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Unlock Trophies
Ace Pair (Silver) - Finish any Duet with 2 players getting at least 3 stars on both choreographies.
Big Band Theory (Gold) - Finish any Dance Crew with all 4 players getting at least 5 stars.
Just Dance Legend (Platinum) - Earn every Trophy in Just Dance 3.
Just Dancer - Bronze (Bronze) - Play 10 songs.
Just Dancer - Gold (Gold) - Play 150 songs.
Just Dancer - Silver (Silver) - Play 75 songs.
Light Speed (Bronze) - Play 20 songs in a row on Speed Shuffle.
Magnificent Medley (Bronze) - Get 3 stars or more on 3 Medleys.
Marathon - Bronze (Bronze) - Play 5 songs in a row on Non-Stop Shuffle.
Constellation Maker - Bronze (Bronze) - Get at least 1 star on every choreography in the "Songs" tab.
Constellation Maker - Gold (Gold) - Get 5 stars on every choreography in the "Songs" tab.
Constellation Maker - Silver (Silver) - Get at least 3 stars on every choreography in the "Songs" tab.
Eyes Wide Shut (Bronze) - Get 5 stars on any song after disabling pictograms in the options menu.
Get Mashed! (Bronze) - Get 5 stars on a Dance Mash-up song.
Halfway There! (Silver) - Collect 260 stars.
Highway to the Stars (Bronze) - Get 5 stars on 2 songs in a row (excluding Speed Shuffle & Simon Says).
Perfectionist - Silver (Silver) - Finish any song with 90% "Good" or "Perfect" moves.
Shaky Simon (Silver) - Get at least 1,000 points on every "SHAKE" move on Simon Says Mode.
Stylist (Bronze) - Get 5 of the 7 different styles.
Sweat & Score (Silver) - Reach 400 Sweat Points with a 4-star rating on any song.
Sweat Me a River - Bronze (Bronze) - Earn 1,000 Sweat Points.
Marathon - Gold (Gold) - Play 30 songs in a row on Non-Stop Shuffle.
Marathon - Silver (Silver) - Play 15 songs in a row on Non-Stop Shuffle.
On Fire! (Bronze) - Perform well enough to catch "On Fire!" during a song.
Perfectionist - Bronze (Bronze) - Finish any song with 80% "Good" or "Perfect" moves.
Perfectionist - Gold (Gold) - Finish any song with 100% of "Good" or "Perfect" moves.
Sweat Me a River - Gold (Gold) - Earn 30,000 Sweat Points.
Sweat Me a River - Silver (Silver) - Earn 10,000 Sweat Points.
Sweatin' Together (Silver) - In a Free Session, finish a song with every player scoring over 300 Sweat Points for that song.
You're Golden (Silver) - Perform 50 Gold moves.

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