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Unlock Trophies
Bus Money (Bronze) - Collect 10 Gems.
Designated Hitter (Bronze) - Unlock the panda.
Exorcist (Bronze) - Exorcise the armadillo.
Flossing (Silver) - Collect 100 Gems.
Great! now go play something else (Gold) - 100% completion.
Hello, Frog (Bronze) - Unlock the frog.
Hive Mind (Silver) - Beat a Boss in co-op.
I'm the Boss (Gold) - Equip boss costume.
In the Flow (Bronze) - Collect 25 gears.
Just Being Thorough (Gold) - Collect a Gem via 400 mekaballs.
Just the Beginning (Bronze) - Collect your first gear.
Master Key (Silver) - Collect 60 gears.
Mekatransmogrification (Bronze) - Alter your appearance in the Mekapod.
Monopolist (Gold) - Collect all Gems.
Power Shell (Bronze) - Recharge your shield.
Ready to Bounce (Bronze) - Unlock the wallaby.
Replay Value (Gold) - Find all secret switchers.
Synergy (Bronze) - Beat a Level in co-op.
The Fastest, Ever! (Gold) - Collect all time medals.
The Immortan (Gold) - Collect all Stay Alive Medals.
They're No Good to Me Dead (Silver) - Collect all Bounty Medals.
Total Completion (Platinum) - Complete All Achievements.
Turn The Bird (Bronze) - Unlock the pelican.
Walk in Closet (Bronze) - Unlock all platings, glows, and costumes in the Mekapod.

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