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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
Primary Collection of Cheats
Time Attack option
Start a new game with the name "AXELORD". When you can control Alucard, pause game play and go to "Settings". A "Time Attack" option will appear at the bottom. It displays what time you defeated the Bosses and received special items. This has no purpose in the game.

Play as Richter Belmont
Save any game with the following attributes: after the final battle in the game, into the middle section of the inverted castle, after beating the final villain, and marked as "clear" (180% or greater completion). Start a new game with the name "RICHTER". Richter Belmont may now be controlled when the new game begins. Richter can not change forms or use armor, weapons, items, and magic. He can perform a super jump, a blade charging move, and use secondary weapons such as the throwing dagger, axe, and holy water.

Start with blue armor
Obtain a saved game file as described in the "Play as Richter Belmont" code or successfully complete the game with a completion of 180% or above. Start a new game with the name "AXEARMOR". Game play will begin with the blue armor that transforms your character into the axe-wielding blue knight (Axe Lord).

Start with Potion
Successfully complete the game, then start a new file and name it "GHOST!!!" to start with a Potion.

Start with 99 luck
Obtain a saved game file as described in the "Play as Richter Belmont" code. Start a new game with the name "X-X!V''Q". Note: There are two apostrophes in the name. Game play will begin with luck set to 99.

Start with more intelligence
Obtain a saved game file as described in the "Play as Richter Belmont" code. Start a new game with the name "X-X!V''". Note: There are two apostrophes in the name. Game play will begin with increased intelligence but decreased strength.

God's Garb
Finish the game with over a 200% completion. Then, start a new game with the name "MEPHISTO". Alternately, go to the inverted castle and enter the inverted clock tower. Go to the black marble gallery. The armor lords that guard the clock tower drop God's Garb.

Nova Bomb
Enter "DRACULA" as a name to begin with a Nova Bomb.

No Dopplegangers
Start a new game with the name "MARIA" and you will not have to fight the Dopplegangers.

Control opening screen
Use the D-Pad to alter the opening screen when "Now Loading" appears.

View map
Begin game play with Alucard as a character. Press [Start] to display the statistics screen, then press [L1].

Special moves
When you have a weapon, you can make special moves with it. Press [Down], "Down/Forward", [Forward] then press attack ([Circle] or [Square]). Another special move is press [Back], [Forward], attack ([Circle] or [Square]). NOTE: Not all the weapons have both special moves.

Stronger Hellfire spell
Hold [Up] when using the Hellfire spell, before the three fireballs are shot, and a stronger, familiar looking attack will be executed.

Bonus music track
Play track two of the game disc in an audio CD player.

Music test
Complete the game with a rating of over 190% with Alucard. Start a new game with Alucard without overwriting the previous game. Approach the Librarian to display a music select option in the "Buy/Sell" window.
Easy experience
Find the Terminus Est (a poisoned sword left by Nova Skeletons), then go to the inverted castle. Work your way to the inverted clock hallway where Level 60 Guardians are waiting. Guardians are relatively weak to poison. Slash away, and you will get monster experience. Depending on your level (35-50), you should be able to gain a level every two kills.

Alternatively, equip the Shield Rod and Alucard Shield (the normal one), and press the Left- and Right-hand buttons at the same time. This will activate a special mode in which your shield is granted the abilities of all shields at once. Your shield is now the strongest weapon in the game (for a random amount of limited time). Ram into the Guardians with the Alucard Shield equipped and cause massive, rapid fire damage.

Continually kill the phantom sword in the inverted chapel.

Equip the Shield Rod and Alucard Shield. Activate the God Shield (hold "Shield" and press [Attack]x2; you should see a circle of shields above Alucard for a few seconds). To use the God Shield, put up the shield and simply run through an enemy. The God Shield is only activated for a limited amount of time. Watch for the shields to appear above Alucard again, and go up. Then, go to the room to the left of the inverted clock tower. There are two Guardians and one Blade in the room. Kill them continuously with the God Shield to level up quickly. Note: Watch out for the Guardians Ice throw. It does 56 damage with each hit, or 24 damage if the Alucard Mail is equipped.

