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Unlock Trophies
A small Sun (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with Plasma Cannon.
Angel of Death (Silver) - Kill 5,000 Genestealers.
Apothecary Honour Guard (Silver) - Apothecary reached rank 3.
Automated Annihilation (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with Tarantula Sentry Gun.
Bonesaw (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with Narthecium.
Breacher (Bronze) - Destroy 20 doors with a Chainfist.
Burned to crisps (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with the flamer.
Cyclone Master (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with the Cyclone missile launcher.
Destruction Minelayer (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with the Proximity Mine.
Electrocutioner (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with Plasma fire.
Experienced Apothecary (Bronze) - Apothecary reached rank 2.
Experienced Heavy (Bronze) - Terminator Heavy reached rank 2.
Experienced Librarian (Bronze) - Librarian reached reached rank 2.
Experienced Melee (Bronze) - Terminator Melee reached rank 2.
Experienced Ranged (Bronze) - Terminator Range reached rank 2.
Experienced Sergeant (Bronze) - Terminator Sergeant reached rank 2.
Flesh Tearer (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with Lighting Claws.
For Russ! For the Wolftime! (Silver) - Finish the "Fall of Jotunheim" campaign.
For the emperor and Sanguinius! (Silver) - Finish the "The Sin of Damnation" campaign.
Grant us the Strength to Prevail (Bronze) - Win a Close Assault against Broodlord.
Heavy Honour Guard (Silver) - Terminator Heavy reached rank 3.
Into the fires of battle (Silver) - Finish the "Ashes to Ashes " campaign.
Keep your distance (Bronze) - Complete a level using only Range Weapons.
Librarian Honour Guard (Silver) - Librarian reached reached rank 3.
Man of Destruction (Bronze) - Kill 500 Genestealers.
Master Decapitater (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with an Axe.
Master of Melta (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with Melta fire.
Master of Slaughter (Silver) - Kill 1,000 Genestealers.
Melee Honour Guard (Silver) - Terminator Melee reached rank 3.
Melee Mayhem (Bronze) - Complete a level using only Melee Weapons.
Psychic Exterminator (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with Psychic Storm only.
Rain of Bullets (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with the Bolter or Storm Bolter.
Range Honour Guard (Silver) - Terminator Range reached rank 3.
Ranged Reapers (Bronze) - Have a Ultra Marine Terminator kill 10 Genestealers in Range combat during one turn.
Red Thirst (Bronze) - Have a Blood Angel Terminator kill 3 Genestealers in melee during one turn.
Repent! For tomorrow you die! (Silver) - Finish the "Bringer of Sorrow" campaign.
Savior of Mankind (Platinum) - Having Achieved The Highest Honors in Battle.
Sergeant Honour Guard (Silver) - Terminator Sergeant reached rank 3.
Slayer of Monsters (Bronze) - Kill 100 Genestealers.
Sons of Guilliman (Silver) - Finish the "Hammer and Anvil" campaign.
Storm of Iron (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with Assault Cannon.
Striking Fangs (Bronze) - Have a Space Wolve Terminator kill 3 Genestealers in melee during one turn.
Survivalist (Bronze) - Complete a Mission with only a minimum number of Terminators deployed.
Sword of Retribution (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with the Power Sword.
Team Expert (Bronze) - Complete a Mission without losing any Terminators.
The Will of The Emperor (Silver) - Finish the "Shield of Retribution " campaign.
There is only war! (Gold) - Kill 40,000 Genestealers.
Thunder Crusher (Bronze) - Kill 50 Genestealers with Thunder Hammer.

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