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Unlock Trophies
All Tapped Out (Bronze) - Play a Freestyle Guitar Solo composed of at least 80% tapping.
Breaking Out (Bronze) - Leave your hometown to go on tour in Career mode.
Case in Points (Silver) - Earn more than 1,000,000 points in a single song.
Clothes to the Edge (Bronze) - Buy over $100,000 worth of items from the Rock Shop.
Continental Drift (Bronze) - Leave your home continent in Career mode.
Creative Differences (Bronze) - Split a vote four ways.
Don't Even Need It (Bronze) - Finish a song with a full Overdrive bar.
Don't Shred on Me (Silver) - Using only the solo buttons, hit 100% of the notes in a scripted guitar solo on Expert.
Duly Impressed (Bronze) - Earn "Impressive" stage presence in a show.
Embrace Your Destiny (Silver) - Complete an entire story in Career mode.
Fast Learner (Bronze) - Complete the Basic Guitar Solo tutorial.
Filling Out Nicely (Bronze) - Play 10 new Dynamic Drum Fills perfectly.
Gifted and Talented (Bronze) - Earn a custom guitar or clothing asset via Career mode.
Give It a Rest (Bronze) - As a Singer, use Overdrive at least 4 times in a single song.
Going Solo (Silver) - Hit at least 85% of the notes on all scripted guitar solos in Rock Band 4 on Hard or Expert.
Golden Opportunity (Bronze) - Earn Gold Stars on a request.
I Regret Nothing (Bronze) - Fail out of a song that you voted for.
I Told You I Hated This One (Bronze) - As a Singer, fail out of a song that you voted against.
In the Pocket (Bronze) - Earn a 500-note streak on Bass.
It's All for the Fans (Bronze) - Turn down 3 encores or requests in a row.
Just for Kicks (Bronze) - Hit at least 90% of the Kick notes in a song on Hard or Expert Drums.
Leave Them Wanting More (Bronze) - Earn Gold Stars on an encore.
Legend of Stage and Screen (Bronze) - Earn "Legendary" stage presence in a show.
Living Room Legend (Gold) - Earn Gold Stars on any thirty Rock Band 4 songs in Quickplay mode.
Local Favorite (Bronze) - Earn enough fans in a city to unlock a Fan Showcase in Career mode.
Locked In (Silver) - Earn the "Full Streak" stage presence award in 5 consecutive songs.
No Bonus About It (Bronze) - Play 12 different Bonus Sets in Career mode.
Off the Charts (Bronze) - Earn a "Freestyle!" score for a vocal phrase.
Ol' Fancy Fingers McGranahan (Bronze) - Complete a Freestyle Guitar Solo without ever breaking your streak.
One More Song (Bronze) - Play an encore in "Play a Show" mode.
Overflowing Overdrive (Bronze) - Remain in Overdrive for at least 60 seconds.
Pitch Session (Bronze) - Earn a "Triple Awesome" rating on Vocal Harmonies.
Popularity Contest (Bronze) - Earn enough fans to unlock 8 Fan Showcases in Career mode.
Road Hard (Bronze) - Play 50 different shows in Career mode.
Rock Band 4 Platinum Trophy (Platinum) - Earn every available trophy in Rock Band 4 to become a true rock 'n' roll legend!
Rock Band Fan (Bronze) - Earn 5 Stars on Medium (or 3 Stars on Hard or Expert) on any 30 Rock Band 4 songs in Quickplay.
Rock Band Immortal (Gold) - Earn 5 Stars on every song in Rock Band 4 on Expert in Quickplay mode.
Rock Band Master (Silver) - Earn 5 Stars on every song in Rock Band 4 on Hard in Quickplay mode.
Seeing Stars (Bronze) - Earn 5 Stars on a song in Quickplay mode.
Serious Pipes (Bronze) - Earn a rating of "Awesome" on at least 90% of the phrases in 6 songs on Hard Vocals.
Set for Life (Bronze) - Play a 5-set show in "Play a Show" mode.
Settle the Score (Silver) - Earn more than 10,000,000 total points playing songs in Quickplay.
Smooth Cooperators (Silver) - Achieve a Band Multiplier of 8x.
Stage Presents (Bronze) - Earn 5 stage presence awards in a single song.
Thank You, Good Night (Bronze) - Nail an encore in Career mode.
Tour of Booty (Bronze) - Earn at least $150,000 while on Tour across all bands.
Tune Up (Bronze) - Calibrate your audio/video setup for the optimal Rock Band 4 experience.

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