Easy money
Equip the Jewel Sword (from Discus Lord), then press [Down], "Down/Forward", [Forward]. Coins will fall from the sword, giving you extra money.

Go to Coliseum, in the room where you find Shield Rod (and a bag of 1000 gold). Using Alucard Shield + Rod Shield, Talisman and other item combos, you will be able to take 1000 gold at about every twelve seconds.

Get the Jewel Sword from Discus Lord and go to the room in the library with all the Flea Men and the Dhuron. Kill them to get rings. Note: This works better if you have both the Ring Of Arcana or Ring Of Arcana and a Ring Of Varda Paranthropus equipped.

No damage while underwater
Get the Holy Symbol relic and turn it on. Go underwater and you will take no damage.

Free ride
Note: Enabling the "Start with 99 luck" code may make this easier. Head for the Castle Keep area and get the Leap Stone. Then, return to the Marble Gallery's long hallway(with the eyeball floating in the background). Approach a Diplocephalus (green ugly creature with a naked woman for a tail). Double jump, then drop kick onto the Diplocephalus's back to get a free ride. You will get knocked off if you get hit by one of its fireballs or if you kill it.

Keep Alucard's equipment
Begin a game with the "Start with 99 luck" code. After reaching the room with the three Wargs (before the room with Death), kill them all. To enter the next room without confronting Death, tap [Right] until you are slightly into the room. Do not go too far over or else Death will get your character. Go back, remove everything except for the Alucard Sword, Twilight Cloak, and Necklace of J. This should result in a DEF rating of 12. Kill the first Warg (going left) and stand in front of the middle Warg, but make sure you are facing left. Allow it hit you. It should send your character flying out of the room and past Death. Then, save the game. once you return to the room with Death, Slogra And Gaibon will be there. It does not matter if they are defeated, they will still be in their original room. You will be unable to enter the menu screen until the game is saved.

An easier way to make sure you do not meet Death is to enter the room, but as soon as the screen turns black, begin holding [Left]. The game show the screen and you will walk right back out without meeting Death. Go ahead with the rest of the trick as described (take off the items, kill the first Warg headed left, let the second hit you, etc.). Additionally, do not go through the hole leading into the room Death was in, as this will cause the game to glitch and show Alucard repetitively falling through the hole into the room of Death.

Raise luck
Equip the Alucard Sword, Alucard Shield, and Alucard Mail. The game will change your status to Alucard and increase your luck +30. This is useful when attempting to get rare items.

Hover jump
Press [X], release, and quickly press [X] again and you will hover in midair for a brief moment instead of dropping to the ground. This requires practice, and the effect is most noticeable (and useful) prior to obtaining the Leap Stone.

Big jump
Once you have the Super Jump Relic, press [Down], [Up], [X] to do a very high jump,

Rapid double jumps
After acquiring the Leap Stone, some places that can only be reached with the bat can be reached without it. Alternatively, find the passage you wish to go to with a nearby enemy or candle. Perform the double jump, then perform the drop kick on the enemy or candle. You will bounce up and be able to do another double jump.

Drop kick
After obtaining the Leap Stone, Alucard can do a drop kick attack. To do it, hold [Down] during a double jump, and press [Jump] again. If the attack connects, you will cause base damage (equal to an unarmed attack), plus or minus hit resistance/weakness. Also, if the attack connects, you will jump again as if you had just landed, and you can double jump-drop kick again.

Alucard's Shield and Shield Rod combo
The ultimate weapon combo of Alucard's Shield and Shield Rod does not run out at a random time. It works until your magic meter runs out. Simply switch the Shield Rod for a decent weapon, and as using your shield does not consume that much magic, you now have a weapon that deals lots of damage, gives you life, and has no animation lag because you just hold it in front of you. Monitor your magic and you will never run out of life or need to switch to the Shield Rod again.

