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Unlock Trophies
A Big Betrayal (Silver) - Complete Dockyard Heist.
A Slap in the Face (Bronze) - Kill someone with a fish.
Auto Enthusiast (Bronze) - Purchase all vehicles.
Gaining Face (Bronze) - Achieve Face Level 5.
Gold Rush (Bronze) - Achieve 5 Gold Stat Awards.
Golden Touch (Silver) - Achieve 15 Gold Stat Awards.
Great Face (Bronze) - Achieve Face Level 10.
Gun Nut (Bronze) - Use 10 different firearms to defeat enemies.
Hong Kong Legend (Platinum) - Earn all the Sleeping Dogsā„¢ trophies to unlock this platinum trophy.
Hong Kong Super Hacker (Bronze) - Hack every Security Camera in the game.
In With the Gang (Bronze) - Complete Night Market Chase.
Infowlable (Bronze) - Win 50,000 on a single cockfight.
Karaoke Superstar (Bronze) - Achieving 90% and above for all songs at the Karaoke Bars in HK.
Big Smiles All Around (Silver) - Complete Big Smile Lee.
Bounty Hunter (Bronze) - Complete all of Roland's Jobs.
Case Closed (Silver) - Complete all cases.
Central Scavenger (Bronze) - Unlock every lockbox in Central.
Chief Inspector (Gold) - Complete 100% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.
Detective (Silver) - Complete 50% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.
Environmentalist (Bronze) - Perform 5 unique environmental kills.
Event Driven (Bronze) - Complete half of the open world events.
Event Planner (Bronze) - Complete all of the open world Events.
Fashion Statement (Bronze) - Change all your clothes in your wardrobe or a clothing store.
Fashion Victim (Bronze) - Purchase all clothing.
Foodie (Bronze) - Try 10 different foods or drinks.
Gadgetman (Bronze) - Pick a lock, plant a bug, trace a phone, crack a safe, and take over a spy camera.
Safe Driver (Bronze) - Cruise for 2 minutes straight without damaging your car.
Sharpshooter (Bronze) - Shoot out a cop's tires while fleeing in a police chase.
Slight Silver (Bronze) - Achieve 5 Silver Stat Awards.
Solid Silver (Silver) - Achieve 30 Silver Stat Awards.
Spiritual Healing (Bronze) - Pray at all of the Health Shrines.
Strike Gold (Bronze) - Achieve 1 Gold Stat Award.
Stuntman (Bronze) - Successfully perform an action hijack.
Substantial Silver (Bronze) - Achieve 15 Silver Stat Awards.
Super Cop (Bronze) - Unlock ten Cop Upgrades.
Kleptomaniac (Bronze) - Hijack 5 trucks and collect their cargo.
Man Around Town (Bronze) - Visit Aberdeen, Central, Kennedy Town and North Point.
Martial Law (Bronze) - Defeat all 4 Martial Arts Clubs.
Minor Face (Bronze) - Achieve Face Level 2.
Mr. Nice Guy (Silver) - Complete all Favors.
North Point Scavenger (Bronze) - Unlock every lockbox in North Point.
Officer (Bronze) - Complete 25% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.
Pure Gold (Gold) - Achieve 30 Gold Stat Awards.
Rookie (Bronze) - Complete 10% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.
Take A Bite Out Of Crime (Bronze) - Complete a Case.
That'll Show 'em (Bronze) - Complete Payback.
Tourist (Bronze) - Win a bet on a cockfight.
Ultimate Fighter (Bronze) - Unlock ten Triad Upgrades.
Wei of the Road (Bronze) - Complete all Street Races.
West End Scavenger (Bronze) - Unlock every lockbox in Kennedy Town and Aberdeen.
Whatever's Handy (Bronze) - Use 10 different melee weapons to defeat enemies.

Additionally, there are five Nightmare in North Point DLC trophies:

Cursed Gold (Bronze) - Achieve 5 Gold Awards.
I Can Haz Banishment (Gold) - Banish Smiley Cat.
Ghosts and Stuff (Silver) - Complete all secondary content.
Hell Money (Silver) - Find all the money shrines.
Pet Cemetery (Bronze) - Send Dogeyes, Ratface and Ponytail back to Hell.

Additionally, there are four Year of the Snake DLC trophies:

Bomb Squad (secret) (Bronze) - Complete the first mission.
Cult Master (secret) (Gold) - Defeat the cultists.
Goodie Monster (Bronze) - Find all the Evidence Collectibles.
Hong Kong's Finest (Silver) - Complete all Secondary Content.

Unlock Rico's Outfit from Just Cause 2
Have a saved game file from Just Cause 2 on your hard drive. This costume allows you to stunt hijack from a further distance.

Unlock Stuff on Mini-map
Health Shrines - After the second popstar mission, Amanda will appear outside your apartment. Take her on a brief tour of the city (Bam Bam Club and the Temple), ending at the martial arts dojo. Complete the training exercise to finish the mission. You will then be able to call her for a proper date. Successfully complete the date with Amanda (where you take photos of her) to have unclaimed Health Shrines appear on the mini-map. For every five health shrines you collect, your max hit points will be increased by 10%.

