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Urien's Street Fighter 3 Costume
After selecting Urien, hold down LP+MK+HP until the fight begins to use his classic costume.

Unlock new colors 11-12-13-14-15
In the last patch, CAPCOM includes 5 new colors ONLY for default costumes, giving a total of 15 colors to the characters (16 counting the special japanese edition). The story mode and special costumes only have 10 colors. To obtain that 5 new colors for the normal cotumes, we need to level up our characters and buy them with Fight Money to unlock. Color 11 - Available at shop by default for 10.000 FM.
Color 12 - Available at shop for 2,000 FM when your character reach level 5.
Color 13 - Available at shop for 5,000 FM when your character reach level 10.
Color 14 - Available at shop for 10,000 FM when your character reach level 25.
Color 15 - Available at shop for 20,000 FM when your character reach level 50.

Unlocking Additional Colors For Your Costumes In Survival Mode
Note: If you want different colors for your Alternate Costumes, You have to complete each mode another time for every costume you have. Example: Unlocking Color 3 by beating Easy Survival Mode with Ryu's while having his default costume on will not unlock Color 3 for his Battle Outfit 1 Costume. You will have to complete it again with the Battle Outfit 1 Costume on to unlock Color 3 for it. A Special Title - Complete Hell Mode (100 Wins).
Color 3 - Complete Easy Mode (10 Wins).
Colors 4, 5, 6 - Complete Normal Mode (30 Wins).
Colors 7, 8, 9, 10 - Complete Hard Mode (50 Wins).

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