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Unlock Trophies
At Journeys End (Gold) - Complete the game.
Bryn's Corner (Bronze) - Visit all of Bryn's corners.
Bull Fighter (Bronze) - Ride the bull without dying.
Canyon Warrior (Bronze) - Complete world 3.
Carer (Bronze) - Save your first Babby.
Challenge Accepted (Bronze) - Set a time on all levels.
Coasting Through (Bronze) - Complete world 1.
Cool Ruinings (Silver) - Complete world 4.
Entomologist (Silver) - Obtain gold butterfly tier on any level.
Freeze Frame Finish (Silver) - Slow down time and dash past the finish line.
Getting the Band Back Together (Bronze) - Meet all villagers.
Give it your All (Gold) - Obtain 100% Medal on all levels.
Great Sage (Gold) - Obtain No Deaths badge for all levels.
Guardian (Bronze) - Save all Babbies in one world.
Historian (Gold) - Collect all mural pieces.
Lord of the Butterflies (Gold) - Obtain all gold butterfly tiers.
Once More for Good Measure (Bronze) - Smash through a pane of glass with Lombo in both directions.
Piece by Piece (Bronze) - Collect a mural piece.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum) - Collect all trophies.
Sage (Silver) - Complete a world without dying.
Sapling (Bronze) - Complete a level without dying.
Saviour (Silver) - Save all Babbies.
Sink or Swim (Bronze) - Leap out of Okoro water at the last second.
Slow and Steady (Bronze) - Take over 8 minutes to finish a level.
The Journey Begins (Bronze) - Complete a level.
Think Fast! (Bronze) - Avoid the airstream death trap in Breathless at the Precipice.
Time Killer (Bronze) - Get killed by a time slowed hazard.
Towering Over the Competition (Silver) - Beat Goo Shu's tower time.
Tree-mendous (Bronze) - Complete world 2.
Trick Shot (Bronze) - Collect 20 butterflies without landing.
Whirlwind (Bronze) - Beat one of Goo Shu's top times.

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