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Unlock Trophies
Ain't no cheese (Bronze) - Get through the sewers without being bitten by a rat.
Angel keeper (Bronze) - Escort the prisoner without letting him take any hit.
Broforce (Gold) - Complete a level without letting anyone on the team get hit.
Crackhead (Gold) - Complete the game in Hardcore mode.
Do not cross the rails (Bronze) - Defeat the Government officer without being hit by a train.
Don't play with knives (Bronze) - Successfully hand a knife to your ally.
Druggie (Silver) - Complete the game in Normal mode.
Eraser (Gold) - Achieve a 500 hit combo.
Gladiator (Bronze) - Complete the arena in less than 5 minutes.
God (Gold) - Complete a level without being hit.
Good Master (Bronze) - Keep the Gimp alive.
Hand job (Bronze) - Complete a level without using any weapon.
I had a dream (Gold) - Complete the game with the happy ending.
I'm clean (Bronze) - Complete a level without taking any Nekro.
It's sharp (Bronze) - Defeat the Dealers' leader without ending up under the harvester.
Junkie (Bronze) - Complete the game in Easy mode.
King of the road (Bronze) - Cross the boulevard without being hit by a motorbike.
Nekro (Platinum) - Unlock all other Trophies.
Not today (Silver) - Complete a level without anyone on the team being killed.
Peace (Silver) - Complete a level without hitting any ally.
Puncher (Bronze) - Achieve a 100 hit combo.
Radio Silence (Bronze) - Leave the train without letting the inspectors call for backup.
Rattenknig (Bronze) - Get gnawed by 5 rats at the same time.
Sad Ending (Silver) - Complete the game with the sad ending.
Slayer (Silver) - Achieve a 200 hit combo.
Sniper (Bronze) - Empty a cartridge clip without any random shot.
Strike (Bronze) - Use an enemy to knock down another 5.
The Claw! (Bronze) - Defeat the Butcher without being hit by his claw.
The cleaner (Bronze) - Kill 40 riot policemen as you cross the main square.
The one (Bronze) - Get through the hall without being hit by the chopper.
The Snake (Bronze) - Defeat the Prison Governor without being hit by a sniper.
True Warrior (Gold) - 100% complete the game.
Vegetarian (Bronze) - Get through the sewers without raising a hand to a pig.
War never changes (Bronze) - Reach your destination without being hit by a grenade.

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