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Nov. 25, 2005
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Pause game play, then hold [L2] and press [Up], [Left], [Down], [Right], [Triangle], [Square], [X], [Circle].

Unlimited ammunition
Pause game play, then hold [L2] and press [Down], [Left], [Right], [X], [Square], [Circle].

All weapons
Pause game play, then hold [L2] and press [Up], [Left], [Right], [Down], [Triangle], [Square], [Circle], [X].

Pause game play, then hold [L2] and then press [Up], [Left], [Right], [Triangle], [Square], [Circle].

Stealth mode
Pause game play, then hold [L2] and then press [X]x2, [Square]x2, [Triangle]x2, [Circle]x2, [X]x2.

Secondary weapon attacks
Pause game play, then hold [L2] and the press [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Triangle], [X], [Square], [Circle].
Level 1: Destroy tank at end
You will face an alien tank at the end of the first level. The easiest way of destroying it is to just charge straight at it. Fire like crazy while targeting it. If you run out of ammunition, take out your blade and kill a nearby Borg. Once it explodes, kill the remaining Borgs to win.

Level 1: Collapsed gantry
When The gantry collapses and you turn on the power, the electric cable nearby will electrify the gantry. If you try to cross, you will get hurt, and it is your only way back. Instead, face the burning trucks and press [R2] to switch to first person view. Scroll left, look at the top of the building, and shoot out the electrical box. This will cut off the electricity on the gantry.

Level 1: Explosives
When you reach the door, go left and kill all the aliens and bugs in that place. Use the gun turret up the top to have an advantage. Once you have killed them all, one will drop an alien key. Pick it up and open the gate. The resistance soldiers will now give you some explosives.

Level 1: Detonator
When you reach the door, save and go the other way (opposite from where you go for the explosives). Blow the sniper out from his hiding place and keep going. Take a left turn and run down the ramp. Kill the aliens and you will see yourself talking to the resistance soldiers. Go downstairs and kill all the enemies. Kill the alien and he will drop an alien keycard. Go towards the next ramp and press the switch. It will show the alien gate being turned off. Go through. You need to use stealth. If any of the drones spot you, the gate will be turned on again. Once you are through that room, run up to the alien gate and use the Alien keycard. This will free the resistance soldiers and they will give you the detonator.

Defeating Alien Troopers
Hold [R1] and run around them, shooting them with the laser. If they are in a group, they usually will not be paying attention. Just stand back and shoot them in the head.

Defeating Alien Spiders
Stand back, fire one secondary rocket launcher attack, a grenade (secondary machine gun), and finish it off with a laser in the head. Be careful of the small ones. Stand far away and blast them with the machine gun.

Defeating the Boss in the Alien Base
After Dr. Carter gets captured by the aliens, you must make your way through mazes and buildings to find her. When you do, her father, who has turned into an alien himself, sends a war drone after you, The best way to defeat it is to destroy the laser arm on the left, followed by the one on the right. Every now and then, pick up the items lying around. Once they are gone, destroy the Drone. If the laser arm starts to fire at you, or the drone brings out its machine guns, just press [Triangle] to use your shields.

Defeating the final Boss
If you use the energy blade on the final Boss, he will not be able to attack you until he has almost run out of life. After that, he will only hit the ground. You will know if this has worked because some big explosions will happen to him. Half his life will also disappear.

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