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Mar. 13, 2010
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
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Map all lines
Pause the game and press [B]x2, [C], [Left], [B]x2, [C], [Right]. All walls and boundaries will appear on the map for the current stage.

Map all items
Pause the game and press [B]x2, [C], [Right], [B]x2, [C], [Left]. All objects including enemies, items, weapons, and secret switches will appear on the map as blue triangles.

Pause the game and press [Down], [Y], [X], [R], [Right], [L], [Left], [B].

Weapons, ammunition, armor, and keys
Pause the game and press [B], [Y], [X], [L], [R], [C], [X], [Z]. All weapons, ammunition for them, 200% armor and keys for current level will be available.

Level select
Pause the game and press [Right], [Left], [Z], [R], [Z], [L], [Z], [C]. Press [Left] and [Right] to select a level, and confirm your entry with [B], [C], or [X].

All-Baron enemies
Pause the game and press [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [X], [Z], [Y], [A], [C], [B].

Bonus levels
The following levels are not accessible through the "Level select" code. Game play will begin with 100% health, 0% armor, and the pistol with 50 rounds of ammunition.

<CENTER>Level</CENTER>NameI Am A Wimp Not Too Rough Hurt Me Plenty Ultra Violence
<CENTER>56</CENTER>The Military BaseB779779777G735335333L7Z1ZZ1ZZZQ7VXVVXVVV
<CENTER>58</CENTER>The MansionB88!88!888G846446444L802002000Q8WYWWYWWW
Former Soldiers: They resemble your old friends, but now they just fire pistols at you. They drop clips for the chaingun and pistol when killed.

Former Sergeants: Meaner and tougher. They carry shotguns and do more damage then soldiers. They drop shotguns when killed.

Imp: This creature throws fireballs and takes more bullets to kill.

Demon: Appear in most areas and can rip your head off if you are not careful. If you see more of them, use the chaingun.

Cacodemon: These creatures are ugly and have one big mouth. If they see you, they will fire lightning balls from their mouth. Use your rockets.

Mancubus: You have to use more then a chaingun to kill them. Use ammo with caution.

Arachnotron: Fires plasma energy at you. Use your rifle.

Spider Demon: The ultimate enemy. Has a super chaingun mounted on her body. Use your plasma rifle or rocket launcher.

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