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Jan. 06, 2007
All Unlockable Items from Story Mode
When you complete all four tests in each round, you will be able to unlock a song, costume, or a trophy (last round of tests):

"Dark Iron Bunnies" Track (Jukebox) - Complete all 11th round tests.
"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Track (Jukebox) - Complete all 5th round tests.
"Good Time" Track (Jukebox) - Complete all 3rd round tests.
"Hip Hop Hooray" Track (Jukebox) - Complete all 7th round tests.
"La Bamba" Track (Jukebox) - Complete all 9th round tests.
"Misirlou" Track (Jukebox) - Complete all 1st round tests.
"The Butcher Deejay" Track (Jukebox) - Complete all 13th round tests.
"Ubisoft Montpellier Choir" Track (Jukebox) - Complete all 14th round tests.
Bunny Costume - Complete all 12th round tests.
Caramba Costume - Complete all 8th round tests.
Dee-Jay Costume - Complete all 2nd round tests.
Gold Cow Trophy - Complete all 15th round tests.
Gothic Costume - Complete all 4th round tests.
Raymaninho Costume - Complete all 10th round tests.
Rock 'n' Roll Costume - Complete all 6th round tests.

Unlock Challenge Mode
Complete Story Mode, and Challenge Mode will be available.

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