Wolf Charge
Alucard can learn a spell that you do not buy. Press [Down/Left] for the Wolf Charge.

There is a way to negate slow recovery times of weapons, and in effect, "double-slash". Tap [Jump] lightly to perform a small hop, then immediately before you land back on the ground, tap [Square] or [Circle] to attack in mid-air. Then a split second later when Alucard's feet touch the ground, tap [Square] or [Circle] again. Alucard will attack again, regardless of whether the weapon has a long cool down time or not. Note: Even if the animation of the initial attack is interrupted, it still counts. This is useful for strong weapons that are normally slow, such as the Sword Familiar.

Mid-Air Double-Slash
Some weapons in the game hit twice when the [Square] or [Circle] is held long enough while in mid-air. What looks like one slash will actually count as two hits. Tap [Jump] to perform a low hop, like in the "Double-Slash" trick, then at the peak of the jump, hold [Square] or [Circle]. Alucard will perform a slash, but you will notice two damage counters appear. This only works for some swords, presumably those with auras, such as the Sword Familiar, Icebrand, Firebrand, Thunderbrand, etc. Used in conjunction with the "Double-Slash" trick, you can perform triple-slashes by using the mid-air double-slash, then tapping [Square] or [Circle] once you touch the ground.

Sleeping Alucard
Find a chair that Alucard can sit in without being disturbed (for example, near a Boss). Sit in it, and leave the game running for awhile without pausing. Every so often, you will see Z's appearing.

Faerie on your shoulder
When you have the Faerie familiar, get her out and do not move. In a little while, the Faerie will go onto your shoulder to sit. If you move, she will fall off with a screech.

Axe Shield
If you fight the Axe Lord Armors, they will eventually drop an Axe Shield.

Dragon Statue
Occasionally, when a Petrify attack hits Alucard, he will turn into a giant, kneeling dragon statue instead of an Alucard statue. In this form, you will not take any damage whatsoever from attacks. Breaking out of the stone returns Alucard to his original form.

Librarian bounce items
After obtaining the Leap Stone and Gravity Boots, return to the Long Library, and proceed all the way to the left from the entrance. In the last room, there is a hole in the ceiling that takes you to directly under the Librarian. Line up directly under the hole, and Super Jump. Jumping first, then doing a Super Jump will result in absolutely no effect. Doing the Super Jump repeatedly (without hitting the floor) will result in the Librarian dropping a Life Up, Ring of Arcana, AxeLord Armor, and Dracula Tunic. After the Librarian drops one item, drop to the floor, and then repeat to get the next item.

You have to go all the way left from the entrance as described previously. In the last room, you need the Leap Stone and Gravity Boots. Stand directly under the hole in the ceiling and press [Down], [Up], [Jump] to do the Super Jump. Then, use your Double Jump while in the air to do another Super Jump. After you do the double jump, repeatedly press [Down], [Up], [Jump]. When your magic is used up about half way, you will obtain one of the items.

Crisseagrim sword
The best sword in the game is the Crisseagrim (obtained from the Schmoos in the Inverted Library). It is not the most powerful, but its speed and number of hits allows many of the Bosses (Medusa, Mummy ,Frankenstien) to be killed in under ten seconds. Note: Bosses with multiple parts, such as Beelzebub, and those that jump away when hit, such as Doppleganger 40, do not suffer from the multiple hits as well.

After you complete the game return to the Librarian. He will have something special for you, a Duplicator which duplicates any items you use -- you will never run out of anything again. However, it costs 500,000 gold. Try to get the gold close to where you found the mermaids icon in the tunnel that the oarsman takes you. It gives you 2000 a piece there -- not a lot but the best there is. Note: You have to get the good ending (by killing Dracula) first.

