995In-close combos disabled
091-293Sweeping disabled
432-234Minimal damage
449-449Invisible fighters
987-123No powerbars
688-422Dark fighting
985-125Psycho kombat
642-468Play hidden game
666-444Fight at Scorpion's Lair
330-033Fight at Jade's Desert
466-466Unlimited running
002-003Fight at The River
004-700Fight at Kahn's Kave
Cyrax: Helicopter hair fatality
Press [Down]x2, [Up], [Down], [HP].

Cyrax: Self-destruct fatality
When close, press [Down]x2, [Forward], [Up], [Run].

Ermac: Pit fatality
Press [Run]x4, [Low Kick].

Jax: Giant
Press [Run], [Block], [Run]x2, [Low Kick].

Jax: Mincer fatality
When close, hold [Block] and press [Up], [Down], [Forward], [Up].

Jax: Pit fatality
Press [Down], [Forward], [Down], [Low Punch].

Shang Tsung: Soul Steal
When close, hold [LP] and press [Run], [Block], [Run], [Block].

Shang Tsung: Spike fatality
When close, hold [LP] and press [Down], [Forward]x2, [Down].

Smoke: Blow World Up fatality
When across the screen, hold [Block] and press [Up]x2, [Forward], [Down].

Smoke: Throat Bomb fatality
When at sweep distance, hold [Run] + [Block] and press [Down]x2, [Forward], [Up].

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