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In-game reset
Hold [Start] + [Select] for three seconds during game play.

Shin Akuma
Highlight Akuma at the character selection screen, then hold [Start] and press any button.

Hidden fighters
Gouki, Morrigan, Nakoruru, Evil Ryu, and Shin Iori cost 300 Groove Points. Play versus, arcade, training, or pair match modes to get points. Buy them from the character shop in price mode. Other extra characters cost 50 Groove Points. Note: You cannot buy Ryu, Iori, Dan or Joe.
Fight against Gouki as final Boss
Get 80 or more Groove Points by the end of the last regular fight with any combination of fighters to fight Shin Gouki as the final Boss in arcade mode.

Kyo: Different moves
The following trick requires two controllers. Go to training mode and select Kyo in Ex type. When fighting begins, have player two press [Start] and go to the training menu. Have first player on CPU then continue fighting. Look to where it says the character you are using, and it will not be on Ex. Use some of Kyo's moves and they will be different. For example, when you use Final Showdown it will be different.

Easy Groove Points
Use any character. If your opponent only has a small amount of life in the final round and is about to use a super combo or super special move, do not block it. Stop it with one of your special moves or with your super combo/super special move. You will finish them off and may get a lot of Groove Points.

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