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Unlock Trophies
Apophis Rising (Bronze) - Beat Unstable Sun level in Campaign game mode.
Beach Resort (Bronze) - Beat Water World level in Campaign mode.
Beat 'em up (Gold) - Beat the campaign using only melee and abilities.
Bugfix (Bronze) - Beat Alien Hive level in Campaign game mode.
Challenge Accepted (Bronze) - Play a game in challenge mode.
Chase Scene (Bronze) - Beat Scrapyard level in Campaign game mode.
CLEAR! (Bronze) - Revive a fallen friend 10 times.
Davy Jones' Locker (Bronze) - Beat Abyssal Wreck level in Campaign mode.
Deep Purple (Bronze) - Buy an epic upgrade.
Disco Go Funk Yourself (Bronze) - Do not enjoy the disco.
Disco Will Live On In My Heart (Bronze) - Enjoy the disco.
Diversity (Bronze) - Use all mech classes.
Enter the Gauntlet (Bronze) - Play a game in gauntlet mode.
Et tu, Brute? (Bronze) - Kill another player with friendly fire.
Friend Zone (Bronze) - Play a game with a friend.
Full Arsenal (Bronze) - Use all available weapons.
Galaxy Warrior (Platinum) - Unlock every trophy in the game.
Gas Pass (Bronze) - Beat Gas Giant Rings level in Campaign game mode.
Gaunlet Cadet (Bronze) - Reach stage 10 in gauntlet mode using Normal custom settings preset.
Gaunlet Guru (Silver) - Reach stage 20 in gauntlet mode using "Normal" custom settings preset.
Gaunlet Legend (Gold) - Reach stage 25 in gauntlet mode using "Normal" custom settings preset.
Gaunlet Master (Bronze) - Reach stage 15 in gauntlet mode using "Normal" custom settings preset.
Gaunlet Rookie (Bronze) - Reach stage 5 in gauntlet mode using "Normal" custom settings preset.
Genericide (Bronze) - Destroy 5,000 Generic enemies.
High Roller (Silver) - Spend a lot of money buying upgrades.
It was me all along! (secret) (Silver) - Beat the Campaign game mode.
Machine Uprising (Bronze) - Beat Robot Factory level in Campaign game mode.
Master Scrapper (Bronze) - Disassemble 5,000 Mechanical enemies.
MaXXXed out! (Bronze) - Max out any single mech stat.
Napalm Death (Silver) - Beat the campaign using only flamethrower as the primary weapon.
North Pole (Bronze) - Beat Frozen Skies level in Campaign mode.
Return to sender (Bronze) - Destroy an enemy with its own bullet.
Rocky Road (Bronze) - Beat Asteroid Field level in Campaign mode.
Saving For a Rainy Day (Silver) - Beat the campaign without buying anything from the Junk Merchant.
Stardust Galaxy Customs (Bronze) - Create and play a game with a custom option preset.
Systematic Overfishing (Bronze) - Sink 5,000 Marine enemies.
The Exterminator (Bronze) - Get rid of 5,000 Organic enemies.
There's always that one guy... (Bronze) - Beat a campaign level in multiplayer with only one player collecting powerups.
Totally Not Random (Silver) - Get all post-level honorary titles.
Unbearable (Gold) - Beat a single player campaign using the "Iron Man" preset and only Black Bear.
Why is there a rock? (secret) (Bronze) - Destroy the rock in Abyssal Wreck level.
Without a scratch (Bronze) - Beat a campaign level without taking health damage.
You Only Live Once (Gold) - Beat the campaign without a player dying or being incapacitated.

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