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Unlock Extra Items
On the Wardrobe screen, click the Padlock tab and enter:

FAMILY - Extra Items.
Unlock Trophies
Benchmark Citizen! (Silver) - Give all the top answers in the Fast Money round.
Family Safe! (Silver) - Win a round with no strike.
Feudal lord! (Bronze) - Create a complete custom character.
Family Business! (Silver) - While playing online, steal boards worth over a cumulated total of 2,000 points.
Family Fun! (Bronze) - Complete 2 shows in a row.
Goodbye, Mr. Anderson! (Bronze) - Win show 1.
Hot potato! (Bronze) - In an online game, pass a survey to the other family that they fail to answer.
Reigning family! (Silver) - Win all 12 shows.
Sunday BBQ (Bronze) - Host 10 online games within 24 hours.
The incident! (Bronze) - Steal a board worth over 150 points from the other family in an online game.
Online Vendetta! (Silver) - Win 20 online games.
Rags to riches! (Bronze) - Win $20,000 in a show.
We are family! (Bronze) - Win an online game.
[Hidden] Family planning! (Bronze) - Create 4 characters and play an online game with each one.

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