Gods Garb
Get one Ring Of Varda from a Paranthrapus (big yellow skeleton in the Inverted Castle). Put it on and go to the Clock Tower. Kill the guardians in both rooms until you get Gods Garb. You do not need 200% completion or start a new game with the name "Mephisto".

Ring Of Varda
Kill the big yellow skeletons (Paranthropus), in the Reverse Misty Tower. The Ring Of Varda gives all your stats a large boost, nearly making you invincible. It results in +40 strength, +35 defense, +30 intelligence, and +15 luck.

Get two of these rings to double the effect. Lapis Lazuli combined with the Arcana Ring will help.

Marsil sword
To get the best looking sword in the game, you must have high luck. Go to the Inverted laboratory and kill the Fire Demons until you get the Marsil. They will also give you the fire sheild.

Mublung sword
In the inverted castle, you will find a Spectral Sword in the Reverse Chapel. That Spectral Sword drops a sword called the Mublung Sword. This sword can be used to do the shields special moves and its stronger than the Shield Rod.

King's Stone
The little bat-like creatures that blow at your head will give you a King's Stone (STR +10)

Poison Sword
Kill the Lesser Demon in inverted laboratory to get the sword.

Stone Sword
Go to the inverted castle and kill the Gordons until you get the sword.

Sword Of Dawn
In the inversed castle, when coming out of the room where you defeated Shaft, go left, then go up to where the Power of Mist was in the normal castle (past the strange face that appears correctly both right-side up and upside down). There will be a fairly tall column there. Do your super jump up to the top and slash (or turn on the cross and jump up so that the crosses can hit the column). The top portion of the column will cave in and there will be a sword called "Sword Of Dawn" there. When you use the [Down], "Down/Forward", [Forward] move, it will summon one of several different kinds of skeletal warriors. One moves forward and attacks enemies, another creates arrows, another summons about four skeleton archers, and another creates a skeleton magician.

The Talisman
The Talisman is the hardest item in the game to obtain. Go to the Outer Wall and get near the uppermost elevator entrance. There are three skeletons with muskets there. Kill these repeatedly until you get the Talisman, which makes you invincible. The Ring of Acarna and Lapis Lazuli help somewhat, but the Talisman is still very difficult to get. Note: You can also acquire one in the Reverse Laboratory.

Easy sword level up
After you have acquired the sword familiar, go to the castle entrance. You will see a part of that level where merman are jumping out of the water. Stand on the left ledge. Take out the sword familiar and let it attack everything. This will take about four or five hours. Alucard will never be hit as long as he is on the left ledge. You can use the sword familiar as a weapon when it reaches level 50, or you can get the most powerful weapon in the game by letting it go to level 99.

Defeating Doppleganger 10
Use the watch sub-weapon. When he freezes, attack him until he dies.

Defeating Doppleganger 40
Equip Terminus Est (sword) and Topaz Circlet (Head Gear). This is because he will use any sword you use, and the Terminus Est is a poison sword. The Topaz Circlet will convert Poison damage into HP.

The Dopplegangers react to abnormal status attacks in the same way that you do. Therefore, use the Terminus Est (poisoned sword) to reduce his attack strength, the Stone Sword to inflict Petrify damage, Icebrand to encase him in a block of ice, and Red Rust (which curses the target) to totally disable his attacks.

Defeating Dracula
When you fight as Richter against Dracula (in the Prologue: Final Battle level), Alucard's starting stats are determined by several factors:
Richter should not pick up any items (Holy Water or Cross).
He should not get hit.
Do not let Maria resurrect him
Equip the Shield Rod and Alucard Shield. Press [Square] + [Circle]. If your shield touches an enemy such as Dracula, it will do about 200 to 250 damage. You can do this rapidly. It will take down magic -- only use Shield when needed.

