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Achievments (Steam)
Game Ended - Story related (Beat White Face arc).
Game HEnded - Story related (Beat Her arc).
Heavens Door - Press e at the unmarked door after everything goes crimson.
Loneliness - Get all other achievements to enter the final arc, at the end of it, find Heart.txt in White Face folder. Remove it from the folder, relaunch the game.
Lucky Tickets - Use the ticket dispenser during the shown times on the station time table( or cheat).
Master Tag - During the tag sequence, don't get caught by White Face.
Not to See - 50% chance of appearing after writing White Face in the console.
Peek-a-Boo - Crouch in front of a hole in the right room of the corridor.
Peek-a-TWO - Same as Peek-a-Boo, but during the Her arc.
Thanks for staying - stand next to the hanged corpse in the dark world until the achievement pops up.
The first Key - Story related (get key).

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