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Unlock Trophies
Abbreviator (secret) (Silver) - Activate every quick travel point.
Aim for the Stars (secret) (Bronze) - Hit the basketball basket with the basketball from all marked positions.
Air creatures (Silver) - Scan each air creature once.
Build the Future (secret) (Bronze) - Use the bricks in the tree house to build the structure shown on the tablet.
Catch a Flight (Silver) - Catch the fish near the water turbine in all possible ways.
Clearing Operations (secret) (Bronze) - Find a way to move the Longneck in the Jungle.
Colony Mission (Bronze) - Find and scan the HIGS Colony Unit.
Commander (Silver) - Give Laika all possible commands.
Construction Crew (Bronze) - Find and scan the HIGS Construction Unit.
Emergency Team (Bronze) - Find and scan the HIGS Emergency Unit.
Energy (Silver) - Restore the power to the Planetarium.
Esmeralda Crew (Bronze) - Find and scan the HIGS Crew Unit.
Happy to Help (Silver) - Finish every HIGS puzzle completely.
Investigator (Gold) - Reveal the secret of the Esmeralda.
Land creatures (Silver) - Scan each land creature once.
Lost and Found (Gold) - Find and scan every communicator.
Ready for Takeoff (secret) (Bronze) - Make the paper plane fly for at least five seconds.
Repairman (Bronze) - Repair the damaged objects at Home and at the Farm.
Rescue Mission (Silver) - Help the Longnecks in the Tar Pit.
Science Mission (Bronze) - Find and scan the HIGS Science Unit.
Stay Active (Silver) - Play all tricks with Laika.
The Great Discoverer (Platinum) - Collect all other Robinson: The Journey trophies.
Time-Out (Silver) - Succeed in all leisure activities.
To Adventure (Silver) - Open the fence between Home and Farm.
Together we are strong (secret) (Gold) - Defeat the Tyrannosaur with the help of HIGS and Laika.
Undercover Agent (secret) (Bronze) - Disguise Laika.
Waste Management (secret) (Bronze) - Clean the toilet at Home.
Water creatures (Silver) - Scan each water creature once.
We Know The Truth (secret) (Gold) - Find and scan every missing HIGS Unit.
With Flying Colors (secret) (Silver) - Match all special butterflies by color in the Jungle.
Zoologist (secret) (Gold) - Complete the scanning of all needed land, air, and water creatures.

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