Defeating Final Dracula
To kill Dracula without getting hit, all you need is the Alucard Shield and the Shield Rod. When the battle begins, activate the Shield (use the Rod and the Shield at the same time). Stand in the center of the screen with the Shield out. You will actually gain health each time the Shield hits Dracula.

Defeating Galamoth
Equip the following items. Sentient sword familiar at level 99. Find a sword familiar in Olrox's quarters at the bottom right, where the holes in the ground are located. See the Valhalla Knights. The Alucard shield is found where Merman Statue is located, but only in the upside down castle. For the Beryl Circlet. ask the librarian for list of enemies to recover this item. Get God's Garb from the Guardian in the clock room of the upside down castle. Then, get two Rings Of Varda. The Beryl Circlet will make you absorb Galamoth's lightning rod. Galamoth is found in the upside down castle, where the catacombs where you fight the orb.

First, get the Crisseagrim sword from a Schmoo (white flying heads) in the library. When you get to Galamoth, turn into mist and fly to the platform behind his head. Turn back to Alucard and start to attack him using the Crisseagrim. He will have no chance to attack or even move. Note: Crisseagrim is the ultimate weapon in combat, alongside the Shield Rod/Alucard Shield combo.

Equip the Shield Rod and Alucard Shield. Repeatedly press [Square] + [Circle]. Then, put the shield to his leg. It will repeatedly keep taking 199 lives away from him quickly until he is dead.

Defeating Granfaloon (Legion)
Run past Granfaloon and jump to the nearby platforms. This may require some practice. Repeatedly cast the Soul Steal Spell. You will hit Granfaloon and his helpers while replenishing some health each time. Because you are on the platform. you can wait for your MP meter to refill without risking attack. However, when a piece of Granfaloon rips off and exposes a tentacle-like structure which can shoot a laser beam at you, avoid it and repeat the process.

More game completion percentage
Once you have collected the Sword Card and the Soul of Bat relic, go to the Royal Chapel. In the very bottom-left corner of the first Bell Tower is a "door" to a room with two large candles. Stand in the bell tower, activate the Sword Familiar, and do the Sword Brother's spell ([Down], [Down/Right], [Right], "Up/Right", then hold [Up], [Down], [Circle] or [Square]). While the sword is spinning, shift into a bat and fly to the left. You should stay in the bell tower and be able to fly up and around the outside of it. This will fill in a white block on your map, which counts on your percentage. This can also be done in the inverted Chapel. Note: This requires your Sword Familiar be at Level 99/Exp 99.

Easy Familiar level up
Note: This trick works with the bat, sword, fairy, ghost and demon, and requires a controller with a turbo feature. Equip the familiar card that you want to increase in level up. Equip a knife, such as the combat knife, and go to the place near the start of the normal castle where the zombies continuously appear. Set yourself up against a wall where you can attack them, but they cannot attack you from behind. Enable the turbo feature and keep the knife button held. You will continuously kill the zombies without getting hurt. This will slowly earn experience for your familiar card. Note: If the cards evolve, they will be automatically be put away afterwards and will gain any more experience until they are brought back out again.

Familiars increase mainly by number of kills rather than experience value, especially with Alucard at very high levels. Exceptions are made for Bosses (higher) and Blood Skeletons (none). Find a location where lots of enemies constantly replenish, such as in the Marble Gallery in the inverted castle, where Medusa Heads appear, or in the reverse Caverns, where large numbers of Dark Octopi can be found. Equip a fast weapon, choose your familiar, and start slashing.

Once you have a duplicator it is extremely easy to level up the familiars. Go to the reverse caverns in the area after fighting Doppleganger 40. In this area is a room with lots of Dark Octopuses. Drop down into the room and use a Bat Pentagram then a normal Pentagram and jump back out. Each time you do this, you will get 20 to 30 experience for the familiar, and it can be done many times in one minute.

