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Unlock Trophies
Boss Killer (Bronze) - Result of the Number of Bosses destroyed Excedes over 10.
Crash (secret) (Bronze) - Rushing the Boss.
Endurance (Bronze) - Recover 3 times from LIFE0%.
Float in Water (Bronze) - Getting Hit for the First Time.
Flying Ace (Bronze) - Intercepting 10 missiles from enemies.
Get in Ranking (Bronze) - Get in Ranking for the First Time.
Great Feeling (Bronze) - Beating over 100 enemies all at once.
High Speed (Bronze) - Getting to the Level 4 in 10 minutes.
Item Hunter (Bronze) - Result of the Number of Aquired Items Excedes over 2,000.
One million stars (Bronze) - Result of points excedes over 1,000,000.
Patience (Bronze) - Result of damage point excedes over 2,000.
Record of Destruction (Bronze) - The total number of enemies destoryed reaches 10,000.
Shooting King (Bronze) - Result of the Number of Enemies destroyed Excedes over 2,000.
Sky High (secret) (Bronze) - Getting at the hight of 400m in the Sky.
Speedster (Bronze) - Result of Ave. Speed excedes over 160km/h.
Start Engine (Bronze) - Playing the Game for the First Time.
Super Play (Bronze) - Result of evaluation has became S.
Swift Attack (Bronze) - Beating the Boss in 5seconds after its appearance.
Treasure Hunter (secret) (Bronze) - Breaking 10 item boxes.
Wild Run (secret) (Bronze) - Game Over Due to Crashing.

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