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Unlock Trophies
Extreme!! (Bronze) - Earn 20,000,000 gold in extreme mode.
Formidable Catapults (Bronze) - Destroy 5,000 Catapults.
Get the Beanpole (Bronze) - Kill 30,000 Throwers.
Get the bear! (Bronze) - Kill 20,000 Chargers.
Heavy? (Bronze) - Kill 40,000 Armored Soldiers.
How to Train Dragon (Bronze) - Kill 100 Dragons.
Level Up (Gold) - Achieve level 50.
More Fire! (Bronze) - Upgrade Cannon to 50 level.
Perfect Defense (Bronze) - Earn 300 stars from the stage.
Rich Magic Power (Bronze) - Upgrade MP Storage to 50 level.
Specialist (Silver) - Upgrade 15 skills to 10th level.
Sway Away (Bronze) - Kill 50,000 Paratroopers.
Training After Training! (Silver) - Upgrade 20 mercenaries to 5 star grade.
Watch Out for the Axe! (Bronze) - Kill 50,000 Infantry.

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