Go to the Reverse Underground's Caverns, until a room filled with Dark Octopus after Doppleganger40 appears. This room resembles the following: <PRE> XXXXXXXX_ _XXXXXXX XXXXX XXX X X X XX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX </PRE>

Equip Power Of Sire and Duplicator. Stay in one of the little platforms at the top of the screen. Use Power Of Sire, wait two seconds, then jump out of screen. You will fall in the octopus screen again. This method kills 13 Dark Octopus in about five seconds each time. Starting with a Familiar at level 1, you will reach level 99 in about two hours.

When you have the Medusa Shield or Dark Shield, go to the zombies at the beginning of the game. Put on one of these shields, then use some tape to bind [Circle] down. Allow the game to idle in this state. In about ten to twelve hours your Familiars will be at 99/99.

Go to the inverted castle's chapel, where the enemy called "Shield" is found. Shield is located in the room where the background is a church and there are stairs on both sides. Put on your Duplicator and equip "Power Of Sire" to both hands. Use the familiar that you want to level up, walk on the screen where "Shield" is found. Use one card of Sire, then the other one. You have to hit one before the other; not at the same time or it will only trigger one to work. This will kill the Shield the moment that you use the second Power Of Sire. Walk off the screen then walk back on and repeat. You can level each Familiar to level 99/99 in less than ten minutes per Familiar. This is much better than with the Dark Octopuses because it takes less time to kill it repeatedly for twice as much experience.

Use Sword Familiar as weapon
When you get the Sword Familiar at level 99 and experience 99, you can use it as a sword. Note: It is the most powerful sword in the game.

Blue-Green Sword Familiar
Level up the Sword Familiar to level 50 so you can equip it as a weapon. Equip it, then go to the clock room in the Black Marble Gallery (second castle). Head up and save in the room to the right. Reset, then load your game again. Once you gain control of your character, try slashing. You will notice that instead of the normal green aura, the Sword Familiar will emit a combined blue and green aura.

Orobourous ally
When playing as Richter, go to the Inverted Castle. In the Castle Entrance you will find a Dragon Rider. Go to the room next to it to find some Jack-O-Bones, a Dodo Bird and two Orobourous Riders. As Richter, aim for the Fleaman controlling the Orobourous and kill it. The Orobourous will turn yellow and become your ally until you exit the room.

Skip prelude battle
You can avoid the fight against Dracula in the prelude as Richter. Just walk to the right as soon as you start. This will skip the prelude and jump directly to Alucard on the bridge.

Secret passage
At the outer-wall section of the castle, defeat the Armor Lord and go into the next room. Slash the far left wall, get the Meat, and stand in the wall you have broken for approximately twenty seconds. An elevator will take you into a secret room containing Jewel Knuckles and a Mirror Cuirass. Note: This trick brings you to the room that requires Mist to pass in the Outer-Wall. This also works with playing as Richter Belmont. Both can be used only in the normal castle

Secret room
Start a new game as Richter. As soon as the game starts (at the front gate of the castle), press [Left]. You should now be in a new room with something special behind a grate after it is opened.

Return from inverted castle
If you want to return from the inverted castle back to the original, use the Library Card Item. It will return you to the room in the original castle's library where you buy items. The Library Card can be found in a few different places in both castles.

Items in inverted castle
By the marble gallery is Jack-O-Bones, Stone Skulls, Corps, and Thornweeds. You can use Wolf Charge to get across. As you are doing that. you are also hitting the bottom of the Stone Skull. You must have Skill Of Wolf to run swiftly.

