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Unlock Trophies
A Collection of Divine Articles (secret) (Silver) - Obtain all rare weapons.
A Hail of Shots (Bronze) - Perform a 1,000 combo chain.
A Pile of Sharpened Blades (secret) (Bronze) - Obtain 20 rare weapons.
A Retainer's Gratitude (secret) (Bronze) - Clear the Story of Lord and Retainer chapter.
Animal Trainer (Bronze) - Strengthen a horse for the first time.
Annex Conquest (secret) (Silver) - Achieve an S rank for all challenges in the annex portion of Infinite Castle Mode.
Aun no Kokyu (Bronze) - Get 150 kills using a co-op Musou with a nearby partner.
Awakening Master (secret) (Silver) - Learn every type of personal skills.
Awakening One (Bronze) - Learn a personal skill for the first time.
Battle Scroll (Bronze) - Raise the event collection rate to 50%.
Brilliant Warlords (Bronze) - Use every playable character in battle.
Dominion over the Land (secret) (Gold) - Clear Story Mode with every character.
Dream Stage (secret) (Bronze) - Clear the Story of the Blossom Shower chapter.
First Appearance of the Supreme (Bronze) - Obtain a rare weapon for the first time.
First Campaign Celebration (Bronze) - Win a battle for the first time.
For the Sake of a Friend (secret) (Bronze) - Clear the Story of Sworn Friends chapter.
Halfway to the Infinite (secret) (Bronze) - Reach 50 floors in Infinite Castle Mode.
Hyper Attack Warrior (Bronze) - Get 1,000 kills with Hyper Attacks in one battle.
I'm the Star! (Bronze) - Obtain 1,000 coins while challenging the Gold Room.
Immortalized Victor (Silver) - Clear every battle in Story Mode.
Inheriting One's Will (secret) (Bronze) - Clear the Story of Wise Men chapter.
Instant Concord (Bronze) - Block an enemy's Hyper Attack.
Joke Warrior (secret) (Bronze) - Participate in Story Mode wearing a different costume.
Killing Machine (Bronze) - Defeat 5 officers with a Mighty Strike in one battle.
Live and Move On (secret) (Bronze) - Clear the Story of Loyalty chapter.
Luxurious Melody (Silver) - Maximize the music collection rate to 100%.
Marital Vows (Bronze) - Clear the Story of Bonds chapter.
Mission Accomplished (Bronze) - Raise the mission accomplishment rate to 50%.
Mission Complete (Silver) - Maximize the mission accomplishment rate to 100%.
Most Cherished One (Bronze) - Clear the Story of Affection chapter.
Never Give Up (secret) (Bronze) - Clear the Story of Worth Opponents chapter.
One Step Closer (secret) (Bronze) - Reach 5 floors in Infinite Castle Mode.
One Who Submerges in Awakening (secret) (Bronze) - Learn 20 types of personal skills.
Perfected Exploits (secret) (Bronze) - Achieve an S rank for one challenge in the annex portion of Infinite Castle Mode.
Reaching the Infinite (secret) (Gold) - Reach 100 floors in Infinite Castle Mode.
Refined Melody (Bronze) - Raise the music collection rate to 50%.
Return from Hell (Bronze) - Clear a battle on Chaos difficulty.
Sengoku Scroll (Silver) - Maximize the event collection rate to 100%.
Sengoku's Richest Person (Bronze) - Spend over 100,000 gold at the shop.
Sincere Thoughts (Bronze) - Clear the Story of Ideals chapter.
Strength Without End (Bronze) - Succeed in breaking ability limitations.
Strike the Hot Steel! (Bronze) - Enhance weapons for the first time.
The First Step to Being Unrivaled (Bronze) - Clear a mission for the first time.
The True Villain (Bronze) - Clear the Story of Rebellion chapter.
To Become a Great Star (Bronze) - Clear the Story of a New Star chapter.
Treasure of Two (secret) (Bronze) - Clear the Story of a Promise chapter.
True Warrior (Bronze) - Get 1,000 kills in one battle.
Tsukimaru Squeaked! (secret) (Bronze) - See Tsukimaru in battle.
Unopposed (secret) (Bronze) - Destroy 10 barricades.
Unrivaled Glory (Bronze) - Receive a registered rank for the first time.
Unrivaled Warrior (Platinum) - Obtain all other trophies.
Unwavering Support (secret) (Bronze) - Clear the Story of Giant Timber chapter.
Warrior of Then and Now (Bronze) - Defeat a total of more than 100,000 enemies.
Welcome (secret) (Bronze) - Reach 1 floor in Infinite Castle for the first time.

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