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Unlock Trophies
Banner (Bronze) - Banned an Object.
Dedicated Ranger (Bronze) - Completed 3 Careers.
Gold Watch (Bronze) - Earned a Gold Watch.
Good Samaritan (Bronze) - Rescued 30 Children.
Grounded (Bronze) - Played an Entire Career Without Teleporting or Using a Shrine.
Heartwarmer (Bronze) - Crafted a Fire.
Keeper of the Book (Silver) - Discovered 200 Secrets.
Lived a Full Life (Bronze) - Completed a Career.
Loremaster (Bronze) - Discovered 100 Secrets.
New Villager (Bronze) - Completed the 1st Mission.
Paul Bunyan (Bronze) - Chopped Wood.
Savior (Bronze) - Rescued 100 Children.
Savory Stew (Bronze) - Ate Raccoon Stew.
Silver Watch (Bronze) - Earned a Silver Watch.
Spiritual (Bronze) - Played an Entire Career Without Stepping on any Spirits (Red or White) or Using a Shrine.
Till Death Do You Part (Bronze) - Got Married.
Vegetarian (Bronze) - Played an Entire Career Without Eating Meat or Using a Shrine.

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