Go through inverted castle faster
Use the following trick to get to the inverted castle faster without getting the Spike Breaker. First, save the game. Obtain Faerie Familiar, and get at least one Life Apple item (usable only by Faerie). When you already have the Gold Ring after defeating Succubus and your Mist and Power Of Mist card, go to the upper-left part of the castle where you can get the Silver Ring. This location has many spikes, and is where you meet Maria. Unequip all your items then bring your HP down by stepping on the spikes to the lowest possible amount; until one more step on the spikes will kill you. After that, summon your Faerie familiar. Finally, morph to Mist and travel to the left until you reach the green door. Use up all your MP by not re-morphing to normal Alucard. You will now die when you hit the spikes. Your Faerie familiar will revive you through your Life Apple and give Alucard a supernaturally invincible appearance, where you will be able to run through spikes without dying for a limited amount of time. You can also open doors at the same time. After this happens, run your way through the door and open it. Then, talk to Maria, and get the Silver Ring. After that, wait for your MP to be filled to the max, then open the door. Do not worry about dying when you hit the spikes, as this will not happen. Quickly transform to Mist, then fly up to the exit. After this, get the Holy Glasses to Maria. Defeat Richter by equipping your Holy Glasses.

Introduction forest secret
Start a new game as Richter. As soon as the game starts, immediately turn around, duck, and do the sliding attack. You will exit the entrance to the castle before the main gate closes. You can now walk outside, on top, or to the very start of the game where Alucard runs to enter the castle. Note: Once you slide attack your way out the first time, the main gate will not open for you once it has closed. Therefore, you are locked out. Run, or if you are patient, walk all the way to the left once you have first exited the gate. Go on for about 30 seconds all the way to the left. Richter will automatically do an Alucard introduction by running through the forest, jumping on the bridge, and say "Holy Cross!" when he jumps the gate to enter Castlevania again.

Cowering Skelarangs
This trick only works at the start of the game. Attack a Skelerang with the short sword one time, then stand still and do not move. The Skelerang should crouch down on its knees and cover its head, and will stay this way until you move away from it.

You do not have to use a short sword; just walk up close to one and it will cower.

True fountain form
Enter Orlox's Keep and fight your way to the fountain guarded by two Valhalla Knights. The fountain should change the water coming from it to blood. After this happens, keep jumping or flying around the fountain, but make sure the moon is directly behind it. The full moon will show the fountain's true shape, of a demon instead of an angel.

Richter' s moves
Belmont Leap: Press "Down, Up, Jump
"Backflip: Quickly press [Jump]x2
Maelstorm: Sweep the D-Pad in a "Full-Circle" + [Attack].
Slide: Hold [Down] and press [Jump].
Slide Leap: Hold [Down] and press [Jump]x2.
Rushing Blade: Press [Up], [Down], "Down/Forward", [Forward], [Attack]
Alucard's spells
Summon Spirit: Press [Back], [Forward], [Down], [Up] + [Attack].
Dark Metamorphesis: Press [Back], "Up/Back", [Up], "Up/Forward", [Forward] + [Attack].
Tetra Spirit: Hold [Up] for three seconds, then press "Up/Forward", [Forward], "Down/Forward", [Down] + [Attack].
Hellfire: Press [Up], [Down], "Down/Forward", [Forward] + [Attack]. Hold [Up] after he teleports to shoot two large black balls instead of three fireballs.
Soul Steal: Press [Back], [Forward], "Down/Forward", [Down], "Down/Back", [Back], [Forward] + [Attack].
Custom Joseph's cloak colors:

LookExterior settingLining setting
HeavenRed 10, Green 13, Blue 26Same
Mountain DewRed 22, Green 31, Blue 11Same
Royal cloakBlue 15Green 8
HippieRed 20, Blue 20Green 24, Blue 24
NeonRed 22, Green 31Same
Dream BarRed 31, Green16, Blue 10Same
Hershey Bar Red18, Green16, Blue 13Same
Royal PurpleRed 16, Green 6, Blue 31Same
Florida Orange JuiceRed 31, Green 22Same
Cherry PieRed 31, Green 6, Blue 15Same
Sky blueRed 22, Green 31, Blue 31Same

Rare items
The following is is a list of rare items, what to kill to get them, and where the enemies are located.

