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Unlock Trophies
3 for the price of 1 (Bronze) - Complete the 1998 VR|46 Historic Event.
A History Lesson (Gold) - Complete all VR|46 Historic Events.
A star is born (Bronze) - Complete the 1996 VR|46 Historic Event.
A toast! (Bronze) - Complete the 2008 VR|46 Historic Event.
All for one, R1M for all! (Bronze) - Win a Yamaha R1M race.
All of them! (Gold) - Unlock all Bonuses.
All-Italian podium (Bronze) - Complete the 2005 VR|46 Historic Event.
An apple a day... (Gold) - Complete all Challenge "The Doctor" events.
Asphalt roads (Silver) - Race a total of 500 km / 311 miles on a MotoGP™, Moto2™ or Moto3™ bike.
Bumpy roads (Silver) - Race a total of 250 km / 155 miles with a Rally car.
Definitive rider (Gold) - Reach the maximum level in all of your rider’s abilities.
Dirt roads (Silver) - Race a total of 250 km / 155 miles with a Flat Track bike.
Doctor? Master! (Bronze) - Win a Monza Masters' Show.
Faster than time itself (Bronze) - Complete the 2003 VR|46 Historic Event.
Flat Track Winner (Bronze) - Win a normal Flat Track race.
For the crowd (Bronze) - Hold a wheelie for 8 consecutive seconds.
Halfway through (Silver) - Unlock 15 Bonuses.
Here’s your side (Bronze) - Complete a split-screen race.
Hi guys! (Bronze) - Complete your first online race (any discipline).
I couldn't wait! (Silver) - Participate at the EnduRanch Flat Track in Career mode.
I feel special (Bronze) - Win a Special Stage of the Monza Rally Show.
Improved (Silver) - Reach the maximum level in one of your rider’s abilities.
In your hands (Bronze) - Win a MotoGP™, Moto2™ or Moto3™ race using Guided Settings.
On the last bend (Bronze) - Complete the 2001 VR|46 Historic Event.
Online Champion (Bronze) - Complete an online championship.
Online Expert (Silver) - Complete 25 races online (any discipline).
Platinum Rider (Platinum) - Unlock all trophies.
Pole Position start (Bronze) - Gain pole position in a MotoGP™, Moto2™ or Moto3™ race.
Swan Song (Bronze) - Complete the 2002 VR|46 Historic Event.
The aspiring Doctor (Bronze) - Win a MotoGP™ race with PRO physics, tire wear and damages activated.
The beginning (Bronze) - Sign the contract to race your first season as an official rider.
The Eliminator (Bronze) - Win an "Americana" Flat Track Race.
The fastest (Bronze) - Beat a track record on any track with a 2016 MotoGP™.
The first of many (Bronze) - Unlock your first Bonus.
There's always a first time (Bronze) - Complete a race at the Red Bull Ring Spielberg in Career mode.
World Champion! (Gold) - Become world champion in Career mode (any category).

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