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Unlock Trophies
(1+4)x (Bronze) - Get a multiplier of 5x.
(10+1.5+3.5)x (Gold) - Get a multiplier of 15x.
(5+5)x (Silver) - Get a multiplier of 10x.
1CC (Gold) - Complete Arcade mode without losing all lives, on Experienced difficulty.
Carry on, nothing to see here (Silver) - Complete all levels on Experienced difficulty.
Certified electrician (Bronze) - Complete Ceres.
Congratulations on your driver's licence! (Bronze) - Reach the end-boss of any level using boost only.
Conqueror (Silver) - Complete all levels.
Cool trophy! (Gold) - Complete Mefitis.
Denied! (Bronze) - Save a human from Abductor's beam.
Elected official (Bronze) - Complete Acis.
Fire (Bronze) - Fully upgrade the main gun.
How do I stop this thing?! (Silver) - Kill 50 enemies with one boost.
Humanist (Gold) - Save all humans.
I came, I saw, I blew stuff up (Platinum) - Get all trophies.
Let fly! (Bronze) - Throw a human to the escape pod.
Masterful dodger of revenge bullets and stuff alike (Silver) - Complete a level on Master difficulty.
Micromanagement (Silver) - Save two humans within a span of one second.
O to the D (Silver) - Kill 100 enemies during Overdrive.
Pilot of Ferox (Bronze) - Complete the game with Ferox.
Pilot of Nemesis (Bronze) - Complete the game with Nemesis.
Pilot of Phobos (Bronze) - Complete the game with Phobos.
Power (Bronze) - Fully upgrade the overdrive.
Savior (Bronze) - Save a human.
Savior of Acis (Bronze) - Save all humans on Acis.
Savior of Ceres (Bronze) - Save all humans on Ceres.
Savior of Decima (Bronze) - Save all humans on Decima.
Savior of Febris (Bronze) - Save all humans on Febris.
Savior of Mefitis (Bronze) - Save all humans on Mefitis.
Store no more (Silver) - Complete Decima.
The true RESOGUN starts here... (Gold) - Complete all levels on Veteran difficulty.
To the max! (Bronze) - Fully upgrade the ship.
Winter is not coming (Silver) - Complete Febris.
You have completed basic training! (Bronze) - Complete all levels on Rookie difficulty.

Unlock Hero Mode
Beat arcade mode on master without losing all your lives.

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