Fist of Tulkas (FW)LionForbidden Library
Crisseagrim (SW)SchmooForbidden Library
Rune Sword (SW)DodoReverse Entrance
Ring of Feanor (A)KarausumanAkmodon's Lair
Mourneblade (SW)AzaghalReverse Coliseum
Covenant Stone (A)AzaghalReverse Coliseum
Nauglimar (A)Cave TrollReverse Caverns
Wizard Hat (H)SalomeReverse Catacombs
Yasutsuna (SW)WerewolfReverse Coliseum
Masamune (SW)Black PantherReverse Chapel
A: Accessory
FW: Fist weapon
SW: Sword
H: Hat, Helmet
Glitch: Flying Alucard
This glitch can be done during the game any time after getting the Soul Of Bat relic. Locate a Life Max up, Heart Max up, or a relic. Press [R1] to turn into a bat the moment that you are about to grab the item. The game will glitch and Alucard will start flying. Press [R1] to return to normal.

To do this trick, you must have the Bat Card. Press [Triangle] to dash and press [R2] to change into the bat. You can also switch out of the bat if fast enough (does not use any MP).

Glitch: Stuck Alucard
Defeat Richter Belmont and go to the Inverted castle. In the same area where you just defeated him, go to the torch that gives you the cross. Hit the switch above it, walk to the top and backdash down. He will do it twice, drop through it, and get stuck at the end.

Glitch: Slogra and Gaibon clones
When you begin a new game, you will encounter a battle with two Bosses, slogra (green demon with the spear) and Gaibon (the flying blue gargoyle) in the alchemy laboratory. There is a room in the lab where you can get the axe weapon from a candle. In the upper right side of that room is an opening to the Boss' battleground. In order to perform this glitch, you need to enter the battleground. However, as soon as you enter it, quickly press [Left] so that the wall will not close. If you managed to quickly exit before the wall closes, go to the place above the location where you first met death and stole your weapons. You will see that there is a hole in the middle. Allow yourself to fall through the hole and you will see that both Bosses are there instead of the normal battle location. Defeat the Gaibon first -- if you hit the Slogra, the Gaibon will carry the Slogra and flee. If this happens, quickly exit to the left room then go back qucikly so that they will appear again . You will get experience from this, and will also see these two Bosses again in their original locations.

Glitch: Bat card
Summon the Bat card then turn into a bat yourself. Another bat will appear with a heart.

Glitch: No sword
As Alucard, equip any sword and duck. Then, attack with the sword. Wait a few seconds. Alucard will act as though he does a second slash, but the sword will not appear. Note: The second attack does not do any damage.

Glitch: Alternate colors
Use the "Easy sword level up" trick to get the Sword Familiar to level 99. Then, cross all the towers. When you get to the last one, you will see that it ends and find the door that leads to the outside where you fly up to fight Richter Belmont. When you get to the end, go on the top of the door. You should be inside the castle again, but when you go outside the background will colored differently.

Glitch: Extra items
Go to the Anti-Chapel in the Inverted Castle at the top of the largest tower. Perform the Sword Familiar glitch and exit the castle. Fall all the way down to the top of the room with the spikes. Then, keep walking to the right until you fall into the spike room. It would help to have the Spike Breaker Armor equipped so you do not take any damge. Exit to the left and keep following the halls to the left until you reach a save point. Save the game and reset the PlayStation. When you get back to the playing screen, you should have some rare items such as Mosafune.

Glitch: Pain lines
Play the game on a Playstation2. Go to the underground area where you fight the frozen Shades. Kill them and the screen will have pink slashes all over it as they scream. This also works with Venus Weeds and Frozen Halves.

Glitch: Duplication while saving
When playing the game on a PlayStation2 with a Performance 2-in-1 memory card, the game will sometimes freeze while saving. However, you will keep all the experience and items that you received. This allows you to get map items twice and fight Bosses twice. It also removes the map explored since your last save, but does not take the explored % away.

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