Jade Statues - You will meet Tiffany during the "Bam Bam Club" mission. Successfully complete the mission to get her number. Then, call her in the afternoon or evening. Sing a song once you meet her at the Bam Bam Club. Score 90% or higher on the song to complete the mission and have unclaimed Jade Statues appear on the mini-map.

Lockboxes - You will meet Ilyana during the "Important Visitor" mission. You will have access to the mission once you reach 70% game completion. Call her after completing the "Important Visitor" mission. She will challenge you to a race. Beat her in the race to complete the mission and have Lockboxes appear on the mini-map.

Spy Cameras - You will meet Not Ping during the "Listening In" mission. After the "A Big Betrayal" mission, she will call you and take you to an area to hack a camera. Hack the camera to complete the mission and have Spy Cameras appear on the mini-map.

Easy Hacking
Start the hack with 9, 8, 7, 6. Then, move any yellow numbers to a new slot, and replace the red numbers with 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Keep repeating this until you have completed the hack.

Easy Money
Once you are able to bet in cockfights, go to the arena on the far left of the map. Most of the cockfight arenas have a betting cap, but the one on the far left does not. Save the game immediately before talking to the NPC at the front of the arena. Then, place a bet for the maximum amount of money you have available. If you do not win, simply load your saved game and try again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Jade Statue Locations
Jade Statue #01 - It is on the boat where you observe the drug deal between the popstar and supplier.
Jade Statue #02 - It is on the second floor of Club Bam Bam. The statue is on the bar counter near the manager's office. You will not be able access the area until Winston asks you to make an example out of the club's manager.
Jade Statue #03 - During the cutscene where Wei is blamed of being a rat working for HKPD (Water Street Gang's Accusations), you will be able to see a statue on one of the kitchen counters. You can also come back to this territory later in the game to pick it up.
Jade Statue #04 - The "Bride To Be" mission will direct you to the temple that has this statue. However, if you have completed "Tiffany's Song", you can get in the temple where the statue is placed on the central altar.
Jade Statue #05 - It is in the waiting area of the central hospital. You can go in there and grab the statue at any time since the hospital is always open.
Jade Statue #06 - It is in a Bridal Shop. It is the same shop where you drove Peggy to in the "Bride To Be" mission.
Jade Statue #07 - At the K-bar in Soho, you can find the statue on one of the bars inside.
Jade Statue #08 - Go to the main hall leading into the greater cemetery near the Kennedy Town. It is on one of the seats in the viewing area entrance point.
Jade Statue #09 - You can get this statue after you reach the gambling den on the northern coast of Central. The statue is inside the den, but you will not be able to access it until you complete the "Riffraff Disposal" mission for the doorman. This mission will not be accessible until you have completed the "Bride To Be" main story mission.
Jade Statue #10 - This statue is impossible to miss, as you will have it while completing the "Bad Luck" main story mission in Act 3. Look for the statue in a display case in Chin Tsao's Mansion.
Jade Statue #11 - It is in Vivienne Wu's apartment. The statue is on a table inside the dining room.

Easy "A Slap In The Face" Achievement
Early in the game, you will reach the "Club Bam Bam" mission. Inside the club, you will fight several goons in a room lit with aquariums. Grapple one of the enemies, and drag them to an aquarium to initiate an environment kill with the aquarium. Once the aquarium is smashed, a fish will drop out. Pick up the fish using RB, and use a heavy attack to instantly kill an enemy with it and get the "A Slap In The Face" achievement. Note: If you happen to miss with the fish, you will need to grab another fish; there are two aquariums in this first area.

Easy "Infowlable" Achievement
Once you are able to bet in cockfights, go to the arena on the far left of the map. Most of the cockfight arenas have a betting cap, but the one on the far left does not. Save the game immediately before talking to the NPC at the front of the arena. Then, place a bet for $50,000. If you do not win, simply load your saved game and try again. Repeat this as many times as desired. Once you win, you will get the "Infowlable" achievement.

Easy "Sharpshooter" Achievement
When you have a gun and car, start driving, and initiate a police chase (try crashing into a cop's car). Once the chase begins, wait for a good time to lean out and fire. Then, press LB to lean out the side of your car and aim your gun. This will make time slow down, giving you more time to line up your shots. Shoot the tires to get the "Sharpshooter" achievement. Note: Making quick turns or circling around a cop's car will expose their tires better and give you a more clear shot.

While on foot, start a fight with a cop on the street. Knock him out using some attacks, and pick up the gun he drops. Once cops start arriving, grab some cover, and quickly shoot out the tires on one of the oncoming cop cars to get the "Sharpshooter" achievement. If this is not done quickly, the cops will kill you before you can shoot out their tires. Note: You must shoot the cop car's tires while it is driving; it does not count towards the achievement if the car is parked.

Easy Hacking

Health Shrine Locations

Lockbox Locations: Aberdeen, Kennedy Town, and Western Area

Lockbox Locations: North Point</br>

Lockbox Locations: Spy Camera Locations

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