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Unlock Bonuses
The items will be sent to your item box on fallowing play thought. When both Secrets of Defense and Essence of Defense are in your inventory they negate all damage while blocking. Walking Shoes only improve walking speed, not running.

Albert01-R - Complete the game.
Circular Saw - Complete a speed run in 4 hours or less.
Infinite Ammo - Complete the game on Madhouse difficulty.
Secrets of Defense - Complete the game on Normal or above.
The Essence of Defense - Destroy all Mr. Everywhere Statues (20 total).
Walking Shoes - Destroy all Mr. Everywhere Statues (20 total).
X-Ray Glasses - Complete a speed run in 4 hours or less.

Heal Faster
If you pour a health bottle over your hands, you can press the block button (L1) to heal way quicker. This way you speed up the healing process with a few seconds. This can save your life and is really great to use in Nightmare mode.

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