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Unlock Trophies
Arcade 1-1 CMPL (Bronze) - Arcade Mode STAGE1-1 Cleared.
Arcade 1-2 CMPL (Bronze) - Arcade Mode STAGE1-2 Cleared.
Arcade 1-3 CMPL (Bronze) - Arcade Mode STAGE1-3 Cleared.
Arcade 1-4 CMPL (Bronze) - Arcade Mode STAGE1-4 Cleared.
Arcade 1-5 CMPL (Bronze) - Arcade Mode STAGE1-5 Cleared.
Arcade 2-1 CMPL (Bronze) - Arcade Mode STAGE2-1 Cleared.
Arcade 2-2 CMPL (Bronze) - Arcade Mode STAGE2-2 Cleared.
Arcade 2-3 CMPL (Bronze) - Arcade Mode STAGE2-3 Cleared.
Arcade 2-4 CMPL (Bronze) - Arcade Mode STAGE2-4 Cleared.
Arcade 2-5 CMPL (Bronze) - Arcade Mode STAGE2-5 Cleared.
Arcade Easy CMPL (Bronze) - Arcade Mode Eeasy Difficulty Cleared.
Arcade Extra END (Gold) - Arcade Extra Mode Cleared.
Arcade Extra START (Bronze) - Arcade Extra Mode Started.
Arcade Normal CMPL (Silver) - Arcade Mode Normal Difficulty Cleared.
Arcade Normal END (Silver) - Arcade Mode Cleared.
Arcade Hard CMPL (Gold) - Arcade Mode Hard Difficulty Cleared.
New Order 1-1 CMPL (Bronze) - New Order Mode STAGE1-1 Cleared.
New Order 1-2 CMPL (Bronze) - New Order Mode STAGE1-2 Cleared.
New Order 1-3 CMPL (Bronze) - New Order Mode STAGE1-3 Cleared.
New Order 1-4 CMPL (Bronze) - New Order Mode STAGE1-4 Cleared.
New Order 1-5 CMPL (Bronze) - New Order Mode STAGE1-5 Cleared.
New Order 2-1 CMPL (Bronze) - New Order Mode STAGE2-1 Cleared.
New Order 2-2 CMPL (Bronze) - New Order Mode STAGE2-2 Cleared.
New Order 2-3 CMPL (Bronze) - New Order Mode STAGE2-3 Cleared.
New Order 2-4 CMPL (Bronze) - New Order Mode STAGE2-4 Cleared.
New Order 2-5 CMPL (Bronze) - New Order Mode STAGE2-5 Cleared.
New Order Easy CMPL (Bronze) - New Order Mode Eeasy Difficulty Cleared.
New Order Extra END (Gold) - New Order Extra Mode Started.
New Order Extra START (Bronze) - New Order Extra Mode Started.
New Order Normal CMPL (Silver) - New Order Mode Normal Difficulty Cleared.
New Order Normal END (Silver) - New Order Mode Cleared.
New Order Hard CMPL (Gold) - New Order Mode Hard Difficulty Cleared.

Increase Number of Continues
The number of continues increases with the total number of hours game is played:

2 Continues - Game Time of 0:00:00-0:59:59.
3 Continues - Game Time of 1:00:00-1:59:59.
4 Continues - Game Time of 2:00:00-2:59:59.
5 Continues - Game Time of 3:00:00-3:59:59.
6 Continues - Game Time of 4:00:00-4:59:59.
7 Continues - Game Time of 5:00:00-5:59:59.
8 Continues - Game Time of 6:00:00-6:59:59.
9 Continues - Game Time of 7:00:00-7:59:59.
Free Play (Unlimited Continues) - Game Time of 8:00:00 or more.

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