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Unlock Trophies
A Full Wardrobe (Silver) - Purchase every piece of gear from the GunMan's Armoire.
All Iguana Do Is Have Fun (Silver) - Conquer QueenFate Forest and capture Sala-Man-Der.
Back In My Day (Gold) - Clear Old-School Mode.
Double Vision (Bronze) - Conquer The Caverns of Eternity and capture Mirror Kat.
Dwayne Will Always Rein King (Silver) - Conquer Dwayne's Manor and capture Nightmare.
Endangered Species (Gold) - Defeat The Exaction Faction and save GunWorld without buying any Royal Eagles.
Giddy Up (Bronze) - Assemble the GunHorse.
GunMen Can't Swim (Bronze) - Dont believe me? Try it. Jump into a pool of water if you're so tough.
GunWorld's Greatest GunMan (Bronze) - Recruit Dwayne in the Outlands.
Heating up (Silver) - Conquer Deadmoon Belfry and capture Mi-Crow-Wave.
It Should Be Ill-Eagle (secret) (Gold) - Unlock the Super Torpeagle Rifle.
Law Of The Land (Bronze) - Visit Sheriff Lawbird when the Crimeatorium is full.
Maximum GunMan (Silver) - Reach Level 10.
Rocket Propelled Navigator (Silver) - Conquer the Rocketyard and capture Crocketdile.
Scrooge McEagle (Gold) - Amass 20,000 Gold at one time.
Speedy Mr. Belfry Guy (Gold) - Complete Deadmoon Belfry Stage 1 in 146 seconds.
Speedy Mr. Forest Guy (Bronze) - Complete QueenFate Forest Stage 1 in 60 seconds.
Speedy Mr. Gym Guy (Silver) - Complete Steers of Steel Stage 1 in 84 seconds.
Speedy Mr. Manor Guy (Bronze) - Complete Dwayne's Manor Stage 1 in 67 seconds.
Team Fat (Bronze) - Find the adventurer who won the Kinda Funny cameo giveaway.
The Adventure Begins (Bronze) - Start your adventure on GunWorld.
The Ultimate GunMan (Platinum) - Collect every trophy in Super GunWorld 2.
Things Aren't Working Out (Silver) - Conquer Steers of Steel and capture Buff-Alo.
Till The Soil With Vengeance (secret) (Gold) - Defeat Commander Yesterday, the Exaction Faction, and save GunWorld.
Trials Of The GunMan (Gold) - Complete a Level Rush session.
Where No GunMan Has Gone Before (secret) (Bronze) - Travel through Commander Yesterday's Time Portal.
Whisper On The Wind (Bronze) - Speak with the Spirit of Guns for the first time.

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