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Unlock Trophies
4-Star Freak (Gold) - Earn a 4-star rating for every scene on Fetish Difficulty.
5-Star Fiend (Gold) - Earn a 5-star rating for every scene on Hardcore Difficulty.
5-Star Killer (Bronze) - Earn a 5-star rating for any level.
A Special Gift (secret) (Bronze) - Bring the patrolling hunter's head to the Guard Room during "Mouth of Madness".
Ape Escape (secret) (Silver) - Escape the Zoo alive in Monkey See, Monkey Die!
Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Bronze) - Hide a victim's body in the shadows.
Bang, Bang, Boom (Bronze) - Kill a hunter by shooting an explosive tank.
Brain Power (Bronze) - Use a severed head to lure a hunter.
Brawl Game (secret) (Silver) - Earn at least three stars on scenes 6 through 10.
Dangerous (Gold) - Complete every scene on Fetish difficulty.
Death from Behind (Silver) - Complete any scene using only executions.
Drug Free is the Way to Be (Bronze) - Complete any scene on Hardcore difficulty without using any painkillers.
Enemy Efficient (Bronze) - Kill two hunters with one shotgun shell.
Follow the White Rabbit (secret) (Bronze) - Complete any scene wearing the Rabbit skin.
Fun With Fisticuffs (secret) (Silver) - Survive until 30 hunters have been killed in the Brawl Game.
Getting Your Hands Dirty (Bronze) - Kill 10 hunters in one scene using only your fists.
Hard as Nails (secret) (Silver) - Earn at least three stars on scenes 1 through 5.
He Never Saw it Coming (Bronze) - Perform a gruesome execution.
Hunter Season (Silver) - Kill 45 hunters in one scene.
Line 'Em Up, Knock 'Em Down (secret) (Silver) - Kill 30 hunters in Hard as Nails.
Monkey See, Monkey Die! (secret) (Silver) - Earn at least three stars on scenes 11 through 15.
Murderous (Gold) - Complete every scene on Hardcore difficulty.
No Crane, No Gain (Bronze) - Crush a hunter with a refrigerator.
Off With Their Heads! (Silver) - Execute 20 hunters in one scene.
Ooh, Ooh, Aah, Aah! (secret) (Bronze) - Play any scene wearing the Monkey skin.
Pink Mist (Bronze) - Headshot a hunter with a sniper rifle.
Psychopath (Platinum) - Unlock all trophies.
Stick to the Shadows (Silver) - Complete any scene going completely undetected.
Subtle Slaughter (secret) (Bronze) - Perform an execution with the chainsaw.
Swinging for the Fences (Bronze) - Kill 10 hunters in one scene using a baseball bat.
The Grim Reaper (Bronze) - Kill 10 hunters in one scene using a sickle.
Time 2 Die (secret) (Silver) - Earn at least three stars on scenes 16 through 20.
You're Going Nowhere! (secret) (Silver) - Kill all the Hoods in Time 2 Die in seven minutes or less.

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