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Unlock Music Tapes
These tapes can be played from the cassette menu in the iDroid. You can use the microphone on your binoculars to search the area and pinpoint the tapes location as you will hear the music:

204863 - Kungenga Mine, SW guard post.
A Phantom Pain - Wakh Sind Barracks, NE huts.
All The Sun Touches - Munoko ya Nioka Station.
Behind The Drapery - Da Wialo Kallai.
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Ditadi Abandoned Village, under a canopy.
Dormant Stream - Smasei Fort, West guard post.
Friday I'm In Love - Lufwa Valley, inside mansion.
Gloria - Nova Bragia Airport on eastern side in a building.
Heaven's Divide - Near the elevator before you head up to the helipad.
How 'bout them zombies ey? - Bwala ya Masa, easternmost building.
Kids In America - Da Shago Kallai, outside main building.
Love Deterrance - Da Ghwandai Khar, close to where you rescue Kaz.
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Afghanistan Central Base Camp.
Maneater - Lamar Khaate Palace, tent canopy in front of palace.
Midnight Mirage - Bampeve Plantation, northernmost building.
Nitrogen - Serak Power Plant, northernmost building.
Only Time Will Tell - Eastern Communications Post.
Peace Walker Main Theme - Mission 43, in a room with soldiers saluting you.
Planet Scape - Sakhra Ee Village, South guard post.
Quiet Life - Mfinda Oilfield, Southeastern building.
Quiet's Theme - Mission 45, follow footprints in sand.
Rebel Yell - Mountain Relay Base, to the west of the bridge.
Ride A White Horse - Lamar Khaate Palace, North guardpost.
She Blinded Me With Science - Wialo Village Northeast guard post.
Sins Of The Father - Complete Mission 30.
Snake Eater - Munoko ya Nioka Station, west guard post.
Take On Me - Yakho Oboo Outpost, west wing of main outpost.
Take The DW - Da Smasei Laman, under canopy near ampitheater.
The Final Countdown - Qayra Sakhra Ee, east side of village in a small building.
The Tangerine - Spugmay Keep, East guard post.
Too Shy - Kiziba Camp, in a tent by the Anti-Air Radar.
True - Kungenga Mine.
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) - Lufwa Valley, NW guard post.

Unlock Uniforms/Items/Weapons
Once you meet the unlock conditions for these, you can go into your Development menu of your iDroid and develop them provided that you meet the development requirements:

Bandana - Complete Side Op 143.
F-Ballista (D-Walker) - Extract 1,000 enemies.
Furicorn Uniform (D-Horse) - Complete Side Op 144.
Gray Fox (1998) Uniform - Complete all MIssions (excluding the High Difficulty Missions).
Gray XOF Uniform (Quiet) - Watch Quiet's Interrogation Scene.
Hand of Jehuty - Complete Side Op 49.
Infinity Bandana - Complete MIssion 46.
Leather Jacket Uniform - Complete Mission 46.
Naked Gold Uniform - Obtain an S-rank on all High Difficulty Missions.
Naked Silver Uniform - Complete all High Difficulty MIssions.
Raiden Uniform - Obtain an S-rank on all main Missions (excluding High Difficulty Missions).
Silver Bionic Arm - Complete all High Difficulty Missions.
Sniper Wolf Uniform (Quiet) - Complete MIssion 40.
Stealth Camo - Complete Huey Emmerich's story.
Tactical Fulton Unifrom (D-Dog) - Find the First Aid Manual Blueprint in Masa Village in Central Africa.
Water Pistol - Complete Mission 18.
Wormhole Fulton - Complete Side Op 50.

Unlock Trophies
Accomplished (Silver) - Complete all missions.
Achieved (Silver) - Complete all side ops.
Apprentice (Bronze) - Complete a mission using a combat unit staff member instead of big boss.
Architect (Silver) - Construct all available platforms for mother base (This does not include the Animal Conservation Platform, Quarantine Platform of FOBs):
Army (Silver) - Raise all mother base teams/units to level 50 (includes Security Team).
Awakening (Bronze) - Complete the prologue.
Battalion (Bronze) - Increase mother base staff to 250 or more personnel.
Beekeeper (Bronze) - Complete mission 06.
Captured (Bronze) - Capture an outpost or guard post.
Caravan (Bronze) - Complete mission 16.
Cleared (Bronze) - Complete all "mine clearing" side ops.
Collector (Silver) - Obtain all Blueprints and Key Items.
Conservation (Silver) - Extract all wild animal species, including those caught with capture cages.
Cry Havoc (Bronze) - Make D-Dog available for deployment as a buddy.
Deployment (Silver) - Complete all key dispatch missions.
Deterrance (Bronze) - Develop a nuclear weapon.
Disappearance (Silver) - Complete mission 45.
Disarmament (Bronze) - Dispose of a nuclear weapon that you own.
Elite (Gold) - Complete all rated missions with an S rank.
Enhancement (Bronze) - Research 50 or more development items.
Executed (Silver) - Complete all mission task.
Extraction (Bronze) - Fulton extract an enemy soldier.
Gears Turn (Bronze) - Complete mission 12.
Hero (Silver) - Become a "Hero".
Immortal (Bronze) - Complete mission 29.
Interrogation (Bronze) - Interrogate an enemy soldier using either the "Spit It Out" or "Where Are The Rest?" commands.
Intruder (Bronze) - Play an "Infiltration" FOB mission.
Legend (Platinum) - Get every trophy.
Locked and Loaded (Gold) - Research 300 or more development items.
Man's Best Friend (Bronze) - Raise your bond with D-Dog to the maximum level.
Phantom Limb (Bronze) - Complete mission 01.
Platoon (Bronze) - Increase mother base staff to 50 or more personnel.
Prosperity (Bronze) - Earn a total of 10 million GMP or more.
Reinforcement (Silver) - Research 100 or more development items.
Reminiscence (Bronze) - Obtain all Memento Photos.
Skull (Silver) - Complete mission 31.
Speechless (Bronze) - Make Quiet available for deployment as a buddy.
To The Rescue (Bronze) - Extract a female prisoner.
Trusty Steed (Bronze) - Raise your bond with D-Horse to the maximum level.
Truth (Silver) - Complete the secret mission.
Undertaken (Bronze) - Complete a side op.
Voices (Bronze) - Complete mission 20.
War Buddy (Bronze) - Raise your bond with Quiet to the maximum level.

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