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Infinite Blocks
Once you unlock the Cladding or Flooring for a specific block, use that Cladding to create a patch of that block in dirt. For Flooring each use will yield 25 Blocks of that kind which can be removed from the ground. For Cladding, dig down two blocks and each use will yield 48 Blocks of that kind at max, which can be removed from the ground. Once you've picked up your new blocks you can then create more cladding or flooring with the blocks you created for an exponential increase of the blocks in question.

Easy Base Experience
As soon as your base levels up, the experience will start at zero for towards next level. While it is still at zero, you can remove the doors from all of your buildings, which drops your score. Since your score is already close to zero, that doesn't matter. Then go back to re-add all the doors and it will count as building new rooms and give you experience towards the next level.

Unlock Story Challenge Rewards
Builder's Workbench and Machinist's Workbench - Final Chapter: Build your Base to Level 4.
Costume Set - Chapter 1: Build the Cantlin Garden.
Erdrick's Legendary Items and Gear - Final Chapter: Complete the chapter within 30 days.
Featherwear Footfall Accessory (No Fall Damage) - Chapter 1: Repair the Hammerhood's Gravegard.
Flame Blade - Chapter 1: Complete the chapter within 20 days.
Forbidden Furniture - Chapter 3: Defeat all the Boss Trolls and Gigantes.
Forbidden Gear - Final Chapter: Find the Sword of Ruin.
Gourmand's Girdle Accessory (Hunger stops) - Chapter 2: Complete the chapter within 30 days.
Hot Water Crystal - Chapter 3: Complete the Spectacular Spa blueprint.
Lyres of Slime Immemorial (For all modes, not just Terra Incognita; Changes all BMGs to 8-bit Chiptune when placed) - Chapter 3: Obtain recipe for the Lyre of Slime Immemorial.
Meteorite Bracer Accessory (Run Faster) - Chapter 2: Complete all of Thalamus's Puzzles.
Novelty Items - Final Chapter: Show a Verdant Vision to a certain someone.
Ring of Criticality Accessory - Final Chapter: Defeat the Final Boss without wearing the Legendary Armor (Including the Shield).
Roofing Tiles set - Chapter 2: Repair the ruined roof.
Special Blocks (Hardwood and Timbered) - Chapter 3: Build your Base to Level 5.
Stone Furniture - Chapter 1: Build your Base to Level 5.
Talaria Accessory (Double Jump) - Chapter 3: Complete the chapter within 30 days.
Water Crystal - Chapter 2: Obtain the Crown Goowels.
Wood Furniture - Chapter 2: Build your Base to Level 5.
[Item/Equipment] Display Stands - Chapter 1: Defeat the three Dragons.

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