Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found Cheats - PlayStation 3

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Unlock Trophies
It's a trap! (Silver) - Drop 100 drop-platforms.
And Now His Watch is Ended (Platinum) - Collect all trophies.
Black cat crossing (Silver) - Fail 3 Challenges in one play through.
Boom shakalakalaka (Silver) - Break 300 Breakables.
Capitalism (Silver) - Collect 10,000 Nuts.
Challenge Accepted (Silver) - Open 30 Challenge Chests.
Clever girl (Bronze) - Death by a Velociraptor 10 times.
Don't look down (Bronze) - Remain in the air for 10 seconds or more.
Don't wish it were easier... (Gold) - Complete full game.
Double or nothing (Bronze) - Bet at a Slot machine for the 1st time.
Finders keepers (Bronze) - Open 10 Chests in one play through.
Fool me once... (Bronze) - Death by Clown 2 times.
Great, kid. Don't get cocky (Bronze) - Use all four weapon types for the 1st time.
Kill it with fire (Bronze) - Kill a spider with fire.
Let there be light (Bronze) - Turn on the Power Stabilizer for the 1st time.
Mtropolitain (Bronze) - Activate 10 Rat holes in one play through.
Mission improbable (Gold) - Complete the game within 49 nights.
Mister Know-it-all (Silver) - Collect all blueprints.
My Precious (Silver) - Collect 1,000+ Nuts in one play through.
No touching! (Gold) - Kill 30 enemies in one playthrough without taking damage.
Nyctophobia (Gold) - Turn on all lights in one play through.
One does not simply walk into more doors (Silver) - Open all doors in one playthrough.
Pacifist (Bronze) - Go 5 rooms from the base without killing any enemies.
Stay awhile and listen! (Silver) - Open all diary pages.
Tangado a chaded! (Gold) - Successfully Defend 10 times.
The Artisan (Bronze) - Craft 1,000 times.
The Shadow of Courage (Bronze) - End the night with only the 1st room revealed 10 times.
There and back again (Bronze) - Manually go back to base to end a night for the 1st time.
What goes around... (Bronze) - Get an enemy killed by another enemy's actions.
Who's the bandit now? (Bronze) - Win the Slot machine 3 times in a round.
You shall not pass! (Bronze) - Seal up the 1st Wall rift.

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