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Unlock Trophies
"Hurt? Who me?" (Silver) - Complete a level with full health and armor.
Bonding Experiences (Bronze) - In Bunker, make the Mercs and the caged Trigens mingle with each other.
Call Drops (Silver) - Kill the Traitor with a melee attack.
Carver Style (Gold) - Complete the game in Hard or Realistic difficulty.
Contained Evolution (Gold) - Defeat Krieger.
Differing Opinions (Silver) - Complete Rebellion Mission.
Flight Simulation (Bronze) - Fall over 150m and survive.
Hot Zone Date (Gold) - Do not let Valerie die even once in Swamp.
In the Zoo (Gold) - Complete Treehouse without dying.
Long Distance Correspondence (Bronze) - Get a headshot kill from 500m.
Mean Steam Machine (Silver) - Complete Steam Mission.
Ninja Jack (Gold) - Collect the Key card in Research without alerting anybody!
Oceanic Vista (Bronze) - Score 1 kill each from a land, maritime and aerial vehicle.
Of Ravens And Crowes (Silver) - Kill Crowe with a headshot.
Offline Interaction (Silver) - Complete Pier Mission.
Operation We Want Peace (Silver) - Complete Swamp Mission.
Paradise Memoirs (Platinum) - Unlock All Trophies in FarCry Classic.
Reenlisted (Silver) - Complete Training mission.
SpecOps Training (Gold) - Do not die while Doyle hacks the entry gates.
Uneven Terrain (Bronze) - Run over 5 enemies while driving a vehicle.
Unleashed Fury (Silver) - Complete Volcano Mission.
Wildlife Safari (Gold) - Complete Dam level without equipping a weapon on person (mounted weapons are allowed).

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